Apple Reportedly Using iPad Parts in the iPhone 12 Pro to Combat Shortages

Amid long waiting times for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro around the world, Apple has reportedly placed large orders for older iPhone models and is reallocating iPad parts to make up for shortages, according to Nikkei Asia Review.

iphone 12 pro video colors

Demand for ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ in particular has been higher than expected, and the issue has reportedly been compounded by supply constraints for specific parts such as power chips and LiDAR components.

Apple is said to be reallocating components from ‌iPad‌ models to the ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ in an effort to prioritize supply shortages, according to two sources of Nikkei Asia. This has ostensibly affected around two million ‌iPad‌ units, scuppering Apple's ‌iPad‌ production plans for this year.

To "fill empty space on shelves," Apple is apparently also asking suppliers to prepare more than 20 million iPhone 11, iPhone SE, and iPhone XR models for the holiday shopping season and early next year.

The order is equivalent to more than a quarter of the orders Apple placed for the ‌iPhone 12‌ series this year, which is speculated to be around 75 to 80 million units. Nikkei Asia claims that the orders for the ‌iPhone 11‌ and the ‌iPhone SE‌ are close to around ten million units each and faring much better than expected with consumers.

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Mighuel Avatar
3 weeks ago
Some lucky buyers might get a cool iPhone 12 Pro Max with 12,9" display.
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robinp Avatar
3 weeks ago

One way round this problem is to get rid of the useless Magsafe magnet in the new phones and stop making/selling the useless wallets, which fall off when you put the phone in your pocket and Magsafe chargers. In other words, focus on what people really want/matters. Even if the 5G assembly was removed wouldn't make a difference to me.

Not sure the manufacturers of leather wallets are suddenly going to be able to make a LiDAR sensor.
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G5isAlive Avatar
3 weeks ago

Pretty clear that Apple didn't expect it to sell as well it did.

or the world is in the middle of a pandemic with impact on supply chain.
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TantalizedMind Avatar
3 weeks ago
“Ya’all got any more of ‘dose iPhone XR’s?”

...said no one in 2020.
Score: 11 Votes (Like | Disagree)
EmotionalSnow Avatar
3 weeks ago

(...) stop making/selling the useless Magsafe chargers and wallets (which fall off when you put the phone in your pocket). Even if the 5G assembly was removed wouldn't make a difference to me. In other words, focus on what people really want/matters.

Speak for yourself.

Ok, I‘m pissed at Apple now. How can they have shortages across all their products so often?? They are so rich and they‘re constantly trying to cut corners or save some money in manufacturing, it‘s really annoying.

Spend more money and get your **** together. Best products in their categories doesn‘t mean they are allowed slow manufacturing speeds, while being one of the top richest companies in the world.

I know there‘s a pandemic going on, but Apple had been suffering constant shortages and slowdowns for years now.

They don't really have shortages "often"; mostly just at launch. Aka when half of the world is trying to get a new iPhone. I wouldn't say Apple is constantly cutting corners.

If you are pissed about Apple then maybe you should try buying a NVIDIA graphics card.
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itsmilo Avatar
3 weeks ago

Yep, this has affected everything. Our local hardware stores have run out of wood. I even had difficulty sourcing a fridge freezer.

And we are short on Toilet paper again
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