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Apple CEO Tim Cook Calls AirPods 'A Runaway Success,' Says 'It's Been a Great Holiday'

airpods-4Apple CEO Tim Cook toured the New York Stock Exchange with his nephew this morning, where he took a few moments to do a quick interview with CNBC.

Cook said he couldn't comment on business when asked, but he told the interviewer that Apple has had a "great" holiday season. "It's been a great holiday," he said.

When questioned about Apple's recently released AirPods and the lack of available stock, Cook called the AirPods a "runaway success." "We're making them just as fast as we can," he said.

Introduced in mid-December, the first AirPods began shipping out to customers during the week of December 19th, the first day retail stores began carrying the accessory.

AirPods have proven to be popular with Apple users, and supplies have been constrained since launch. Retail stores and third-party retailers are receiving regular shipments, but many customers have not yet been able to purchase AirPods. Online orders placed today won't ship out for six weeks.

Reviews of AirPods have been largely positive, with customers praising the sound quality, battery life, ease of connectivity, and better than expected Bluetooth range, but some users have been having battery trouble with their Charging Case.

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31 months ago

LOL ol'd Timmy apparently doesn't read MacRumors.

MR readers are not representative of the Apple users demographic by a long shot.
Rating: 85 Votes
31 months ago
Apple using the word "Great" is like Valley Girls saying "Awesome". It lost its meaning years ago
Rating: 66 Votes
31 months ago
I flipping love my Air Pods.
Rating: 63 Votes
31 months ago
Has he ever said or implied anything other than "every product is amazing and the best ever and the most successful"?

He's just complete PR & hyperbole quite frankly.
Totally useless information.
Rating: 57 Votes
31 months ago
Well, when you're a tech stock play, what else would you expect the company cheerleader to say?
Rating: 52 Votes
31 months ago
Borrowed a coworkers for an afternoon the other day - these things are awesome. Best Apple product in a long time.
Rating: 44 Votes
31 months ago
LOL ol'd Timmy apparently doesn't read MacRumors.
Rating: 33 Votes
31 months ago
He's right. AirPods are going to be a revenue generator in the billions.

Now, that won't stop the MR cesspool from filling up with "disaster launch" comments months from now when AirPods are widely available and selling strong.
Rating: 32 Votes
31 months ago

These things are dangerous, the signal from airpod to airpod - travels directly through the brain. No thanks

So if you are on the phone to your right ear so you always make sure he tower it's connected to is on your right? And when at home only use the ear closest to the router?
Rating: 30 Votes
31 months ago
More PR spin -- hey it's all FANTASTIC over here!! look this way!
Rating: 23 Votes

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