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Apple Launching New Final Cut Pro X Marketing Push to Win Back Professionals

Back in June 2011, Apple launched Final Cut Pro X, a complete reworking of the company's video editing software aimed at professional users, but the new software was met with significant criticism over missing features. Professional users in particular were upset over what seemed to be a "dumbing down" of Final Cut Pro in order to reach more mainstream users.

Apple responded to the controversy by offering refunds to dissatisfied customers and promising updates to improve Final Cut Pro X, and a number of those updates have been delivered over the past 21 months.

The Los Angeles Times now reports that Apple is launching a new marketing campaign today intended to try to win back some of the professional users who may have abandoned the platform.
Now, after updating the software seven times since its release in 2011, Apple is launching a campaign Thursday aimed at winning back skeptical professional users.

That campaign, timed to coincide with the National Assn. of Broadcasters convention that starts April 6 in Las Vegas, will feature users like Julian Liurette, who followed the firestorm from his video editing desk in Toronto at the Globe and Mail newspaper.

After waiting a year as Apple gradually released updates, Liurette finally gave it a try and was surprised. So Liurette began moving the newspaper's video operations from the old version to Final Cut Pro X.
The campaign will also feature Hong Kong cinema icon Tsui Hark and Mexican television conglomerate TV Azteca.

The report notes that Apple has won points for its FAQ posted soon after launch outlining the company's improvement plans, as well as for a free trial offer for Final Pro X, but that many users remain skeptical of Apple's commitment to professional customers. But with professionals becoming increasingly uneasy about the future of Apple's main competitor Avid and concerned over how long Final Cut Pro 7 will remain supported, Apple is hoping that they will take a fresh look at Final Cut Pro X.

Update 11:42 AM: Apple's new features on Tsui Hark and The Globe and Mail have gone live on Apple's "In Action" page, but we haven't yet spotted a feature on TV Azteca.

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74 months ago
Update your Mac Pro's for your pro customers :mad:
Rating: 75 Votes
74 months ago
Pros don't want marketing. They want features and reliabilty.
Rating: 65 Votes
74 months ago
Next they will release a campaign to win back iWork users, then a campaign to win back Mac pro users, and then a campaign to.... wait... would it not be easier for Apple to keep their software and hardware updated, customers informed, and progress forward continuously with features to maintain their customers then try to explain why they should come back when they lose them out of pure neglect and ignorance?
Rating: 64 Votes
74 months ago
Don't be mad guys this is fantastic news. The fact that they want the pro's and "prosumor" back makes it more likely that they will in fact, release a new mac pro.
Rating: 29 Votes
74 months ago
All hope was lost when they first released it. I see no worth in trying to win back the 'professionals'. We have already moved on.
Rating: 26 Votes
74 months ago

All hope was lost when they first released it. I see no worth in trying to win back the 'professionals'. We have already moved on.

I take it by that you mean to other platforms? Whist it may be true for some professionals it isn't true for all people - indeed some have stayed where there are and just watching.

There are a significant number of foolish people who have jumped to FCP X and discovered it to be a powerful beast for them. At least one BBC Network show is being cut weekly on X.

Let's not forget FCP X has had one of the most rapid release cycles for any product. Less than an year after the release we are on .0.7 with two of those releases bringing significant updates.

If you haven't tried it since day one you should revisit it as it is much more powerful.

The timing of this campaign is of course very significant, NAB starts next week and it will be a year since X was released. There are strong hints that the next major release will coincide with NAB and some of the new features have been regularly touted.

Keep it coming I say. I'm working faster and better in X - my clients pay me the same, get a better product and I spend more time with the kids. Almost a win win situation.
Rating: 20 Votes
74 months ago
Not shipping a modern Mac Pro does a lot more to hurt Apple's credibility with video professionals than last year's gripes about Final Cut Pro X. A lot of editors are indeed happy with the improvements to FCPX since then (Philip Hodgetts in particular). But if they're going to be expected to run it on the absurd new iMac (it's thin! who cares!), or the hopelessly out-of-date Mac Pro, then they're right to ask themselves if Apple really wants their business anymore, and if it wouldn't be safer long-term to migrate to Premiere or Avid on Windows.
Rating: 15 Votes
74 months ago
Forget it. It's clear Apple is about iOS. We get that. Ok. But we've moved on. We left Aperture 3 too. Too late Apple.
Rating: 14 Votes
74 months ago
If they want to win back professionals, maybe they could update their workstation product... oh.... ever? The Mac Pro has had nothing beyond speed bumps since its release. Meanwhile other product lines have gone through three, four, or five iterations. Seems like a waste to spend this much on advertising instead of actually paying attention to the market segment's needs.

I get that making durable, reliable, high-speed high-capacity workstations for creative professionals isn't as "sexy" or "cool" as making tiny, shiny mobile devices for teens and college students, but you would think that Apple would have something more than "neglectful contempt" for a market that, until the last couple years at least, has always been solidly on their side.
Rating: 13 Votes
74 months ago
Not even on my radar unless there's a significant update for the Mac PRO...
Rating: 12 Votes

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