Apple Confirms September iPhone Update

According to Macworld, Apple has confirmed the security flaw that was publicized yesterday that could allow unauthorized individuals to circumvent the passcode locking system on the iPhone.

The minor iPhone security issue which surfaced this week is fixed in a software update which will be released in September, Apple representative, Jennifer Bowcock, said in an email to Macworld.

A fix is promised for September to address the security issue. In the meanwhile, users are being told to set their double-tap preferences to direct to the home screen rather than favorites. This will prevent the flaw from being exploitable.

The promised September iPhone update will have to live up to high expectations. The list of issues to be addressed or new features to be released is ever increasing. The list now includes this security fix, fix for iPhone app crashing, 3G connectivity improvements (partially addressed by 2.0.2), and "push" background services for applications.