Leaked Apple Mixed Reality Headset Parts Outline Goggle Enclosure in More Detail

With Apple's rumored mixed reality headset potentially being unveiled on June 5 during Tim Cook's opening WWDC keynote address, established leaker Sonny Dickson has shared clearer images on Twitter of the only leaked components we have seen for the device thus far.

headset ribbons sonny
The high-resolution pictures provide close-ups of ribbon cables shaped in such a way as to resemble a goggles enclosure that surrounds the eyes, indicating that they are used to connect display components on a surrounding circuit board.

The images were previously leaked by a Twitter user with a track record for sharing accurate information about Apple components, but in the original images the part numbers were blurred out. In contrast, Dickson's images show the numbers, which could potentially allow for other parts to be more easily identified and confirmed as legitimate if further leaked components emerge.

Rumors suggest the headset will have two to three displays. There will be two high-resolution 4K micro OLED displays with up to 3,000 pixels per inch, for an 8K total resolution. Sony is expected to supply the display modules that Apple will use, though Apple may also use some OLED displays from Samsung.

Micro OLED displays are said to be built directly on to chip wafers rather than a glass substrate, which results in displays that are thinner, smaller, and more power efficient.

headset ribbon part sonny
Meanwhile an outward-facing display will allegedly be able to show the facial expressions of the headset's wearer to the people around them, to cut down on the sense of isolation felt when using the device. The display will have an ultra-low refresh rate and reduced power consumption to keep it from draining battery.

Apple reportedly showcased the mixed-reality headset to the company's top 100 executives in the Steve Jobs Theater last week. Apple is expected to launch the headset later in the year, sometime after its debut at WWDC. Mass production of the headset is already underway, but some Apple employees are said to be concerned about the usefulness and price point of the headset, according to one report.

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addamas Avatar
15 months ago
Why it reminds me of Minions? :)

Edit: Yes, I know it’s the same part but from two sides but still… ?

Attachment Image
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arkitect Avatar
15 months ago

Here we go again. Everybody and their dog being played…

Just look at the photographs again…

Those are the two sides of the same component.
The front and back, if you will. Obverse and reverse.
Just look at the joints and how they appear to hinge. They do not hinge toward the same side.

They are not in anyway or shape or form a surround for a goggle like device.

If these were to be part of the Apple Headset then please explain how this would work with your nose? Surely the lower central curved bit would have to follow the one above it?

Also, there is no way to judge the scale of the ting. It could be tiny, 10cm, 2cm or even 30cm…

Should these be for the headset then it appears to be more of a Ray Ban Clubmaster design with a heavy brow bridge and glass hanging from that.

Not Goggles. Christ.

Come on folks! Take your wishful thinking out of it and use your eyes and the big pinkish-grey lump connected to it…

Are people going to say this is from the HomePod again? Don’t know how this will sell.. hopefully well enough
Yes. Because it most probably is a component for the HomePod or another device.

Edit: Please feel free to bookmark my post and make me eat my words when this is revealed to be the actual thing… ?
Score: 16 Votes (Like | Disagree)
tomtad Avatar
15 months ago
I thought we'd seen these already?

"The high-resolution pictures provide close-ups of ribbon cables shaped in such a way as to resemble a goggles enclosure that surrounds the eyes"

This is wrong, these are not 'goggles' at all, how would they fit on your nose for example if the bottom cable shown here ran around the perimeter of the Apple headset?

They are being viewed from the wrong angle. Picture these ribbon cables from above rather than from straight on and you have the profile of the headset, a bit like the glasses below just more bulbous where the lenses are. This is likely because the screens sit further away from the eyes than lenses would normally do. I would also assume there is only one of these ribbon cables in each headset rather than two.

Attachment Image

Attachment Image
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chucker23n1 Avatar
15 months ago
This headline confused me a lot until I realized it says “goggle”, not “google”.
Score: 7 Votes (Like | Disagree)
TwoBytes Avatar
15 months ago
Anyone think Apple should ditch this project and develop some Apple A.I. to compete with all the other GPT-style services?
Score: 6 Votes (Like | Disagree)
boyarka Avatar
15 months ago
I'm very excited to see exactly how big of a flop/trend that dies this will be. Apple is literally years late, to a fad that's declined to near-bottom.
I can almost see it now: some gimmicky commercial showing some female looking unknown gender and ethnicity but "clearly" artistic looks kind of person designing some furniture layouts and what not, the "shocking fun" of seeing some superimposed memojis on some actual people (because f*** them and their stupid real faces) for only 2999.
And then it goes down the same momory hole as the Touch Bar, and besides some quirky exploit that allows for 3d porn from Porhub it just fizzles and dies off.
Score: 5 Votes (Like | Disagree)