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iPhone 6 Mockups and Case Designs on Display at Hong Kong Electronics Fair

As we progress further into 2014, iPhone 6 rumors have begun to pick up, with case designs, schematics, molds, and alleged iPhone parts surfacing over the past few weeks to give hints at what Apple's larger iPhone might look like.

Today Japanese site Mac Otakara [Google Translation] (via 9to5Mac) has shared some additional images of iPhone 6 mockups and accessories being displayed in several different booths at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair.

One image shows a physical iPhone 6 mockup that has allegedly been used to create cases for the next version of the iPhone next to an iPhone case made using the dummy version.

While few details can be gleaned from the model, it does appear to be larger in size with rectangular volume buttons and a sleep/wake power button on the right hand side of the device, which is in line with some previous rumors. It also possesses a round camera flash, as was described in schematics that leaked in March.

The site has also published a video displaying some lightning cables aimed at the iPhone 6 as well as a close-up look at the iPhone 6 mockup.

It is unclear whether the mockups and the cases are representative of the actual iPhone 6, but thus far, the iPhone 6 leaks coming out of Asia have all shared many of the same design similarities outlined above.

Apple's iPhone 6 is expected to come in two sizes, at 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. The majority of leaks we have seen so far have depicted the 4.7-inch version, as it is said to be in production for a September or October release. The 5.5 version has seen some production delays, which could see it being released later in 2014 or in early 2015.

In addition to two display sizes, the iPhone 6 is expected to include an upgraded A8 processor, camera improvements in the form of optical image stabilization, slimmer bezels, a thinner chassis, and Touch ID support.

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38 months ago

So much for doubling down on secrecy.

I'm in favor of auto-banning anyone that utters that phrase anymore..
Rating: 26 Votes
38 months ago

I guess Apple is content with that same stupid hardware design. Like their iMacs.

I guess they go through a few versions and just settle on a 1 version. Forever.

And just what is wrong with the iMac?
Rating: 12 Votes
38 months ago

Get some putty, plug these holes because we have another leak!!!

Oh wait, Apple ran out of putty. So much for doubling down on secrecy.

Behold the new "is Safari snappier?" replacement post.
Rating: 10 Votes
38 months ago
OMG, you'd think there was an Apple "event" next week!
Rating: 8 Votes
38 months ago

I guess Apple is content with that same stupid hardware design. Like their iMacs.

I guess they go through a few versions and just settle on a 1 version. Forever.

Troll...anyone calling the imac a stupid design should have their brain checked!
Rating: 7 Votes
38 months ago

Besides the thin for no reason design? Besides it still looks the same when I'm facing it as the thicker models, so what's the point? The iMac was redesigned for redesign sake. Don't get me started on the inefficient design of the Mac Pro aka the Mess of Wires for Pros.

The new iMac design runs far cooler and cuts down on a lot of useless crap that was in the inside of the old one. Just look at pictures of their insides, the new one is far more efficient.
Rating: 7 Votes
38 months ago
The double standard everyone holds apple to is insane, both fanboys and clearly non-fanboys.
What the **** do people want? An iphone that looks like an android phone so android people and can be like apple is copying android blah blah blah. Then if the next iphone is based off the last Iphone everyone complains how apple is not innovating cause they didn't change the design enough..

Moral of the story apple will never win with you people.
Rating: 7 Votes
38 months ago
^^^Relax.No one cares about your ugly ass Note 3:rolleyes:
Rating: 7 Votes
38 months ago
They used to make that kind of "dummies" for that rumoured "teardrop"-shaped iPhone 5, too. Case manufacturers do not always wait for Apple to reveal privileged information to them before starting designing. They just happen to follow the same (often unreliable) rumors as us.

So take this with a grain of salt...
Rating: 6 Votes
38 months ago

LOL at apple..this is samsung like.

LOL at you. You do realize these are mockups?
Rating: 5 Votes

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