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Apple Registers New iPad Models and 'Bluetooth Device' in China

Apple in late September registered new iPad models and a new Bluetooth device with China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), which hints at an imminent release for new iPad Pro models and perhaps a new Apple Pencil.

According to MySmartPrice, Apple registered iPad model numbers A1876, A1980, and A1993 which correspond to previous iPad registrations that we saw Apple file in July with the Eurasian Economic Commission. The exception is A1993, which has not been seen in a prior filing.

iPad Pro mockup by Álvaro Pabesio

The new model numbers do not correspond to any existing devices and likely represent unreleased iPad Pro models. Back in July, Apple also registered A1934, A1979, A2013, A2014, and A1985 with the ECC, representing new iPad Pro models set to be sold in countries that include Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia.

That Apple is registering the previously spotted iPad models in a new country suggests a release could be imminent. With both new iPad models and new Macs on the horizon, we are expecting Apple to hold an October event, which could perhaps take place during the last week of the month based on the release date of the iPhone XR and what we know of past Apple events.

Rumors have suggested the new iPad Pro models could be sold alongside a second-generation Apple Pencil with AirPods-style no-contact pairing, and there is an unknown Bluetooth device in the MIIT filing.

The Bluetooth device, listed as just "Bluetooth device," features a model number of A2051, with no additional information available. It's not known what it is, but it could indeed be a new Apple Pencil based on the rumors we've heard.

Apple is expected to introduce new iPad Pro models in sizes similar to 10.5 and 12.9-inches, with larger displays featuring slimmer bezels and no Home button. All new iPad Pro models are expected to adopt Face ID and a TrueDepth camera system along with improved processors, better camera capabilities, and perhaps a USB-C port instead of a Lightning port.

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5 days ago at 10:19 am
hopefully the new apple pencil starts at $199 instead of $99. the price is way too cheap at the moment for the best pencil on the planet!!
Rating: 21 Votes
5 days ago at 10:17 am
Please Apple, please "one more thing": iPad Mini 5.

If it's about profit margin, just charge enough for it to make it as profitable per unit sold.
Rating: 16 Votes
5 days ago at 10:24 am
Lightning port will not be replaced by USB-C .

I can sense the new iPad will be a monster seller.

Wait for the pricing . I sense a significant rise
Rating: 8 Votes
5 days ago at 10:28 am
An event later this month is looking likely at this point. Just wonder if there are any Mac filings to indicate a new iMac or Mac mini will be introduced at the event.
Rating: 8 Votes
5 days ago at 10:24 am
I can sense the new iPad will be a monster seller.
Rating: 7 Votes
5 days ago at 11:53 am
Where is the Mac event????



Rating: 6 Votes
5 days ago at 10:18 am
Interested to see how the iPad Pro will unlock with FaceID when in landscape mode.
Rating: 6 Votes
5 days ago at 10:45 am
Palm/Finger rejection has been terrible on my X and and Xs. So I cam very curious as to how you're supposed to hold and use an even larger device with no "safe space" to grab and hold it. Maybe balance it in one hand like a waiter holding a server platter?
Rating: 5 Votes
5 days ago at 01:39 pm

Yeah I was on the fence the other day, but some people convinced me to go for it. I don't usually upgrade my iPad very often, but I also make a lot more than I used to so I need to stop being so stingy and ease up. And usually my wife is the really frugal one, so if she's telling me to do it then I should just listen.

Makes sense. I upgrade yearly as it's my main computer and I like new devices. I usually sell and upgrade and it costs me about $200 per year. I think the new Pro's are going to be great, so definitely worth it.

iPad pro is designed to be used vertically. Perhaps will not be able to, unless using 2 face recognition like in iOS 12,so one can be for vertical second for horizontal ) share this idea with developers might be usefull

Who said it's designed to used vertically? A lot of people use their iPad primarily in landscape. Also, there is already proof that Face ID will work in landscape in 12.1.
Rating: 5 Votes
5 days ago at 11:23 am

Man, Face ID on this iPad is going to SUCK.

My favorite position in the iPad Kama Sutra is this:

Leaning over the iPad just to get a Face ID lock is going to be ridiculous.

why not just wait and see first before hating?
Rating: 4 Votes

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