A new survey from ChangeWave Research reveals that the firm's business-focused survey base is seeing the highest percentage of dropped calls (4.5%) on AT&T, easily exceeding performance leader Verizon (1.5%), as well as Sprint (2.4%) and T-Mobile (2.8%).

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Not only is AT&T trailing the other major U.S. carriers, but the poor performance is part of a trend of increasing drop calls against the background of improving performance from rival Verizon, as well as major investments made by AT&T to address performance in some of its most troubled markets.

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The survey notes that the percentage of dropped calls for each carrier closely mirrors customer satisfaction, with 49% of survey respondents on Verizon indicating that they are "very satisfied" with their carrier, while only 23% of AT&T customers in the survey pool indicated the same.

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ChangeWave's study focused on voice services, where AT&T apparently continues to struggle. A study released earlier this year indicated that AT&T's data service has improved markedly in most markets, pushing the carrier to the top of the heap by many metrics.

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