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Apple Settles iPod Nano Scratch Lawsuit with $25 Refund

CNBC reports that Apple is in the process of settling a class-action lawsuit against the company filed in 2005. The lawsuit charged that the first generation iPod nano's screen scratched "excessively during normal usage".

According to CNBC, the settlement calls for Apple to set aside $22 million to refund eligible iPod nano users who apply:

According to a notice sent out to nano owners this week, "Apple has agreed to provide a cash settlement fund of $22.5 million," and for those consumers who did not receive a "slip case from Apple when you purchased your iPod nano, you may be entitled to a cash payment of $25. If you received a slip case, you may be entitled to a cash payment of $15."

While Apple has agreed to these terms, a judge still needs to sign off on the terms on April 28th. More details are available at and eligible customers include owners of "uncoated First Generation iPod nanos".