Event Recap: Apple Announces iPhone SE, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, New Apple Watch Bands

With the conclusion of today's spring "Let Us Loop You In" event that saw the debut of the iPhone SE, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and new Apple Watch updates, Apple has posted the full 63-minute video event recap on its website, and a YouTube version should be coming in the near future.

On YouTube, Apple has shared all of the videos that were shown during the event, including an overview of the 9.7-inch iPad, a look at ResearchKit, and an overview of "Liam," a robot that breaks down recycled Apple products to reuse as much of the raw materials as possible.

- The New iPad Pro
- ResearchKit -- Empowering doctors, researchers, and now you
- Liam - An Innovation Story
- Apple - 40 Years in 40 Seconds

MacRumors posted extended coverage on all of the new products that were announced today, ranging from what's new in iOS 9.3, tvOS 9.2, OS X 10.11.4, and watchOS 2.2 updates to the features in the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and the 4-inch iPhone SE. A full list of our event coverage is below:

- Live Coverage of Apple's 'Let Us Loop You In' iPhone SE and 9.7" iPad Pro Event
- Apple Announces New 4-Inch iPhone SE Starting at $399
- Apple Announces 9.7-Inch iPad Pro with Apple Pencil Support, True Tone Display
- Apple Announces Nylon Watch Bands, Drops Starting Apple Watch Price to $299
- Apple Announces New Software Framework App Called 'CareKit'
- Apple Offers Lightning to USB-C Cable for Fast-Charging 12.9-inch iPad Pro
- Apple Releases OS X 10.11.4 El Capitan With Live Photos Support for Messages, Password Protected Notes
- Apple Releases iOS 9.3 With Night Shift, New Quick Actions, App Improvements, '1970' Bug Fix and More
- Apple Releases tvOS 9.2 With Bluetooth Keyboard Support, Siri App Store Search, App Folders, Dictation and More
- Apple Releases watchOS 2.2 With Multi-Watch Support for iPhone, Maps Improvements
- Hands-On With iPhone SE, 9.7″ iPad Pro, and New Apple Watch Bands
- Apple Event Tidbits: USB 2 Transfer Speeds for 9.7-inch iPad Pro, 256GB Storage Option for 12.9-inch iPad Pro
- Apple Releases iTunes 12.3.3 With Support for iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro
- Existing iPhone 5 and 5s Cases Fit Apple's New iPhone SE

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49 months ago
I'm pretty sure this was the worst Apple event in recent memory. You know they are lacking in product ideas when they spend half the time talking about their waste centers. I'm not against spreading the eco message, just seems ridiculous in an event where you announce two rehashed products and watch bands.
Rating: 36 Votes
49 months ago
The most lackluster Apple event I can remember.

/ Yeah, I'm that guy.
Rating: 28 Votes
49 months ago
A totally confused product line. Uninspired rehashed old designs. Why bother wasting anyone's time hosting such an event. Very, very poor Apple.
Rating: 15 Votes
49 months ago
Disappointed that no attention was given to Macs. Oh well. WWDC it is.

Other than that, good products, except the 9.7" iPad Pro with that horrible camera bump on the back. Apple had 2 years since the launch of the iPhone 6 to learn that it is not a good design decision yet here we are with it anyway. The hell were they thinking? It's one thing on a phone but on a tablet that lies down more than it does in hands, especially with the Apple Pencil? Pathetic. "Use a case" is no argument here. Bad design decisions shouldn't be covered up and "fixed" with a case. It shouldn't be incorporated in the first place.
Rating: 13 Votes
49 months ago
yawn... Apple no longer innovates.. they just make the same thing in different sizes and increase some obscure chip by 25% :rolleyes:
Rating: 12 Votes
49 months ago
I'm pretty disgusted that there wasn't even a mention of the Mac in the keynote. It was the worst I've ever witnessed and I'm annoyed I wasted my time watching Apple release a few straps for a watch no one cares about, a re-release of the iPhone 5 with improved internals and an iPad that unless you have anything pre first-gen iPad Air, then why would you even bother with it?

1/10 for that keynote. The environmental stuff was the highlight (really!) and I genuinely mean that.
Rating: 11 Votes
49 months ago
Worst keynote ever!!!

Lets be real for a second, there was actually nothing new at all, except the new apple watch band!

Before I get some comments "but what about the new iphone and ipad"... Yeah lets break it down:
- iPhone SE: Its an iphone 6s (minus 3d touch) in a 5s body... yeah, that must have taken them years of innovating
- iPad Pro: Its the larger ipad pro (plus flash & new ambient light sensor) inside an ipad air 2 body

Other then that there was nothing else, just rehashing the new iOS and tvOS features (which are not really new) and half an hour of politics at the start

If I would be an apple shareholder, I would be really concerned which direction apple is going, especially in light of the recent product presentations of the competition
Rating: 10 Votes
49 months ago
Here's a post for the guy at Apple who needs to read through all our complaining in order to compile tomorrow's "social media sentiment" report:

1.) Don't take it personal :-(
2.) If you could tell them that the iPad certainly is NOT the future of personal computing. The Mac however should be, but for some reason isn't anymore. Seems like they got things confused a while back.

Honestly, the attempt to address PC users with the iPad was the most pathetic aspect of the presentation. Apple is being left behind by Microsoft's Surface/Book, the new Lenovo Yoga, Dell XPS line, Razer Blade etc, and here they are, claiming the freakin' iPad is gonna fix it. I really wonder if their Mac/Book line with its Haswell chips, sausage-sized bezels and non-exchangeable internals is ever gonna catch up again.

And yet here their are, making fun of "5 year old PCs", many of which probably beat current Apple products in terms of specs. According to them, everyone should trash their devices after 3 years I guess, and what a hypocrite message this is in a keynote that you just kicked off by talking about your environmental responsibility...

I'm an Apple user myself and I'm in the market for a new device but this company really annoys me to the point where I'm considering the switch back to Windows after all these years.
Rating: 10 Votes
49 months ago
Having spent a lot of money on the 128GB version of the 12" iPad Pro at launch only a few months ago, I am really not happy they've announced a 256GB version now, just a few months later. I would have bought the 256GB version in the first place had it been available. This is a real kick in the teeth for iPad Pro customers. They should have made the 256GB verision available at launch last November.
Rating: 10 Votes
49 months ago

I'm pretty sure this was the worst Apple event in recent memory. You know they are lacking in product ideas when they spend half the time talking about their waste centers. I'm not against spreading the eco message, just seems ridiculous in an event where you announce two rehashed products and watch bands.

They named the event after watch bands. How much were you really expecting?
Rating: 6 Votes

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