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Steve Jobs and Intel

CNet reports that Pixar is 'switching' - to Intel:

    Pixar Animation Studios, which brought the world Monsters Inc. and Toy Story, is switching from Sun Microsystems to Intel, as the melodrama in the server market heats up.

Of interest is the description of Steve Jobs' relationship with Intel:

    Later in January, Jobs delivered the morning keynote address at Intel's annual sales conference in Las Vegas. "Andy (Grove) always tries to bring someone in from the outside," said an Intel representative. "Andy has always thought of Steve as being a quite a creative force in the industry."

A rumor of Steve Jobs presenting at Intel's conference was posted on LoopRumors on Jan 20th... but quickly removed after no further information became available. An extensive thread discussing this rumor along with a digital photo is available in the forums.

Examples such as this bring into question anyone's ability to determine "photoshopped" images... as previously leaked images, such as the Cube and Quicksilver PowerMacs were widely declared as "fake" but later turned out to be real.