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iPhone 6s: Early Unboxing, Drop Test and Teardown [Updated]

It's September 25 in Australia, which means the first customers who pre-ordered the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are now beginning to receive their shipments or are getting home from purchasing one at an Apple Store. Australians and those who went to Australia to receive their phones have now taken to YouTube to show off the device in unboxing videos, drop tests and more. YouTube user Lachlan Likes A Thing unboxes a Rose Gold iPhone 6. The video was a part of Lachlan's live stream of iPhone 6s coverage, and features him answering questions from his viewers. He also shows off the standard in-box iPhone accessories, which include the EarPods, wall charger and Lightning cable. Lachlan also unboxes a pink iPhone 6s silicone case, showing off what the phone looks like in the case. YouTube channel TechSmartt got their hands on both the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and subjected them to drop tests on a marble floor. The drop tests occur at three levels: from pocket height, from around 6 feet and from around 10 feet. Both phones hold up well, with host Keaton Keller noting the new 7000 series aluminum only suffered minor scratches. However, the iPhone 6s had its display shatter when it landed display down. The iPhone 6s Plus, which also fell on its display, did not shatter. Franz Pirkl, another YouTube user, unboxed his Space Gray iPhone 6s and then proceeded to do a video teardown of the device. While the video doesn't provide in-depth explanation of the insides of the new device, it does provide a look inside the device as well as individual parts like the new Taptic Engine.

First Apple Watch Unboxing Video Surfaces

As the initial wave of reviews for the much-anticipated Apple Watch began flooding in this morning, French website Metronews posted one of the first unboxing videos for Apple's wrist-worn device, showing off specifically what appears to be the 42mm Stainless Steel Case with Milanese Loop Apple Watch. The video is short, but confirms that photos of the packaging shared yesterday were legitimate, with a squat, square box housing the MagSafe charging cable in its bottommost compartment and the actual Watch in its own plastic-looking box separate from the rest of the packaging. Metronews runs through a few of the Watch's features after the unboxing, showcasing some quick swipes through Glances and even longer looks at sending taps, drawings, and a heartbeat to another Watch user. Along with its featured review of the Apple Watch posted this morning, Mashable debuted a Vine unboxing of the device, showcasing a stop-motion reveal of the link bracelet option slowly emerging from its packaging. The Apple Watch launch date of April 24 is getting closer and closer, with pre-orders going up as soon as this Friday, April 10 at 12:01 AM Pacific Time. Stay up to date on what all the major outlets are thinking of Apple's newest wearable in MacRumors' Apple Watch review round-up hub, which we'll update as more sites post their thoughts on the

New Retina MacBook Appears in Early Unboxing Video

With the official launch of the new ultra-slim 12-inch MacBook with Retina display still over a week away on April 10, Vietnamese site Tinhte.vn has managed to get its hands on the brand-new silver MacBook and has shared an unboxing video and photos. The entirety of the video is in Vietnamese, of course, but is still worth a watch to check out the design of the new MacBook, the USB-C adapter, and the edge-to-edge keyboard in someone's hands outside the confines of Apple's media event last month. Additional photos from the unboxing can be found on the Tinhte.vn official website, with the full video located on the site's YouTube channel. The new MacBook launches on April 10, and Apple has yet to announce whether it will be offering pre-orders ahead of that date. Tinhte.vn has a long history of getting its hands on Apple products ahead of their launches, with early looks at such products as the iPhone 4, third-generation iPad, and EarPods.

First iPhone 6 Unboxing Video Surfaces

As the first reviews of both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus hit the Internet, T3 took the opportunity to post the first unboxing of the iPhone 6, depicting the specific packaging and layout of the box for the smaller device. The video starts off showing off the new packaging for the iPhone 6, which, unlike the packaging for other Apple products, does not feature a color photo of the device on the outside. Instead, the box features a white, textured silhouette of the device inside. The rest of the video goes through standard unboxing protocol, showing off included documentation, the EarPods and the Lightning cable. Apple will begin selling both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus this Friday, September 19. The standard 16 GB configuration of the iPhone 6 will start at $199 with a two-year contract while the iPhone 6 Plus will start at

