Apple Comfirms Rumors To Staff....OS X v10.0.5

Anonymous writes "As of today (24th) Apple has released information about the forthcoming Mac OSX update (10.0.5) to customer support personnel and non-essential Apple employees.
Details from the internal memo circulating around the office state:

  • DVD movie playback support is included in this release, but is limited ( forward, play, stop, pause, full screen etc) and is only in beta. This release will only function in a half decent way on certain Mac models which include: iMac (slot-loading), Cube, G4 Processors and Certain G3 processors that include Apple Made DVD Hardware and running atleast 300Mhz

  • Increased support for a wide range of MP3 players and CD-RW's, and also includes drivers for the up and coming Mac OS X iDVD software. (hint, hint)

  • Updated System Preferences ( no further details )

  • Major Speed Increasements within the Finder and also during the boot process.

  • Improved Core services items and 'slight' darwin improvements.

  • Further details about this release are not available although 'dock' improvements have been rumored by higher level staff but have not been offically comfirmed to me.

  • 10.0.5 Build Number =3Q8 ( rumor, not comfirmed my me)

Check out on Friday (25th) "

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