DuckDuckGo Browser for Mac Launches in Beta With Emphasis on Privacy and Speed

DuckDuckGo is today launching an all-new browser for macOS in beta that is "an all-in-one privacy solution for everyday browsing with no complicated settings, just a seamless private experience," set to rival Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome on the Mac.

duckduckgo macos browser 2
Building on the success of the DuckDuckGo browser on the iPhone, DuckDuckGo on the Mac includes a number of privacy features. For starters, DuckDuckGo says that its browser on macOS features a "powerful tracker blocker," email protection, and more, all built-in with no strings attached.

On top of privacy, DuckDuckGo for macOS in beta is "really fast." According to tests conducted by DuckDuckGo, it uses 60% less data than Chrome and is faster than Chrome in some graphics performance tests. DuckDuckGo for macOS is still in beta, and interested users can join the private waiting list here.

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TheYayAreaLiving ? Avatar
12 weeks ago
Nice! I love the fact their overall goal is “privacy” that’s exactly how it should be. Seriously, can't wait to download this browser.
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ipedro Avatar
12 weeks ago
DuckDuckGo has amazing features and it’s my go to search engine. But they’re limiting their reach, and I know it’s superficial, but what is holding them back is their amateur look. Yes, the duck is cute and funny but new users see it and don’t give it a chance because it’s hard to take it seriously. Time for a rebrand.

I wish Apple would acquire them and rename it “Search” or “Siri Search”. Integrate it deeply into iOS and macOS and leave the website up to machine learn from users from other operating systems.
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krspkbl Avatar
12 weeks ago
i use DDG as my main search engine now and have for the last year and a half. i did use their browser on my iphone but it actually doesn't do a good job of blocking trackers. it blocks more trackers than safari but safari is better because you can use extensions.

i used this site to test:

safari (no extension) = ~13% blocked
ddg = ~46% blocked
safari (w/ blockbear [free] extension) = ~65% blocked
safari (w/ wipr [paid] extension) = ~89% blocked

ddg on iOS doesn't seem to be affected by any extensions installed. i wish there was a way to download extensions for browsers like DDG. so that's why i will stick with Safari. also do we know what the DDG mac browser is built on? Please don't tell me chromium...

edit: they don't use chromium! they are basically using the safari engine. i wonder what they will do if they bring the browser to Windows. they should build it on Firefox.
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Diamond Dog Avatar
12 weeks ago

DuckDuckGo has amazing features and it’s my go to search engine. But they’re limiting their reach, and I know it’s superficial, but what is holding them back is their amateur look. Yes, the duck is cute and funny but new users see it and don’t give it a chance because it’s hard to take it seriously. Time for a rebrand.

I wish Apple would acquire them and rename it “Search” or “Siri Search”. Integrate it deeply into iOS and macOS and leave the website up to machine learn from users from other operating systems.
I would venture that calling it "Siri Search" would tarish it even more than its current name, given Siri's reputation for being able to provide accurate and relevant information.
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2WheelsGood Avatar
12 weeks ago
And just like that, macrumors jumped on the censorship bandwagon and whittled my post down to nothing to fit their narrative. ??
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Sheepish-Lord Avatar
12 weeks ago
Let’s be real, unless it’s Tor Browser all these browsers are subjective and data mine at some point while surfing the web. Nice if the browser itself is privacy focused but as soon as you go to a website it’s a coin flip.

Using the most private browser in the world doesn’t mean jack if your first stop is YouTube or Facebook.
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