Apple Seeds Fourth Betas of iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 to Developers

Apple today seeded the fourth betas of upcoming iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 updates to developers for testing purposes, with the software coming two weeks after the release of the third betas.

General iOS 17 Feature Orange Purple
Registered developers are able to opt into the betas by opening up the Settings app, going to the Software Update section, tapping on the "Beta Updates" option, and toggling on the ‌iOS 17‌ Developer Beta. Note that an Apple ID associated with a developer account is required to download and install the beta.

‌iOS 17‌ is a major update that introduces a customized look for each person that calls, with the person who places the call able to customize their look. Live voicemails let you see a transcript of a message someone is leaving in real time so you can choose to pick up the phone if you want, and voice messages people send in iMessage are now transcribed into text. You can also record a video or audio message when someone misses your FaceTime call, and ‌FaceTime‌ works on the Apple TV through Continuity functionality.

In Messages, apps have been moved to a new tucked-away interface for a cleaner look, and there is a new Check In feature that is designed to let your friends and family keep an eye on you when you're traveling. Check In automatically notifies friends or family members when you arrive at a destination, such as home. Locations can also now be shared directly from the Messages app.

In a group chat, there's a catch-up arrow so you can see the first message you haven't seen in a conversation, and with search filters, you can more easily find what you're looking for. Stickers have been overhauled, and all emoji are now stickers, living alongside sticker packs and Memoji. Using the remove from background feature in ‌iOS 17‌, you can turn the subject from any image into a sticker.

With StandBy, an iPhone placed horizontally turns into a little home hub that displays information like the calendar, time, home controls, and more, and Live Activities can be displayed in full screen too.

Widgets on the Home Screen are interactive, so you can do things like check off an item on a to-do list or turn off the lights without having to open an app. AirDrop has been improved and there's a NameDrop function for sharing contacts quickly, plus you can hold two iPhones together to start a SharePlay session. SharePlay also now works with CarPlay so passengers can play their music in the car too.

Other new features include a journaling app coming later this year, AirPlay in select hotel rooms, improvements to AirPods Pro 2 thanks to a new Adaptive Audio feature, offline Maps, Siri that does not require the "Hey" activation, and improvements to search and spotlight.

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LarryJoe33 Avatar
13 months ago
Hoping the disappearing dialog box in Messages is fixed so I don't have to type blindly.
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Realityck Avatar
13 months ago
A lot to read for beta 4
iOS 17 beta 4 (21A5291h) - July 25 , 2023
iPadOS 17 beta 4 (21A5291h) - July 25 , 2023

[SPOILER="iOS & iPadOS 17 Beta 4 Release Notes"]
[HEADING=2]General ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Devices with a large number of installed apps will display an Apple logo with progress bar for an extended period while the file system format is updated. This is a one-time migration when upgrading to iOS 17 beta for the first time. (109431767)
* MP3 files with malformed ID3 tags will fail to play (110230071)

[HEADING=2]3D Objects ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Freeform - The ability to add 3D Files to a board is currently unavailable on iOS/iPadOS Beta 3. (111197819)

[HEADING=2]Accelerate ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]New Features ('')[/HEADING]

* Spatial

* Introduced trigonometry functions for Spatial angle type ('').
* Introduced spherical linear interpolation for Spatial rotations ('').
* Introduced swing-twist decomposition for Spatial rotations ('').


* Introduced BNNSRandomFillCategoricalFloat ('') that fills a tensor with random values from the categorical distributions with event probabilities.
* Introduced k-nearest neighbors calculation ('').

* vImage

* Introduced vImageConvolveFloatKernel_ARGB8888 ('') that applies convolution to 8-bit-per-channel, 4-channel interleaved images using 32-bit floating-point weights.
* Introduced vImageSepConvolve_ARGB8888 ('') that applies separable convolution to 8-bit-per-channel, 4-channel interleaved images.
* Added flood fill, perspective transform, and new lookup table transforms to vImage.PixelBuffer (''). (105830806)

[HEADING=2]Accessibility ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* VoiceOver might not speak predictive text in some text fields. (108858169)
Workaround: Users can temporarily disable predictive text in the Settings app.
* After creating a Personal Voice, you might not be able to select this voice to use with Live Speech. (109580709)
Workaround: Restart your device and try again.

