Mass Production of 4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Set for July, 5.5-Inch Version Beginning in September

According to Japanese website EMSOne [Google Translate, via G for Games] citing Taiwan's Industrial and Commercial Times, Apple is planning to begin mass production of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 in July with the larger 5.5-inch version to enter mass production in September.

The report notes that both versions of the next-generation iPhone will go on sale at some point during the fourth quarter of this year, with the 4.7-inch iPhone being announced and released earlier than the 5.5-inch iPhone.

Renderings of iPhone 6 (4.7") and iPhone 6 (5.7") based on leaked schematics

The news comes as a report from Reuters last month stated that Apple would begin production of the 4.7-inch display to be used in the iPhone 6 this May for the device's release this fall. The report also noted that the 5.5-inch version of the iPhone 6 would be delayed due to difficulties with in-cell production technology, and would start production several months after the 4.7-inch version.

A report last month from Japanese newspaper Nikkei stated that the iPhone 6 could launch "as early as September" and will be offered in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch display sizes. This contrasted a claim from UBS analyst Steve Milunovich, who said that the 4.7-inch version of the iPhone 6 might be the only model to launch later this year, as a timeframe for the larger 5.5-inch version was unclear.

Internal documents from the second ongoing trial between Apple and Samsung also indicate that Apple is poised to release a larger phone, as a slide deck from an April 2013 presentation showed that customers want less expensive and most notably, larger screen smartphones.

In addition to a larger display, Apple’s next-generation iPhone is expected to feature a durable, sapphire screen, and a thinner, bezel-free design in addition to processor and camera upgrades.

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77 months ago
I hope they keep the current size as well. Im not interested in carrying around a little iPad. 4.7" may be ok though.
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77 months ago
interesting a staged roll out

I'd rather see the larger one first just because I'm more interested in that :D
Rating: 10 Votes
77 months ago
I can finally upgrade!
Rating: 8 Votes
77 months ago
Apple literally doubled down on secrecy. Put two rabbits out to chase, and not one can be caught.
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77 months ago

Yea I agree. By the looks of this though, the 4,7" phone will be bigger than the 4".

I have an eight year old daughter. The iPhone 5 is allready big for her tiny pockets. Apple needs to atleast have one phone model to accomodate kids imo.

An 8 year old child doesn't need an iPhone.
Rating: 7 Votes
77 months ago

Not very...

So basically take this with a huge grain of salt. Like I said I'm quite skeptical that we're going to see a 5.5" phone from Apple.
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77 months ago
How things change...

Well, a few years ago, I thought the size of the Samsung phones was crazy, over the top, unnecessary.

What I've now realized is that was based on my requirements, at that time.

Now a few years later into my early 40s, I can't see diddly squat up close! lol

I've worn glasses/contacts since I was 13, but my vision barely changed. My distance still isn't that bad, but the up close a pain in the a$$ to see.

Very frustrating!

Therefore, having a larger screen to fit larger text, I'll admit I'll welcome. I have my iPhone text larger and it's much easier on my eyes, but I find I'm scrolling more than I ever had to because the text won't fit due to the larger size.

However, I don't think Apple is 'supposedly' making this decision based on me and my counterparts who have trouble seeing up close.

I do think they're trying to submit to or access a segment of the market who want a larger screen and I'm not sure that is the right way to go.

I would bet Samsung purchases are based on the following, in order:

1. Price
2. OS
3. Apple hatred (let's face it, some hate Apple like MS used to be hated so they buy other phones out of spite :)

Now of course, I don't have a full research study, but almost every person I know with a Samsung told me they didn't buy an iPhone because of price. It's like cars - some folks want to buy the Chevys/Fords instead of Toyota/Acura/Lexus etc... because of cost. They either don't have the funds or can't justify the extra cost - which is their consumer right.

Of course, that doesn't mean every Samsung purchase was made because of price, but I would be highly surprised if that wasn't the major reason.

If Apple were to lower the price of their phones (which we know they won't unless they drop features a la iPhone 5C), they'd sell even more.

But I'd expect them to do that just as much as I would expect Lexus to drop their prices. Won't happen.

So I'll wait until the fall or beyond for a larger iPhone to help my eyes. If it happens, great...if not, I'll get the biggest iPhone available.

Oh and for any of you younger folks laughing at my eyesight, be may have good vision now, but it will change! lol

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77 months ago
Not. Going. To. Happen.

4.7 will be iPhone 6

5.5 does not exist.
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77 months ago
I hope this is inaccurate. I don't want a bigger and thinner/lighter phone.
I could now stash away one or two 5s but that doesn't really help in the end either if this is the stupid trend.
Those look like the samsung ghettophonez that I avoided when moving to apple.
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77 months ago

How accurate has Taiwan's Industrial and Commercial Times been in the past?

Not very...
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