New Images Depict Alleged 7.04 Watt-Hour Battery Designed for iPhone 7

We've already seen several alleged part leaks for the next-generation iPhone 7, and now Chinese site [Google Translate] (via has shared images of what is believed to be the battery that will be included in the device.

The battery lists a capacity of 7.04 watt-hours, slightly larger in capacity than the equivalent battery capacity listed for the iPhone 6s (6.61 watt-hours) and almost identical to the iPhone 6 (7.01 watt-hours). Voltage is not visible on the alleged iPhone 7 battery, so the exact charge capacity is not yet available, but should be similar to the iPhone 6 battery.

Rumors suggest the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be thinner than existing iPhones, with Apple perhaps making room for the similarly-sized battery by eliminating the headphone jack and cutting down on the extra space around the Lightning port.

While we still have several months to go before the iPhone 7 debuts, we've already heard a long list of rumors about the device and we've seen multiple part leaks. The iPhone 7 is said to include a faster A10 chip, a Smart Connector, up to 256GB storage space, stereo speakers, no headphone jack, a thinner design with no rear antenna bands, a faster LTE modem, and dual cameras in the iPhone 7 Plus model.

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51 months ago
Apple is so uncompromising with their obsession on thinness...

We REALLY wouldn't mind if the device were as thick as the previous generation model, with a bigger battery inside.
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51 months ago
Samsung listens to its customers with the S7, and then Apple just ignores them and does the complete opposite. Are they serious?
Rating: 30 Votes
51 months ago
makes it thinner, remains selling bulky original cases to make the whole thing redundant. LogicNotFoundException

i hate how i am turning more and more into one of those complainers but there r so many reasons Apple gives me nowadaya
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51 months ago
Don't worry guys, they will come to the rescue with a battery case for the iPhone 7 with a thinner bulge ;)
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51 months ago
People want larger batteries? Just lower the capacity and up it again next year. No one will notice.
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51 months ago
Those combined leaks convince me that:
Buying iPhone 6s Plus is still a good choice.
In addition:
- Removing headphone jack is a no-no. And I don't want an adapter, thank you.
- I hate a thin device. iPod touch 6th gen is thin enough, but the feeling when holding it at hand is often strange.
- I want a larger battery.
Non of those above could iPhone 7 deliver to me. 6s Plus at least is thick enough, and it has a headphone jack.
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51 months ago
Can we PLEASE get Wireless and Fast Charging. At least Fast Charging. I'm using a Note 5 just to try it out and hate the operating system, but I love how fast it charges lol

Its frustrating how it looks like Fast Charging isn't even on the rumor table according to this article
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51 months ago

I see that you've really been taken in by Apple's marketing. I couldn't care less about Apple challenging their engineers in useless ways such as making it even thinner than it already is.

Agreed. Giving the customers what they want should be a top priority. Obviously you can't please everybody, but I am quite sure that at this point a thinner phone isn't at the top of everyone's wish list.
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51 months ago

Apple has a vision for what they want for iPhone in the future. By making the each generation product thinner they challenge their engineers. While, Samsung's Galaxy phones are kinda just a frankensteins monster. Doesn't really have future.

I see that you've really been taken in by Apple's marketing. I couldn't care less about Apple challenging their engineers in useless ways such as making it even thinner than it already is.
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51 months ago
Yes, make the next iPhone thinner so that more internals protrude through the back of the device. We've got the ugly protruding camera, why not a protruding camera flash or a protruding ambient light sensor or even a protruding accelerometer. A ripple of bumps and lumps on that casing. NO! No more case thinness until the internal components are thinned first.
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