OWC Shares Mid-2014 Retina MacBook Pro Unboxing, SSD Tests

Following this morning's release of Retina MacBook Pros with improved Haswell processors, OWC has procured both the entry-level 13-inch and and the entry-level 15-inch 2014 Retina MacBook Pro and provided a gallery of unboxing photos featuring the new devices. As expected, the packaging on the updated versions is the same as previous-generation Retina MacBook Pros. The site did a quick teardown as well, revealing the internals of the new machines, which also appear unchanged. Internal view of the mid-2014 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro OWC also conducted some speed tests on the solid state drives of the two machines, testing the 128 GB drive of the entry-level 13-inch version and the 256 GB drive of the entry-level 15-inch model using QuickBench 4.0. With the standard QuickBench 4.0 test, the 15-inch machine (equipped with a Samsung SSD) saw top random read/write speeds of 524/567 MB/s, and top sequential read/write speeds of 584/555 MB/s. Large tests saw read/write speeds of 741/714 MB/s. The 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, meanwhile, saw top random read/write speeds of 438/310 MB/s and top sequential read/write speeds of 593/547 MB/s with its Marvell-controlled SanDisk SSD using the standard test. Large tests saw read/write speeds of 723/374 MB/s. Launched earlier today, the new Retina MacBook Pros feature upgraded Haswell processors, more standard RAM for entry-level machines (8 GB for the 13-inch model, 16 GB for the 15-inch model) and a $100 price cut for the high-end 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro. The refreshed Retina MacBook Pros are available at Apple

First Mac Pro Unboxing Videos Revealed

With the first review units of the Mac Pro in the wild, FCP.co has posted an actual unboxing video of the device. The Mac Pro, which is assembled and packaged in Austin, Texas, comes in a sleek black box with a plastic handle at the top. Inside, there is minimalist, environmentally friendly molded foam with the aluminum Mac Pro wrapped in plastic for protection. Several reviewers have commented on the surprising density of the Mac Pro, saying it is heavier than they expected. Update: MacFormat also has a 15-minute video showing the unboxing and providing an overview of the machine.

First iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Unboxing Photos and Video Surface

As Apple prepares to begin selling the new iPhone 5s and lower-cost iPhone 5c this Friday, September 20, the first publicly-revealed unboxing photos of both devices have surfaced, depicting the specific packaging layout and content of each device. Italian technology website HDblog.it [Google Translate] has shared a set of unboxing photos of both devices showing various details about each packaging, citing a source at Chinese carrier China Unicom who posted the photos to Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo. The first set of photos show the iPhone 5s box from various angles, revealing it to be consistent with previous unconfirmed photos of its packaging. Another photo also shows the assorted colors of iPhone 5c devices in their plastic shells. Additionally, the website has posted what appears to be the first unboxing video of the lower-cost iPhone 5c, with the blue colored device being removed from its packaging and revealing the package contents of Apple’s EarPods headphones, a Lightning cable, and a USB wall charger.

New iMac Unboxing Video and Teardown Photos

The new iMac is going on sale around the world on Friday, November 30th. In Australia, Ben Pasternak was able to walk into his local Apple Store and buy one and has posted the first unboxing video of the new machine: Meanwhile, Japanese site Kodawarisan has posted teardown photos showing the innards of the thin new machine. The new iMac tapers to a 5mm thin edge along the sides, requiring the use of a special welding technique to achieve the design. The 21.5" iMac will go on sale today in the U.S. both in retail stores and in the online Apple store with immediate availability. The 27-inch model will be available for pre-order but won't ship until December. Stock is expected to be tight throughout

Unboxing Photos from Early iPad Mini Delivery Surface in France

Yesterday, we noted that early iPad mini pre-orders were en route to customers and that resellers were receiving shipments ahead of Friday's official launch for the Wi-Fi models. French site igen.fr now shares some unboxing photos [Google translation] from a customer who pre-ordered a white iPad mini from French reseller Darty and has already received his shipment. The unboxing photos do not reveal any significant surprises, with Apple opting to maintain its usual box layout for the new device in placing the iPad mini on top of a support surface containing the documentation and accessories. The iPad mini comes with a Lightning to USB cable and a power adapter, although the adapter is not visible in these photos. Wi-Fi models of the iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad will officially debut this Friday, November 2 in 34 countries, with Apple's own retail stores opening at 8:00 AM to begin sales. Cellular-capable models will follow several weeks

