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Jamf Survey Suggests Employees Using Macs See Higher Productivity, Creativity, and Collaboration

Apple and enterprise company Jamf recently teamed up to take a look at the drivers behind Mac adoption in the enterprise and the impact of device choice programs for employees on attracting talent.

For the survey, 1,285 employees from various-sized companies across the world were asked a series of questions about Macs in the workplace, with the results suggesting high levels of employee satisfaction from Mac users.

97 percent of survey respondents said that using a Mac increased their productivity, while 95 percent said their creativity levels were up. 94 percent said they were more self-sufficient, and 91 percent said collaboration was up.

According to the survey, 79 percent of respondents said that they would not be able to do their jobs as effectively without a Mac.

On the topic of self-sufficiency, 40 percent of respondents had no issues with their Mac over the course of the last 12 months, and 70 percent experienced two or fewer issues. Of those who did have issues, the leading problem was related to the network, rather than the device itself. 74% who previously used a PC said they have fewer issues now that they use a Mac.

When asked why they chose a Mac over a PC, most respondents cited a preference for Apple products, the ease of use and reliability of the Mac, and integration with the necessary apps needed for work. Design, familiarity, collaboration, and continuity between Mac, iPhone, and iPad were also cited as reasons.

89 percent overall said that Mac applications are easier to use than other computer devices, while 94 percent said that it's easy to find Mac applications and other resources on the Mac. 65 percent of employees say they go through the App Store to locate work-related applications.

97 percent of workers who have a choice of which device to use said it's important to their organization that an employee choice program exists. When asked why, employees cited productivity, creativity, and feeling valued by their employer as the top three reasons. 94 percent of all respondents said they're more likely to choose or stay with a company that offers a choice between Mac and PC.

Jamf's full survey results are available in an eBook downloadable from the Jamf website.

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17 weeks ago
Could this survey have been more biased and vague? They asked only Mac users, not Windows users also?

"97 percent of survey respondents said that using a Mac increased their productivity". Increased their productivity compared to what? Using paper and pens? An abacus? Almost all the stats are vague.

And those who prefer Macs over PC's...when was the last time they used a Windows PC? Windows 7 or 10? The old hard drive days (slow PC) or with SSD (fast PC)? If I hadn't used a PC for 5 years and am using a fast current Mac with SSD, I'd hate PC's too!

Again, this article is so much fluff.
Rating: 18 Votes
18 weeks ago
I find the Mac to be a better environment for me!
Rating: 13 Votes
17 weeks ago

I do think the future of the enterprise is iPad, not Mac.

That was a joke right?
Rating: 12 Votes
18 weeks ago
A repeat of last month. I left my comments here ('') already.
Rating: 12 Votes
18 weeks ago
some of those graphs are very pretty but terrible for communicating data
Rating: 11 Votes
18 weeks ago
Engineering with a Mac?
I had to buy a refurbished Windows laptop just to get through the EMC class for the graduate course. :eek:
Rating: 9 Votes
17 weeks ago
I'm getting disillusioned with the Mac ecosystem, but what Jobs set up years ago still holds value.

I have both Mac and PC, and I really loathe the PC. I'm starting to loathe the Mac at times, now.
Productivity on the Mac is higher, due to simplicity of software (depending) and the OS layout is very logical and friendly.
PCs are a spaghetti mess of oddness meant for PC-geeks and not the rest of the world.

Apple has to be better at their software! Software is the #1 product, but their neglect of hardware is also daunting.
Rating: 7 Votes
17 weeks ago
I've felt this way for years - dock, spotlight, iMessage, finder, expose, virtual desktops, Magic Mouse, quality of screen, handoff, airdrop, labels, terminal, air playing to an Apple TV, being able to hit spacebar and preview a PDF, song, or video file, full screen apps, app updates, unlocking the Mac with my watch, overall lack of problems, etc. I also generally prefer Safari, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, Logic. I think Protools and Resolve work better on a Mac, though that doesn't seem to be true of Premiere anymore, and I prefer Photoshop and Illustrator on a Mac. It's the little things that all add up.

I'm just so much less productive on a windows machine, I can make certain linux systems work for me but prefer the look and polish of Mac OS.

Only real gripe with the Mac Platform has been the lack of Nvidia support and updates to the MacPro for my Cinema4d usage, but now that the new Mac Pro is on it's way and Octane Render is getting AMD support - I have little to complain about.
Rating: 7 Votes
17 weeks ago

A repeat of last month. I left my comments here ('') already.

So you have no actual argument against the studies or the data and automatically condemn it because of who the company is?

Curious, what do you say about IBM and their adoption of well over 100,000 Macs and their results showing lower IT and support costs vs PCs? Is IBM biased as well? Likewise other companies deploying large numbers of Macs (like SAP or General Electric) who also relied on Jamf showed lower TCO for their Macs vs PCs despite the higher up-front costs for a Mac.

I realize this article is talking about subjective things (how do you measure "creativity"), but some of these concepts (like productivity or self-sufficiency) line up with the hard data about support costs. If a user on a Mac is making fewer calls to IT for help vs the PC they used previously, and those calls are resolved quicker, then they will naturally feel they are being more productive and self sufficient because because they are having fewer issues they need someone else to resolve.
Rating: 7 Votes
17 weeks ago
That's because IT Departments can't screw up MacOS like they can Windows.

When you are using Windows in an Enterprise environment, you are not using Microsoft's version of Windows, you are using whatever policies your IT Department has decided to enforce. IT Departments don't care about productivity. They only care about security.
Rating: 7 Votes

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