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Redesigned MacBook Air Reportedly Planned for 3Q 2013 Launch, Possibly with Retina Display

Taiwanese newspaper Economic Times reports [Google translation, via Mac Otakara] that Apple is lining up suppliers for its next-generation MacBook Air for launch in the third quarter of this year.

According to the report, the MacBook Air will not only be receiving internal upgrades to Intel's new Haswell platform but also a "facelift" with new external features, including the possibility of a Retina display. The report also claims that suppliers will begin shipping components to Apple's assembly partner Quanta during the second quarter of the year.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had previously included an updated MacBook Air in his 2013 Apple product roadmap, predicting a late second quarter or early third quarter launch for the device. He did, however, indicate that the update would not include Retina displays, which would require substantially more battery power than the current displays and likely force a redesign to also accommodate a somewhat thicker display assembly.

Pricing remains another question for Apple, as the MacBook Air is the company's entry-level notebook and Apple will likely be very hesitant to raise that floor. But while Apple's Retina MacBook Pro models carry significantly higher pricing than their non-Retina counterparts, a significant amount of that cost is related to a shift to solid-state drives, which are already used in the MacBook Air.

Consequently, a shift to a Retina display for the MacBook Air may add a much smaller price premium to the lineup. Apple could also choose to separate the MacBook Air into Retina and non-Retina lines as it has for the MacBook Pro, or offer Retina displays as higher-end options on a unified lineup.

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30 months ago
Call me crazy but the Air doesn't need retina or any of the performance hits when it comes to displaying that high of a resolution on a portable machine.

The pixel density is already good :confused:
Rating: 26 Votes
30 months ago
Don't they already have 13" Air Retinas...13" rMBP? It's not like Apple didn't try to design the 13" rMBP to be as thin as possible.
Rating: 24 Votes
30 months ago
If it gets any thinner and lighter I will have to find a Surface Pro to use as a weight so it doesn't float away
Rating: 19 Votes
30 months ago

That would almost require a dedicated GPU, and would provide too much cross over with the Air and Pro w/ Retina.

13.3'' Pro does not have dedicated GPU and still works fine :rolleyes:
Rating: 19 Votes
30 months ago

Microsoft Surface killer?

The Surface killed itself
Rating: 11 Votes
30 months ago
...And get rid of that enormous bezel :eek: !
Rating: 10 Votes
30 months ago
Apple bashing begins right about now.....
Rating: 9 Votes
30 months ago
I just hope they add more Thunderbolt ports. So I can plug in all my Thunderbolt accessories. The ones I use all the time.
Rating: 8 Votes
30 months ago

Little typo: "Applw will likely" > "Apple will likely"

Thank you!!! I was going crazy trying to figure out what they meant.
Rating: 7 Votes
30 months ago
Retina isn't going to happen without discrete graphics. The current rMBPs struggle as it is and Apple will want something to differentiate the two lineups.
MacBook Airs are about portability and affordability.
Rating: 6 Votes

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