Apple Continues Twitter-Based iPad Pro Ad Campaign With Three New Videos

Apple today shared three new videos that are part of its ongoing iPad Pro advertising campaign, which features tweets from actual Twitter users complaining about problems that Apple suggests can be fixed with an iPad Pro. "Real problems... answered" is the campaign's tagline.

All of the videos are 15 seconds in length, the ideal size for sharing on social media, where the spots have been featured.

The first video features a tweet that says "My laptop weighs five million tons..." which is used as the basis to highlight the iPad Pro's weight (about a pound) and its ability to run apps like Excel and PowerPoint.

In the second video, a Twitter user complains about needing to get out of her dorm room, which is answered with "Well, get out of there! You know your iPad Pro can hold your textbooks and notes so you can study just about anywhere."

The third video features a tweet complaining about a dead laptop battery during a flight, which is used to point out the all day battery life of the iPad Pro.

Apple's been running its Twitter-based iPad Pro advertising campaign since mid-February. It uses real tweets from real people, but actors are used in the videos to hold up signs and do the voiceovers. Videos so far have focused on features like the Apple Pencil, its range of note taking capabilities, its slim size and portability, its range of software, and more.

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37 months ago

Apple has repeatedly said they are NOT abandoning Mac.

How do you or Apple define "abandoning"? It has been years since Apple advertised any Macs this aggressively.

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37 months ago
"My ipad is a POS that does less than my previous laptop does, yet is double the price."

"Get a new laptop, and you can then do lots of things a lot more easily and all at the same time!"
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37 months ago
Still can't believe they dare advertise an IPad (12.9) that's almost a year and a half old.
I wouldn't feel comfortable spending that amount on money on a tablet that - at this price - should have the latest hardware, not 2015 hardware.
Rating: 22 Votes
37 months ago
My tweet

"iPad still is just a big iPhone. Where is the iOS innovation?"
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37 months ago
My favorite tweet "I bought a new iPad believing it would be better than an iPad Air 2"
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37 months ago
LOL laptop's heavy. Go to the ****ing gym and quit complaining. Imagine back in the days when we used to have actual bricks with like 2 minute battery life

Laptops nowadays are lighter than moleskine notebooks. Or pick any school book.
Rating: 13 Votes
37 months ago
Work on the Pro line of computers, not iPad Pro ads...
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37 months ago

I saw this little video the other day...

I've been looking forward to this type of thing for years.

Dockable phones/tablets can be useful, especially if you have a dock at work and home.

It's certainly nice to see tech companies like Samsung and Microsoft actually trying to do some new things.

No they haven't ? What because Apple doesn't feel the need to refresh a $3000 Mac Pro every year. Apple is not abandoning Mac.

I can't think of any forgivable reason why the biggest and richest tech company in the world cannot be bothered to update the Mac Mini from 4th to 7th generation chips.

Meanwhile, companies that are a very tiny fraction of the size are able to come up with, produce, and keep updating niche products like the Razer Blade Pro.
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37 months ago
Is it just me who feels the 12.9 iPad Pro is almost being forgotten about? Yes it's still advertised as part of the collective "iPad Pro" product line, but it's missing big features that the 9.7 got a couple months after the 12.9 originally came out.

Also in the accessory department you get much more colours for the 9.7 than the 12.9.

It seems to me that both the 12.9 and 9.7 should have come out at the same time with the same features and accessories.

On top of all this, the budget iPad (without a version number) released this week and the rumoured 10.5 iPad, are really making the iPad product line confusing.
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37 months ago

The first video features a tweet that says "My laptop weighs five million tons..." which is used as the basis to highlight the iPad Pro's weight (about than a pound) and its ability to run apps like Excel and PowerPoint.

I saw this little video the other day...
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