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Apple Including Free MagSafe 2 Converter with Thunderbolt Display

As we noted on Monday, Apple's new MacBook Air and Retina MacBook Pro use a new MagSafe 2 charging standard that is thinner and wider than the previous MagSafe. In order to assist people using the new machines with older equipment like chargers and displays, Apple released a small MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter for $9.99 to ensure continued compatibility.

Apple has not updated its Apple Thunderbolt Display with the new MagSafe 2 standard, but as mentioned on its online store page, the company is now including a free MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter with newly-purchased displays.

It certainly is not a tremendous cost for Apple to include a $9.99 adapter (which actually costs Apple significantly less) with a $999 purchase, but it is a convenient inclusion for new purchasers who otherwise might not realize that they need a converter. Those who are aware of the new MagSafe 2 standard should also be aware that they do not need to purchase a separate converter if they wish to purchase an Apple Thunderbolt Display.

(Thanks, Jordy!)

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29 months ago

The converter should have been included in the box with all RMBPs.

Apple looks to the future, not the past. The Retina MacBook Pro works as intended out of the box without the converter, and it would be unnecessary for a significant number of people who wouldn't be using it with a display or an older power adapter. So to Apple it would mainly serve to clutter up the clean presentation inside the box. :)

Bundling it with the Thunderbolt Display will likely see a greater proportion of people needing to use it, and even many of those who don't need it yet will likely need it in the future when they buy new machines.
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29 months ago

It certainly is not a tremendous cost for Apple to include a $9.99 adapter (which actually costs Apple significantly less) with a $999 purchase

Should read:

It certainly is not a tremendous cost for Apple to include a $9.99 adapter with any MacBook Pro with Retina Display purchase.
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29 months ago
The "MagSafe 2" is a _prime_ example of Apple simply changing things (yet again) for no need whatsoever. The 1st generation MagSafe is _exactly_ the same height of a normal USB port, and Apple has included several USB ports on their new machines (right next to the power supply), so why do we need a "thinner and longer" power connector anyhow?

All this will do is make your previously-purchased power connectors incompatible (without using the new $10. adapter). Remember: the MAIN DRAWBACK in the first place is when it's tugged just a bit too hard it comes undone! Same thing when accidentally pressed against your legs! Now add an extra 1/2" adapter onto the setup and I'll bet it comes undone more often than it stays put! I ask you: "Why?"

Why has the form factor been changed at all? Standard USB is _exactly_ the same height as the existing MagSafe, and they didn't change those (to mini or micro) so it can't be an issue of "height"...

This is yet another example of Apple changing things simply to make their products incompatible with older generations. It's called "planned obsolescence", and was pioneered by the auto industry. I own at least six power adapters, and now they're all useless without a $10. adapter? WHY? Also add non-upgradeable memory (and internal storage), and you have the least-upgradeable MBP Apple has ever made in it's entire history!

I have a 2008 MBP that has ALL necessary connections built right into the machine itself (with no adapters necessary): MagSafe, Ethernet (a _must have_), dual USB 2's, FW800, FW400, full-size DVI, discreet headphone & microphone input (both optically compatible), plus a PCI card slot that I use as a multi-card slot (which for $20. reads SD, MemoryStick, and more), PLUS an 18x SuperDrive. Similar battery life and a REAL (not chicklet) backlit keyboard round out what I personally would call a _real road warrior_!!! No adapters necessary (even though Apple included DVI to VGA for free)...

What more could you _possibly_ ask for in a portable? This latest MBP is _not_ an "upgrade", it's a regression. This is only a way for Apple to suck more money out of your pockets. If only Steve were still alive today, he'd probably be rolling over about right now... All of this has happened over just the past 4 years? "25% thinner and a faster processor with very few ports"-- Are you kidding me? This is a radical "improvement" that somehow makes up for everything else we've lost in the transition?

Call me "Old-School", but I want my "Swiss Army Knife" of an Apple MBP back!!!
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29 months ago
My tip made it to Mac Rumors? Amg, thanks! :D
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29 months ago
Very generous.
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29 months ago

They should include all necessary adapters with the products.

For the new MBP, "necessary adapters" could mean all, some or fewer of:

* Thunderbolt/MiniDisplayPort to VGA
* Thunderbolt/MiniDisplayPort to DVI
* Thunderbolt/MiniDisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI
* Thunderbolt/MiniDisplayPort to full DisplayPort
* Thunderbolt/MiniDisplayPort to HDMI (maybe you want 2 HDMI monitors?)
* TOSLink to 3.5mm optical (digital audio)
* HDMI to DVI (maybe you want both TB ports for discs)
* Thunderbolt to Ethernet
* Thunderbolt to FireWire

...all of which will be essential to someone and completely useless to others.

The last two are pretty non-trivial bits of electronics, and $30 for the TB-to-Ethernet is actually cheaper than a TB-to-TB cable. I'm pretty sure some of the MiniDisplayPort-to-X adapters are active (i.e. they've got electronics in them) rather than just plug adapters.

I just don't understand why they didn't make the Thunderbolt spec capable of carrying enough power for a laptop in the first place

Generally, the computer is the power source for the Thunderbolt bus. What happens if someone daisy-chains a disc drive between computer and monitor?

Also, more power means thicker cables, bigger pins on the connector.

The fact that Thunderbolt was initially planned as an optical interface may also have had an effect - and remember, Thunderbolt isn't just Apple's toy - its a standard. Maybe having the computer powered by the monitor wasn't on other stakeholders' agendas?

More interestingly, I wonder why they didn't develop this idea - adding data lines to the magsafe connector:
...possibly worried about introducing non-standard connectors to Thunderbolt, or being compelled to license MagSafe to other Thunderbolt customers?
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29 months ago
A little misleading "free"? its not free "its included" nothing is free!
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29 months ago
the factory seal on both of the tb display boxes i received this afternoon was cut and retaped over with a duplicate seal, presumably to drop in the card insert with the adapter.
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29 months ago
It's good to see that they are doing that. Would be better if they offered it with the macbook pro.
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29 months ago
Very kind of Apple ;)
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