T-Mobile to Launch App Store?

Moconews.net reports that according to "multiple sources", T-Mobile is planning to launch an app store across their entire lineup of phones.

Think of *Apples* App store, but for the entire carriers handset line-up from smartphone to feature phone. As one developer, who was briefed on the matter, said: The App store was a big deal, but thats one phone. This is an entire carrier.

According to Moconews, developers will submit their applications online and receive a revenue-share agreement based on how much network resources are consumed. A video streaming application, for example, would require a higher percentage to T-Mobile. The site again emphasizes that the store will apply across all different platforms including Android, Java, Sidekick and Windows Mobile.

The store, of course, will draw comparisons to Apple's recently launched App Store which offers developers a fixed 70%/30% split with 70% going to developers.