First iPhone 5 Unboxing Videos Posted as Reports of Premature Deliveries Begin

Following yesterday's publication of the first unboxing photos of the iPhone 5, several unboxing videos have now begun appearing. Among the first is one from UK gadget site T3, which received an official review unit from Apple and published its review as the embargo lifted late yesterday. T3 has also posted a number of other videos showing off features of the iPhone 5. A second video has been posted to the official YouTube account of Vodafone Germany. iFun.de noted that the video was pulled soon after it was noticed, but it has reappeared on the official Vodafone account. Finally, a third awkward unboxing video has been posted by a YouTube user who tells us that he pre-ordered his iPhone 5 through Apple and that it was delivered by UPS earlier today. Apple's standard practice involves coordination with delivery companies to hold shipments until the official launch date, but it is not unheard of for a few deliveries to slip through these holds. Update: Vodafone Germany has removed its video once again. We've replaced our embed with an alternate

First iPhone 5 Unboxing Photos Reveal Packaging Layout and EarPods Travel Case

BGR shares a few photos of what seems to be the first publicly-revealed unboxing of the iPhone 5. It is unclear how the source was able to obtain an iPhone 5, but the photos show the box itself and the rear of the device, as well as the trio of accessories that are included in the box: EarPods, power adapter, and Lightning to USB cable. The EarPods appear to be packaged identically to the standalone retail version of the new Apple earphones, including a small travel case. iPhone 5 (left) next to iPhone 4S (right) The first round of pre-orders are already en route to their destinations, although Apple has arranged for carriers to hold deliveries until the official Friday launch. It is not unheard of, however, for a handful of deliveries to slip through

First Unboxing Video of 3rd Generation Retina iPad

While the official launch of the 3rd Generation iPad isn't until March 16th, Vietnamese site Tinhte.vn has managed to get their hands on one of the new iPads and shot an unboxing video. The video, of course, is in Vietnamese, but you can follow along pretty easily. There are no new revelations, but you can see the unboxing and also the LTE toggle in the settings: Additional photos can be seen in the Tinhte forum thread. The 3rd Generation iPad launches officially on March 16th. Many readers have already received shipping notices for their pre-orders. While some may slip through the cracks and be delivered early, Apple typically requests shipments to be delayed until launch day.

Apple Has an Unboxing Room to Test Hundreds of Variants of their Product Packaging

iPod nano packaging photo by iLounge From an advance copy of Adam Lashinsky's upcoming Inside Apple book, NetworkWorld notes an interesting bit of information about how Apple approaches retail packaging. Perhaps it should be no surprise, given the elegance of some of Apple's product packages, but Apple is said to have a secretive packaging room where a package designer goes through hundreds of iterations to find the right combination:One after another, the designer created and tested an endless series of arrows, colors, and tapes for a tiny tab designed to show the consumer where to pull back the invisible, full-bleed sticker adhered to the top of the clear iPod box. Getting it just right was this particular designer's obsession. What's more, it wasn't just about one box. The tabs were placed so that when Apple's factory packed multiple boxes for shipping to retail stores, there was a natural negative space between the boxes that protected and preserved the tab.NetworkWorld also points back to an old internal video created by Microsoft's own packaging team as a humorous look at branding and packaging issues for marketers. The video imagines if Microsoft were to redesign the iPod retail packaging: Apple's obsession with even the product packaging is a reflection on Steve Jobs' views of the matter. Both Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive are known to have spent time on the packaging of their products. From Walter Issacson's Steve Jobs biography:"Steve and I spend a lot of time on the packaging," said Ive. "I love the process of unpacking something. You design a

iPad 2 Unboxing Photos and Video

The first customers have received their iPad 2s after standing in line for much of the day. Some of the first photos from an unboxing are provided here: PCMagazine also had a good unboxing and review video of the iPad 2 based on a review unit they had received: We've started a forum discussion thread for readers to post their first impressions of the iPad 2 and

Apple TV Unboxing and Hands on Video with Streaming and Netflix

PCMag has posted a review, hands on video and unboxing slideshow of the new Apple TV which should be arriving in customer's hands this week. Their hands on video shows the new Apple TV's interface which looks much like the existing previous model. It shows the speed of renting movies and TV shows, flickr, as well as the Netflix interface: In the end they describe the new Apple TV as an "excellent option" for iTunes and Netflix

Unboxing Photos of Apple's New iPod Nano and iPod Touch

Following up on its extensive gallery of unboxing and comparison photos for the new iPod shuffle yesterday, iLounge has now done the same for the new iPod nano and iPod touch. The gallery, which will continue to be updated with additional photos today, shows off the packaging, organization, and included accessories available with the new models.