[HEADING=2]AirDrop ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* With any Classroom class set up, the AirDrop browser on teacher and student devices will not show any device. (111254299)
* On iPad, in Settings > General > AirDrop, a switch is shown labeled “Bringing Devices Together”. This switch is without function on iPad. (112292330)

[HEADING=2]AirPlay ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* The AirPlay picker list might not populate, except for the current route. (109610361)
Workaround: Close and re-open the AirPlay picker list or alternatively force-quit and re-launch the relevant app.
* AirPlay mirroring isn’t currently available on iPad Pro (10.5-inch) or iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation). Using iPad as an extended display for a Mac might also be affected. (109683501)

[HEADING=2]AirPods ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]New Features ('')[/HEADING]

* To test new features such as Adaptive Audio, Personalized Volume, and Conversation Awareness, developers need to install AirPods beta firmware. To learn more, see Installing Apple Beta Software ('') (110183983)
* With Personalized Volume, when watching third party media, a volume slider might show up. (110266313)
* Conversation Awareness might react to self-made sounds such as humming, throat clearing, and might fail to end automatically when there is ongoing speech nearby. (110266324)
* Conversation Boost in Control Center Hearing Module will not turn on the feature. (110266328)

[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Press and Hold AirPods in Settings on iOS and macOS for AirPods will only save the noise control rotations on the local device. (110266311)
* FaceTime calls from iOS answered with macOS with AirPods stem might not able to mute. (110266339)
Workaround: Reboot the machine.
* Spotify App on macOS will automatically route audio from Spotify on iOS without playing audio. (110266347)
* AirPods color might be inverted in dark mode in the tutorial cards for Adaptive Audio. (110266361)

[HEADING=2]App Intents ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* The DeprecatedAppIntent protocol might not show the App Intent as deprecated in the Shortcuts app. (103277731)
* UI shown in Widget configuration and the Shortcuts editor might not respect the size of an array @parameter. (109050453)
* Widget configuration, Focus Filters, and Shortcuts editor might not allow some Measurementdimensions to be configured. (109114787)
* The Shortcuts App might quit unexpectedly on launch if certain App Intents-providing apps are installed. (109781493)
* The “isDiscoverable” static method on an App Intent might not function correctly. (111268992)

[HEADING=2]Apple Studio Display ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Unplugging Apple Studio Display while playing audio might cause the display to continue looping the last second of audio. (105232584)
Workaround: Plug the display back into your device for a few seconds until the looping audio stops. Alternatively, disconnect the display from power for a few seconds.

[HEADING=2]Assistive Access ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]New Features ('')[/HEADING]

* Assistive Access provides an alternative iOS experience. Assistive Access can be configured and enabled in Settings > Accessibility > Assistive Access. To end Assistive Access, triple-click side or home button, and type in the Exit Passcode that was configured. (109227206)

[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* While in a call, the End Call button might become inoperative. (107597320)
Workaround: Force reset the device.
* When setting up Assistive Access with Calls set to receive calls from Selected Contacts, calls might not be received. (110815616)
Workaround: Allow calls to be received from All Contacts.

[HEADING=2]Audio Codecs ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Deprecations ('')[/HEADING]

* The QDesign audio codecs (qdmc & qdm2) and Qualcomm PureVoice audio codecs (qclp & qclq) are no longer supported. (82414419)

[HEADING=2]Authentication Services and Passkeys ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]New Features ('')[/HEADING]

* The Credential Provider API for password managers has been expanded to support passkeys. Credential providers can save and offer passkeys for apps and websites across the system. (83501802)
* ASSettingsHelper allows password manager apps to directly open the Settings view where the Credential Provider Extension for system-wide Password AutoFill and passkey sign-in can be enabled. ASSettingsHelper also allows verification code (TOTP) apps to directly open the Settings view where you can configure which app opens verification code setup links. (106351958)

[HEADING=2]AVFoundation ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* The description for the AVCaptureDevice properties userPreferredCamera and systemPreferredCamera state: “This property always returns a device that is present.” These properties will return nil for a short period during application start-up. (109424245)
Workaround: Use key-value observing and only start responding to changes in the property after the first non-nil result is provided.

[HEADING=2]Car Key ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Car keys shared from Android to iOS/watchOS cannot be added to Wallet app. (104402733)
* Car keys shared from Android to iOS/watchOS cannot be added to Wallet app (110800534)

[HEADING=2]CarPlay ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Resolved Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Fixed: For users in vehicles that support focus input with a knob controller or trackpad, the Now Playing screen might not correctly display which control is focused. (110609967)

[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Following a short disconnection from CarPlay, Maps might present a blank map view while other information remains visible. This issue doesn’t affect Apple Maps in the CarPlay Dashboard. (109433602)
Workaround: Disconnect from CarPlay for at least 8 minutes, or alternatively force quit and relaunch Maps.
* During navigation using Apple Maps, upcoming turn information might not be displayed correctly in the vehicle’s instrument cluster or heads-up display. (109437630)
* Missing progress bar progression on CarPlay Now Playing widget. (110845144)

[HEADING=2]Cellular ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* iPad (6th generation) (Wi-Fi + Cellular) might display No Service after toggling Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data. (109705637)
Workaround: Restart the device.

