Apple Planning to Debut OLED iPhone in 2017

Apple is reportedly aiming to push up the debut of the OLED iPhone to 2017, reports Nikkei (via AppleInsider). The move would see Apple make the switch to OLED a year earlier than previously estimated.

In December, Apple contacted LG and Samsung about the potential to ramp up OLED production in time for the 2017 iPhone. However, the OLED technology would likely be limited to a higher-end iPhone like the 7 Plus or the rumored iPhone Pro due to possible supply constraints.

Apple, who is reportedly close to a deal with Samsung for flexible OLEDs, has been interested in using curved OLED displays in future iPhones, but Nikkei notes that Apple's accelerated development may leave those plans temporarily stalled. Apple is apparently looking to quickly switch to OLED displays to juice iPhone sales, which analysts expect to stall.

In November, Nikkei reported that Apple expected to switch to OLED displays in 2018. Apple supplier Japan Display is planning for mass production of OLED displays for iPhones beginning in early 2018. Samsung and LG, however, are expected to provide the bulk of the OLED panel production, with Samsung planning to ramp up OLED production to 45,000 panels per month this year. The ever-reliable KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo reported in November that Apple was unlikely to fully adopt OLED displays until 2019.

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51 months ago

nah, i'll wait until 2018

You could be hit by a bus by then. Enjoy things while you can!
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51 months ago

OLED tech came out 4 years ago. Always behind the times.

iPhone wasn't the first smartphone.
iPod wasn't the first MP3 player.
iPad wasn't the first tablet.
Google wasn't the first search engine.
Facebook wasn't the first social network.
Ford wasn't the first automobile.

It's not about being first. It's about doing it in a better way than the others.
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51 months ago
I have never had a problem with the iPhone display. The display isn't a factor for me to purchase a phone. The OS is and iOS is superior to android.
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51 months ago
Every OLED display phone I have seen reminds me of the TV displays in electronics stores where they crank up the colors and contrast to make it look good in the store but give you a headache if you actually take it home and watch it that way. I actually think the display on my 6Plus is very good.
Rating: 23 Votes
51 months ago
Get ready for the $1950 unlocked iPhone Pro!
Rating: 20 Votes
51 months ago
Just get the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge now, why wait?
Rating: 18 Votes
51 months ago

Is OLED really the juice to drive iPhone sales?

Oh yeah. The difference between OLED and LED is massive, especially in contrasts. They are pretty much superior to LCDs in every way. Efficiency, colors, contrast, you name it.

It's a brilliant display technology that Apple should've implemented since the iPhone 6.

OLED tech came out 4 years ago. Always behind the times.

They need the technology to age enough for it to minimally affect profit margins. OLED displays are significantly more expensive than LCDs.
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51 months ago
OLED tech came out 4 years ago. Always behind the times.
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51 months ago
The screen on the Note 5 really is amazing. There is no denying how nice the screen is.
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51 months ago

Get ready for the $1950 unlocked iPhone Pro!

Prices shouldn't increase because of OLED because the technology should have aged enough by 2017.

Just like when the iPhone 6 got a size increase. Price didn't change (with the exception beig the stupidly large 6 Plus).

Sure, because changing to OLED will make the sales go up :rolleyes:

I know several people that have gotten Samsung devices because of the display.

Including myself. I have a Galaxy Tab S with a 1600p AMOLED display. Beautiful for media consumption.
Rating: 9 Votes

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