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iPhone 6 Built From Parts Apparently Shown Booting to 'Connect to iTunes' Screen

Following its leak of photos showing the iPhone 6 logic board that have revealed the device's NFC chip and 16 GB of storage, luxury modified iPhone vendor Feld & Volk [Instagram page] has now shared some photos and a video showing the device in operation and booting to a black screen requesting the user to connect the device to iTunes.

Feld & Volk says it has been able to piece together this iPhone from various components it has obtained as part of its effort to build its own luxury version of the iPhone 6 for its customers, and remarkably enough, the device is at least capable of turning on.

While it seems surprising that a functional iPhone 6 could be built from individual components, Feld & Volk has demonstrated that it has been able to get its hands on rare parts, and thus it is possible they may have acquired everything necessary to build the device.

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68 months ago
Macrumor's on fire today!
Rating: 36 Votes
68 months ago
The company received two letters from Apple shortly thereafter.

1. A cease and desist.
2. Questions about how they solved the problem with the XXXXX manufacturing step.
Rating: 33 Votes
68 months ago

Honestly... who the hell cares?!? Good grief in a few short months this phone will be everywhere. Don't get all this geeking out over this part or that part or whether someone can turn on a makeshift iPhone or not, etc. As William Shatner once famously said "Come on people, get a life!".

Erm, I think you came to the wrong site to rant about people "geeking out" over potential iPhone/Apple product pieces.
Rating: 30 Votes
68 months ago
Could that mean that a new iPhone is coming soon ????
Rating: 27 Votes
68 months ago
It's fake. The hands are too well manicured.
Rating: 26 Votes
68 months ago
ugh that camera ring
Rating: 22 Votes
68 months ago
Mother of god....
Rating: 20 Votes
68 months ago
Ok i officially accept the bands, give me this phone!!
Rating: 14 Votes
68 months ago
Rating: 14 Votes
68 months ago

While it seems surprising that a functional iPhone 6 could be built from individual components, ...

Fake! Real iPhones are not built from components. They are born fully formed on the branch of an iPhone tree.
Rating: 13 Votes

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