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More Supply Chain Claims of Likely Early 2015 Launch for iWatch

iwatch_concept_setEarlier this week, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a report claiming Apple may not launch the iWatch until 2015 due to manufacturing difficulties associated with the new device. A follow-up report from Taiwan's Economic Daily News (via G 4 Games) echoes this assertion with supply chain information hinting at an early 2015 debut for Apple's wearable device.

Anonymous supply chain sources told Economic Daily News that Apple is requesting delivery of hardware components for the iWatch as it prepares to start assembly of the wristwatch device in September. Sources claim it will take Apple several months of manufacturing refinement before it has a final product that is ready for retail shelves.

Once it hits production, iWatch yield is rumored to be lower than first predicted, with one million watches rolling off factory lines each month. Because of the lengthy and limited production process, Apple may not be able to launch the iWatch fully in 2014. Instead, the company may decide to offer the iWatch in limited quantities at the end of this year or wait until 2015 to start selling the wearable device.

While Apple tends to unveil a product and release it shortly after the announcement, the company has utilized a protracted launch strategy with select new products. Apple introduced the original iPhone six months ahead of its retail availability and unveiled the first iPad two months before it went on sale.

Most recently, Apple used a similar strategy with its Mac Pro, unveiling the machine six months before it was made available for purchase in December 2013. When it finally went on sale, the Mac Pro was available in limited quantities for several months following its initial retail release.

(Image: iWatch concept by SET Solution)

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33 months ago

Once it hits production, iWatch yield is rumored to be lower than first predicted, ...

Poor Apple can't even keep up with imaginary production rates. How can anyone take this stuff seriously?
Rating: 13 Votes
33 months ago
Nobody cares. Seriously, they don't.
Rating: 12 Votes
33 months ago
There is no 2015...
Rating: 10 Votes
33 months ago
the iwatch seems like its never going to happen. just like that apple tv .
Rating: 8 Votes
33 months ago
So what the hell is Tim Cook talking about when he says new product categories and all this pipeline crap ?

iPhone 6 (4.7 & 5.5"), iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3

Updated Macs ?

Rating: 7 Votes
33 months ago
Lol what a terrible mockup

Bring back the duct tape iWatch!
Rating: 7 Votes
33 months ago
Earlier this year Eddy Cue touted that Apple had 'the best product pipeline' in 25 years coming this year'. So far we've seen -

1. Minor speed bump to laptops.
... And that's it.

Let's be clear hear, Cue openly said that 2014 would see more impressive products than in 2010(iPad), 2007(iPhone&iPod Touch), 2001(iPod) and 1998 (iMac).

What's going on?
Rating: 4 Votes
33 months ago

Nobody cares. Seriously, they don't.

For you to read the article and then post shows that you do.
Rating: 4 Votes
33 months ago

The iwatch as a hole is just a rumour too :rolleyes:

Don't really know if it's a rumor, I think I just stepped in it.
Rating: 3 Votes
33 months ago

Seemingly everyone demands innovation from Apple, especially the press. Not sure an iWatch fits the bill.

Seems to me perfecting existing products and improving the ecosystem is innovation. If Apple were not pushing the PC industry or the mobile phone industry we'd still be using junk. New product categories are hard to come by. I think if Apple does release an iWatch a lot of people will be disappointed.


Now watch the apple lovers suddenly change their tune when the iWatch sales are below expectations

Oh it's a "hobby" product like the Apple TV

That's just bs
Rating: 3 Votes

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