First iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Unboxing Photos and Video Surface

As Apple prepares to begin selling the new iPhone 5s and lower-cost iPhone 5c this Friday, September 20, the first publicly-revealed unboxing photos of both devices have surfaced, depicting the specific packaging layout and content of each device.

Italian technology website [Google Translate] has shared a set of unboxing photos of both devices showing various details about each packaging, citing a source at Chinese carrier China Unicom who posted the photos to Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo. The first set of photos show the iPhone 5s box from various angles, revealing it to be consistent with previous unconfirmed photos of its packaging.

5c_scattered new
Another photo also shows the assorted colors of iPhone 5c devices in their plastic shells. Additionally, the website has posted what appears to be the first unboxing video of the lower-cost iPhone 5c, with the blue colored device being removed from its packaging and revealing the package contents of Apple’s EarPods headphones, a Lightning cable, and a USB wall charger.

Meanwhile, a user on Chinese forum DGtle [Google Translate] has posted various unboxing photos of the upcoming gold colored iPhone 5s, showing the device from various angles and comparing it to the two other color choices for the phone. The iPhone 5s box is also seen sharing the same contents seen with the iPhone 5c.

Apple will begin selling the iPhone 5s and lower-cost iPhone 5c in its first wave of countries this Friday, September 20, with online orders for the iPhone 5s set to begin early in the morning local time on Friday prior to the in-store availability later in the morning.

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83 months ago
oh look an iPhone. In a box.:rolleyes:
Rating: 31 Votes
83 months ago

Thanks MacRumors. I'll never get those thirty seconds back...

As if MacRumors was forcing you to watch the video. :rolleyes:
Rating: 26 Votes
83 months ago
Remember the days when an iPhone would come with a dock? :rolleyes:
Rating: 24 Votes
83 months ago
Way to complain about a website that YOU choose to check every five seconds.

How about if you're not impressed, just move along?
Rating: 15 Votes
83 months ago
The dreaded portrait video :(
Rating: 14 Votes
83 months ago
Apple should make a pallet unbox video which rules them all....
Rating: 14 Votes
83 months ago
Looks so.......... unbelievably.... unapologetically.... unforgivably..... amazingly.... different.
Rating: 13 Votes
83 months ago
Wake me up when 5" iPhone will be announced.
Rating: 11 Votes
83 months ago
Micro USB

Is that a Micro USB to Lightning adaptor in the box too?
Rating: 10 Votes
83 months ago

Wake me up when 5" iPhone will be announced.

then go get yourself a galaxy. I pray apple doesn't do it

5in cell phones are so idiotic and pointless
Rating: 8 Votes

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