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Apple Backs Federal Non-Discrimination LGBT Equality Act of 2015

Apple today declared its support for the Equality Act of 2015, introduced by members of congress this afternoon. The Equality Act would expand the Civil Rights Act of 1964, adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the legislation that outlaws discrimination based on race, color, religion, or national origin.

In a statement to the Human Rights Campaign, Apple echoed sentiments on equality that it has shared several times before:
At Apple we believe in equal treatment for everyone, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, how they worship or who they love. We fully support the expansion of legal protections as a matter of basic human dignity.
The Equality Act will ensure full federal equality for all LGBT Americans, including those who live in the 31 states that do not currently have non-discrimination legislation, protecting LBGT citizens from discrimination when seeking jobs, housing, public accommodations, education, and more.

During Apple CEO Tim Cook's tenure, Apple has taken a strong position on inclusion and equality. Earlier this year, Apple joined 378 other companies urging the Supreme Court to rule in favor of marriage equality, and the company has participated in the San Francisco Pride Parade for several years running.

Cook himself has made several impassioned speeches on non-discrimination and equality and has publicly opposed harmful religious freedom legislation. Last fall, Cook became the first Fortune 500 CEO to publicly come out as gay, an announcement he made in an effort to "bring comfort to anyone who feels alone" and to "inspire people to insist on their equality."

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53 months ago
Oh yay, a front page post about Apple supporting equality always brings out the neanderthals. I'll go get the popcorn ready.
Rating: 27 Votes
53 months ago
* If you're into equality, this is good news.
* If you'd like to see Apple's continued success, this equality… stuff could be seen as trendy and good for the company's public image.
* If you think Apple should focus more on product quality than equality, bear in mind that Apple's sole debugger/designer doesn't work with public relations.
Rating: 25 Votes
53 months ago

I'd be more okay with things like this if they didn't encourage the placement of rainbow things all over the bloody place.

Just for you, and kickin' it old school:


Rating: 21 Votes
53 months ago

Oh yay, a front page post about Apple supporting equality always brings out the neanderthals. I'll go get the popcorn ready.

Neanderthals because they don't share the same belief?
hate is wrong but hates ones who hates others is ok?
makes perfect sense...

How 21st century.....
Rating: 18 Votes
53 months ago
Ironic that a story on equal rights for gays is in a separate but not equal forum.
Rating: 18 Votes
53 months ago
It's funny how you guys are so intolerant of those who you think are intolerant. Under your new definition of tolerance, all ideas are equally true and valid. Well if you stick to that, you can't say Christians are bigots without making yourself the intolerant one. See, it's self-defeating.

Have a nice day.
Rating: 17 Votes
53 months ago

Apple isn't for equal rights.

Correct. Apple is for supporting whatever the current trend is to sell products.
Rating: 17 Votes
53 months ago
I am preparing myself to be disappointed by the reactions of some people on here.

History will look kindly upon Apple's support of stuff like this. History will not look upon bigots kindly.

I'm willing to slowly watch their voices dwindle into an overly vocal minority, while the rest of us can live together happily without unnecessary hate.
Rating: 13 Votes
53 months ago
Funny coming from a company that has implemented affirmative action quotas.
Rating: 12 Votes
53 months ago
This is a good thing. Sexual orientation should be protected in the same way gender, race and religion are. Funny part is that religion is a choice and sexual orientation is not, doesn't it seem odd that we protect people's religious preferences but not their sexual orientation?
Rating: 10 Votes

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