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Apple Integrated Sensing Display? and Macsiumnews posted information about a new Apple Patent which appeared on January 12th 2006 at the US Patent and Trademark Site.

The Integrated Sensing Display is a device which combines the ability to generate an image as well as capture an image.

A device comprising: a display area; an array of display elements located within the display area, each display element capable of displaying a pixel of information, either alone or in combination with other display elements; and an array of image elements located within the display area, each image element being capable of capturing visual information from a source in front of the display area; wherein each image element has a lens that does not interfere with any display elements.

Uses for the device listed include Portable Communications, Computer Monitors or Televisions, Telephones, PDAs, and Medical Devices. Possible uses described include the use of the combination screen/camera for video conferencing as well as in PDAs or cell phones which "have very limited space for displays and would benefit if additional real estate were not used for a camera."

The patent was filed June 21, 2004.