Apple Gives up 'Asteroid' Subpoena Attempts

CNet reports that Apple has abandoned its legal efforts to force a PowerPage and AppleInsider to release information about the source of leaked information about an unreleased Apple product (Asteroid).

The company's deadline to continue a legal battle to find out who leaked the information to independent online journalists has passed, and Apple acknowledged in a brief court filing this week that it will not take its fight to the California Supreme Court.

Part of the reason that the subpoena had originally been denied was that Apple had not adequately performed their own internal investigation before proceeding with the subpoena. The case drew national attention due to the potential impact this would have on web journalism.

Apple's original lawsuit against the leakers, of course, remains active, but Apple will have to use another method to find their identities. Meanwhile, Apple's direct ThinkSecret lawsuit remains active.

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177 months ago
does anybody think they actually will release asteroid?
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