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CES: Motorola Music Duo - Bluetooth for iPod

Motorola has posted information on a new product called the Music Duo.

The Music Duo provides Bluetooth capabilities to the iPod for use with Bluetooth headphones. The Music Duo also provides simultaneous connectivity to your Bluetooth capable phone... passing through a telephone call and pausing the music while you take the call.

This product or similar ones may be what was hinted at by Motorola Car Product Manager in Feb 2005 when he said that "consumers will soon be able to listen to music wirelessly from their iPod through their car speakers." At the time, people assumed that Apple would be incorporating Bluetooth technology into the iPod itself.

Features of the Music Duo listed include:

- Provides seamless connections to both your iPod and compatible Bluetooth-enabled phone
- Music pauses for incoming calls and resumes when calls are complete
- Compatible with Generation 3 or newer iPod players that have a Dock Connector (i.e. iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano)
- Compatible with any brand of Bluetooth 1.1 or 1.2 enabled phone that supports headset and hands-free profiles
- Compatible with Bluetooth Stereo Accessories