Waze Now Lets Users Send Directions From Desktop to Mobile App

Google-owned navigation app Waze now lets users send directions from the Waze website straight to the mobile app, thanks to an update announced this week.

waze live web phone
The change means Waze users can now plan and view their journey on a bigger screen via the Waze Live Map, which features real-time traffic information, and then send the details from the desktop to the Waze app on their iPhone.

To use the new feature, make sure you've updated to the latest version of Waze, then follow the steps below:

  1. On a desktop web browser, visit the Waze Live Map.
  2. Click the Log In button in the top-right corner.
  3. Scan the QR code that appears with your ‌iPhone‌'s camera to log in.
  4. Plan your route by setting an origin, a destination point, and when you want to travel.

  5. Click Save to App.
  6. Open the Waze app on your ‌iPhone‌ and you should see the pre-planned route ready to follow. If you planned to arrive at a particular time, the app will send you a reminder of when you need to leave, taking into account real-time traffic conditions.

Waze can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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Corsig Avatar
25 months ago
I use Waze on a daily basis. I’ve tried to use Apple Maps but it’s not the same. Having real time reports that a cop is ahead or an accident reported is too important not to have.

Does Apple Maps have live traffic updates?
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xpxp2002 Avatar
25 months ago

Still can't choose it as defaultnNav app in Carplay, pretty sure Apple let you do that about 12 months ago. The only app I can see that does is Magic Earth.
Google Maps now works with the CarPlay Dashboard as of a week or two ago. But I agree, I’ve only been waiting for Waze support...

This is a cool feature, though. Reminds me of the 2000s, when no one had cellular data, this was how you got trip and map data onto your Pocket PC or car. I used to plan a trip on the PC and the app or website would give you a file to load onto an SD card. Or for the car, it pushed OTA but was slow and you could only store 5 at a time.
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xpxp2002 Avatar
25 months ago

Apple Maps has very good live traffic. It just looks different than Google where Google likes to also show you were there isn’t traffic (green) and Apple only shows you where it is.

Apple also does a better job of NOT showing “traffic” at areas like stop signs or traffic lights unless there is a true back-up outside of the normal flow in those areas.
I disagree. The crowdsourced alerts (police and accidents) are the most valuable, but those also happen to be the alerts that Apple Maps doesn’t support. Apple Maps integration with Apple Watch makes it great if you don’t have CarPlay or for walking directions, but the value of having alerting and near real-time data feeding in from drivers far surpass the data Apple is getting from DOTs.

In addition, I find Apple Maps‘ ”selective” use of traffic colors confusing and inconsistent. As much as I hate to admit it, I prefer the way Google shows traffic lines/colors for all roads where they have data.
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edgonzalez32 Avatar
25 months ago

What? I can do this since Apple Map launched on a Mac.
We know this. This is for people that use Waze. Jesus.
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MozMan68 Avatar
25 months ago
This is what I have been asking for in MAP Navigation App. Without this features like sending route from desktop to mobile and simpler UI to be able to select stops between source and destination and route through it to create custom route/s, any Map App is not complete. Apple, please do the same in Apple Map.
You can...as long as you have a Mac. Apple Maps really needs to be released as a universal web app.
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MozMan68 Avatar
25 months ago
I use Waze on a daily basis. I’ve tried to use Apple Maps but it’s not the same. Having real time reports that a cop is ahead or an accident reported is too important not to have.

Does Apple Maps have live traffic updates?
Apple Maps has very good live traffic. It just looks different than Google where Google likes to also show you were there isn’t traffic (green) and Apple only shows you where it is.

Apple also does a better job of NOT showing “traffic” at areas like stop signs or traffic lights unless there is a true back-up outside of the normal flow in those areas.
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