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17" Unibody MacBook Pro with Non-Removable Extended-Life Battery?

9to5Mac reports that Apple will be finally be releasing a unibody 17" MacBook Pro at Macworld, but with an interesting twist. According to the rumor site, the new laptop will have a super slim non-removable battery. The advantage of the new design will be a more extended run time than current models.

The news is that Apple is making a super slim battery pack for the 17 inch MacBook Pros that will last much longer than current models. Additionally, you won't be able to remove said battery pack. It will be inside the machine, just like iPods and iPhones.

We at MacRumors feel confident that this rumor is likely accurate, as we have heard similar independent whispers.

9to5 also expects that the 13" plastic MacBook will be phased out which may bring the low-end aluminum model closer to $1000.

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