AppleInsider reports that a scaled-down version of the Nvidia 6800 DDL graphics card (required for the Apple 30" Cinema Display") will be made available at the Apple Store. From the article:

The graphics card company has been unable to produce stable versions of the 6800 Ultra card, delaying orders for Apple's 30-inch display by up to three months.

"Both products feature 256MB of GDDR3 memory and 16-pipe superscalar architecture; however, the Nvidia 6800 GT features a slightly lower bandwidth of 32GB/sec for delivery of 525 million verticies and 5.6 billion textured pixels per second. The Ultra version features 35.2GB/sec throughput for 600 million verticies and 6.4 billion textured pixels per second," the report says.

Like the 6800 Ultra, the 6800 GT will block the adjacent PCI slot, reducing the number of available PCI or PCI-X slots from three to two on the Power Mac G5.

The new card should be available for order in the first part of November.

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