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USB-C Instead of Lightning Again Rumored for Upcoming iPad Pro Models

Apple's upcoming iPad Pro models will feature a USB-C port instead of a traditional Lightning port, according to information gathered from accessory makers at the Global Source Mobile Electronics Trade Fair by Japanese site Mac Otakara.

The trade fair kicked off today and Mac Otakara heard "talk" from manufacturers attending the event about a switch to USB-C.

iPad Pro mockup by Álvaro Pabesio

This isn't the first time we've heard of Apple's plans to adopt USB-C instead of Lightning on its new iPad Pro models, which would further bridge the gap between mobile device and computer.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who often accurately predicts Apple's plans, said in September that Apple's 2018 iPad Pro models will use USB-C instead of Lightning. USB-C connectivity would enable new functionality, such as the ability to connect an iPad Pro to a 4K monitor.

Mac Otakara also says that manufacturers at the event were showing off a photo of the 2018 iPad Pro dimensions that was first shared on Slashleaks last week.

That image, said to be based on measurements secured from case makers, suggested the smaller iPad Pro model will be 7 inches wide (178.52mm) and 9.7 inches tall (247.64mm), while the larger model will be 8.5 inches wide (215mm) and 11 inches tall (280.66mm). Both models could have bezels that measure in at 6mm around all sides, and at least one model may be as thin as 5.9mm.

Apple's new iPad Pro models are rumored to feature a TrueDepth camera system for Face ID and no Home button. The new devices are expected to make their debut on Tuesday, October 30, at an event Apple is planning to hold in Brooklyn, New York.

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10 months ago
If they are switching to USB C they could have done it with the new iPhones also. This just makes it for of a PIA when I travel.
Rating: 17 Votes
10 months ago
How about both? It’s big enough. Remember when ‘Pro’ meant you got more I/O options, not fewer?

(I don’t mean the option to buy overpriced dongles and adapters, I mean actually in the devices themselves...)
Rating: 14 Votes
10 months ago
USB-C would be a welcome addition. As long as it retains the headphone jack.
Rating: 11 Votes
10 months ago
Good! It’s not like I’ve spent HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS in cables for my iPhones and iPad and bought a very expensive 2m USB-C to lightning literally just last month.

Bring it on, Apple! Innovation!!!!
Rating: 8 Votes
10 months ago
Ah, well. I really prefer lightning. I’ll survive.
Rating: 8 Votes
10 months ago
This new iPad is going to be a huge difference from my gen 1.
Rating: 5 Votes
10 months ago
I haven’t been this legitamately excited for an Apple event in awhile. Maybe it’s because I really want to upgrade to my first iPad Pro...and this is going to be the first real radical redesign of the iPad since the first iPad 8 yrs ago.

I had decided on the 10.5” iPad Pro before these new slimmer bezels face ID iPad pros were rumored. I am an artist who travels a lot, and as much as I liked the 12.9” screen size, it was a little too unwieldy for using on the road for me. And I have big hands!

But with rumor of the 10.5” iPad Pro increasing the screen size to 11” and the 12.9” iPad Pro staying with a 12.9” screen but actually becoming smaller physically cause of the slimmer bezels...I may have to revisit my decision.

Will I feel the new 12.9” with slimmer bezels be perfect now for travel & art? Or will the screen on the 10.5” iPad Pro increasing to 11” be even better now? I may just have to see them in person before I order one.

Oct 31st can’t come soon enough.
Rating: 4 Votes
10 months ago
Hopefully they're thinking to switch to USB-C so that the iPad can connect to the Mac and act like a Cintiq. Tons of creative professionals use Wacom tablets or Cintiq monitors. If they enabled this functionality on the iPad Pro (and then advertised it heavily) I bet they could sell a lot of iPads just for that reason alone.

When Wacom tablets are hundreds of dollars (for a decent sized one) and a Cintiq is several thousand dollars an iPad Pro actually comes out seeming very reasonable...especially given that it is more than just a dedicated drawing device.
Rating: 4 Votes
10 months ago
If the USB-C port just replaces lightning and doesn't take advantage of its USB-Cness, then I'd rather stick with lightning. Lightning is fine for what it does.

I'm much more interested in using the iPad as a display than attaching the iPad to a display. If I can charge it from my MacBook and use it as a portable second display, I'm all in.

I don't care about the headphone jack-- I don't use it. I have a lightning adapter I use for my phone in the car, and that's just fine. Everything else is Bluetooth for me.
Rating: 3 Votes
10 months ago
I seriously doubt it.

I think that the iPad will have the lighting port, but will come with a lighting to usb c cable.
Rating: 2 Votes

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