Fourth-Generation iPod Shuffle Unboxing and Comparison Photos

iLounge has received a new fourth-generation iPod shuffle and posted a photo gallery documenting the unboxing as well as showing a comparison to the similar second-generation iPod shuffle and other iPod models. After moving navigation buttons to the headphone cord in the third-generation model, Apple has gone back to its earlier button design, although it has still been able to significantly reduce the size of the device compared to the second-generation version. Like the second-generation version, the new iPod shuffle also offers a clip on the back to provide customers with significant flexibility in attaching the device to their clothing while in use. iPod shuffle generations in order, counter-clockwise from top left The new iPod shuffle offers 2 GB of storage for $49 and is available in five

Mac Pro Unboxing Photos, Early Benchmarks and Notes

The new hexacore 2010 Mac Pros have been filtering in over the past few days to the first lucky customers. Here is a set of unboxing pictures from Recruit in Japan. They show the Mac Pro, the SSD drive, ATI Radeon 5870, and new Hexacore Xeon CPUs. Additional photos and notes are summarized here: - 64-bit kernel is now default for the 2010 Mac Pros - Unboxing photos from OWC - More photos from the forums - OWC confirms that the new Mac Pros can support up to 64GB of RAM - Early Cinebench and Geekbench benchmarks for the 2010 Mac Pro - Portal (game) benchmarks. The early benchmarks predictably show that in Geekbench and Cinebench, the 12-core Mac Pros see a significant benefit. Of course, the benchmarking tools are optimized for multi-core support. On the other extreme, Portal benefits little from the additional cores. Of course, real life results will likely fall somewhere in between depending on your particular software

iPad Wi-Fi + 3G Pre-Orders Arriving, Unboxing Galleries Posted

Comparison of Wi-Fi + 3G (left) and Wi-Fi (right) iPad models (Source: BGR) Pre-orders of Apple's iPad Wi-Fi + 3G models have been arriving around the United States this morning, and a number of users have been putting together unboxing galleries featuring the new devices. Both iLounge and Boy Genius Report have posted extensive galleries of their own, offering a number of shots of the packaging, accessories, iPads, and setup screens. iPad Wi-Fi + 3G with micro-SIM tray ejected (Source: iLounge) Of note, iLounge reports that the 3G-capable models come shipped in the exact same style of box used for the Wi-Fi-only models released earlier this month with the addition of two stickers on the rear of the box listing the capacity and 3G nature of the contents. The box the 3G model comes in is identical to that of the Wi-Fi-only model, save for two stickers on the back of the box that reference the fact that a 3G model is contained within; notably, the image of the iPad on the front does not depict the 3G model.As with the Wi-Fi-only iPad, users must connect the device to iTunes before using. iPad Wi-Fi + 3G micro-SIM tray closed (Source: BGR) Customers receiving their iPad Wi-Fi + 3G orders today will find them pre-loaded with AT&T-branded micro-SIM cards, and can follow Apple's step-by-step guide to get 3G service up and running on their

iPads Arrive, Unboxing, Teardown and More

Photo by anubus84 Apple stores opened at 9am this morning to start selling the iPad to customers. Some forum readers are starting to post impressions and photos in this forum thread. Meanwhile, iFixit already has one that they are disassembling. Here are some instructions and tidbits we'll be gathering and updating over time: - First impressions/delivery forum thread - MacRumors' iPad forum for further discussion - Video of iPad unveiling at Apple Store. - Apple posted instructions on how to set up MobileMe on iPad - "Get Started" guide and User Guide (PDF) - Apple's iPad Case and the iPad Dock are incompatible with each other.