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Video Shows Size of 12.2-Inch 'iPad Air Plus' Mockup Next to iPhones, iPads, and MacBook

Last week, Japanese magazine Mac Fan published possible schematics depicting the design of a 12.2-inch "iPad Pro" or "iPad Air Plus". The schematics suggested that the larger-screened tablet would carry dimensions of 305.31mm x 220.8mm x 7mm, or 12 inches x 8.7 inches x 0.28 inches, which is in line with previous rumors about the device. Now, YouTube user Canoopsy (via has created a video showing how an iPad Air Plus with those dimensions would measure up to Apple's other devices including the company's current iPads, iPhones and 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Some reports have noted that the larger iPad would carry a 12.9-inch display, however Mac Otakara has suggested a 12.2-inch display for the device in two of its reports. A 12.2-inch iPad Air Plus is of course shown to be much bigger than Apple's current line of iPhones and bigger than the iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2, as it even approaches the display size of the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

The iPad Air Plus is said to also feature a new A9 processor and dual top and bottom speakers for improved audio. Mac Otakara claims that the iPad Air Plus and a new iPad mini 4 may launch between April and June of 2015. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also suggested earlier this month that the iPad Pro may not enter production until the second quarter of 2015 as Apple shifts its production resources towards improving supplies of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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64 months ago
This has been in the works for a while.

Rating: 29 Votes
64 months ago

since the iPad air 2 is riddled with defects, I'll be waiting a few weeks to see how the dust settles with the iPad +

Riddled with defects? Care to share what those are? I own an Air 2 and have no defects.
Rating: 23 Votes
64 months ago
$999 - 16gb

I can see it now
Rating: 19 Votes
64 months ago
Every single non iPad user that uses my iPad 3rd gen, such as friends and family, and a variety of age, gender and types of people... All say the same thing!

"It would be better if it was bigger"

Lots of people online are failing to see a market for a larger iPad but they are not considering so many categories of people...

Graphics Designers
Video Editors
Media consumers
Elderly people


And that's before taking in to consideration the people that would just love the extra screen real estate to browse the web or the App Store and iTunes! Can you imagine how apps will be optimised to take advantage of the extra space, or the extra features apps could incorporate with extra power! Pro apps would finally take off and tablets would hit whole new markets! This is exactly what the iPad needs!

Also things like watching Netflix and YouTube in bed would go from not as good as being in front of your tv to an absolute up close replacement!

The device won't be heavy at all, probably less so than an iPad 3rd generation and we all used them fine!

It will be smaller and more portable than a Macbook Air and lighter too! It will be a lot easier to hold and use than people would think!

I can not wait for a iPad Plus and will be lining up outside my local Apple Store without any hesitation on price...
Rating: 12 Votes
64 months ago
Still don't see the appeal of this. It would likely be so large and heavy to the point that it's just better to have a MacBook air 11. Apple would need to give it some serious features other than screen size that differentiate it from the smaller iPads.
Rating: 12 Votes
64 months ago
This must have a wacom pen, and a functional OS, or bust. Surface Pro 3 has churned a new market. This is clear as day that Apple is going to try to compete. I personally have an ipad mini and its apps stand it apart. But the SP3 really is a game changer to the working market. The consumer market will always be ipad though.
Rating: 9 Votes
64 months ago
it baffles me the amount of people who feel the need to chime in about how they 'can't see the point' of a laptop-sized iPad ('way too huge! i love my mini!') when the surface pro exists, as do professionals who'd love an OS X tablet with a stylus - commenting visibly along the way. i mean, is this your first apple discussion thread? do you think the iPad will be for fruit ninja and Skype with grandma forever..?
Rating: 7 Votes
64 months ago

Sorry, but serious work requires serious tools - you don't edit film or create effects or build complex 3D models with a tablet. It lacks processing power, GPU acceleration, storage (lol you want to do multi-GB transfers over wifi to a render farm?).

Tablets = casual use, they're fine for it and there's nothing wrong with that. Tablets in the work place are fine for app testing, documentation/taking notes, etc. There are things tablets are good for in the work place.

Have you tried to fill out a spreadsheet or code something or do web work or edit a film that's a little more complex than a home movie for your parents? Hell, typing an email longer than a paragraph is a chore and a half on a touchscreen. Touch input isn't an improvement, it'll slow you down and lack precision on top of it.

There's a lot of work required for tablets to become pro-grade devices than just making the screen/resolution bigger.

have you tried the surface pro? the new one? with all its shortcomings, it feels much more competent than an iPad air by a long shot. i don't think you're speaking for many people other than those with limited imagination and an inability to grasp others' workflows. there's plenty in between iOS iMovie and rendering a pixar feature.
Rating: 6 Votes
64 months ago

If it comes with a cutie like her, then I definitely approve :p

i love that about the human race. no matter what the topic, someone is always randomly horny.
Rating: 5 Votes
64 months ago
It's hard to believe that so many people don't understand why a larger size option for the iPad makes sense. Does anyone think that an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper is too big? Apple is obviously very successful at making their products lighter and thinner, so it's not hard to see them getting closer and closer to the "magical sheet of glass" idea.
Rating: 5 Votes

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