[HEADING=2]Center Stage ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* The user cannot disable Center Stage in Control Center for FaceTime when using an Apple Studio Display’s camera. This affects iPads without a front-facing Ultra Wide camera. (109838002)

[HEADING=2]Check In ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* If a Check In is set and the device goes offline, there might be inconsistency between what was requested to be shared with the Check In recipient and what is actually shared. (108265124)
* Siri announcements might repeat part of the incoming Check In notification. (109409441)
* The state might become disassociated, leaving a Live Activity visible after the session ends. (110066137)
Workaround: Starting and ending a new Check In will clear the Live Activity.
* Check In isn’t currently available in China. (110069236)

[HEADING=2]Content Caching ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* The current state of Content Caching in Settings might not be displayed correctly. (109496539)

[HEADING=2]Content Restrictions ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Siri Explicit Language filter can’t be enabled for the following locales: he-IL and tr-TR. (109157875)

[HEADING=2]eSIM transfer ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* eSIM transfer using “Transfer From Nearby iPhone” between devices using different iCloud accounts, or devices without an iCloud account might fail. (109543664)
Workaround: Ensure both devices are logged into the same iCloud account before attempting to transfer the eSIM.

[HEADING=2]Facetime handoff ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Resolved Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Fixed: Facetime handoff to another device might result in call drop or no media. (110126569)

[HEADING=2]FaceTime on Apple TV ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Resolved Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Fixed: Guest Pairing doesn’t work if Apple TV is connected via Ethernet. (107163191)
* Fixed: If a phone is already a Connected Camera, answering a FaceTime call on that phone and then moving to Apple TV might result in a dropped call. (107187159)
* Fixed: Moving the FaceTime call from Apple TV to iPhone by tapping “Switch to phone” might result in a dropped call. (108810085)
* Fixed: FaceTime call might end suddenly within first minute. (111099303)

[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Duplicate participants might appear when moving a call from iPhone to Apple TV. (110087471)

[HEADING=2]Find My ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Using Safety Check to stop item sharing might fail for users who are sharing more than one item in Find My. (110141887)
Workaround: Stop sharing items in Find My.

[HEADING=2]Foundation ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]New Features ('')[/HEADING]

* Introduced TermOfAddress which describes how a person should be addressed in language. This can be used in conjunction with Automatic Grammar Agreement to refer to people in a string using their preferred pronouns and grammatical agreement in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and German. (99745330)
* Foundation now supports grammatical agreement with a detached phrase using the agreeWithConcept markdown attribute. (102595293)

[HEADING=2]Freeform ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Strokes drawn using Beta 2 might appear distorted when viewed on devices running Beta 1. (107901155)
Workaround: Update devices to Beta 2. If Beta 2 strokes are edited on Beta 1, slightly resizing the drawing on a device.
* The Follow Me feature will only work when collaborators are on the same Beta version. (110656281)

[HEADING=2]Health App Clinical Health Records ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Upon deletion of a clinical health record account on an iOS device, subsequent sign-ins might fail to sync to other devices signed into the same iCloud Account. (111468979)
Workaround: Manually log into affected iOS device.

[HEADING=2]Health App on Simulator ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Default simulator locale is set to en-001. Clinical Health Records and Sharing with doctor features are missing in Health App on Simulator. (109408273)
Workaround: Set Simulator locale to Canada then back to en-US.

[HEADING=2]Health Clinical Vitals category room ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Viewing any Clinical Vitals category rooms from Search has black background in Light mode, making some texts illegible. (110847243)
Workaround: View Clinical Vitals room directly from Browse > Clinical Vitals > category.

[HEADING=2]Health Medications ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Follow up notifications might not display as expected and notifications might unexpectedly disappear from the lock screen. (109246855)
* Previously archived medications might appear unexpecetedly in the active Medication Schedule section and also trigger reminders. (110029786)
Workaround: Add the affected medication from Archived to the active Medication List, then re-archive the medication.
* Users are not able to change the shape of an existing Medication. (111303794)

[HEADING=2]Home ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Resolved Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Fixed: Pairing the first Matter accessory in a new Home will fail when paired by selecting the accessory from the nearby accessories list. (109905770)

[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Existing Home Widget(s) will stop working when users update from Beta 1 to Beta 2 on iOS and macOS. (110343163)
Workaround: Recreate the Home Widget(s) after deleting previously created ones.

[HEADING=2]Home Widgets ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Users might encounter an issue that results in their Home Widgets showing “No Accessories” even though they are configured properly. (110424040)
* Accessory with multiple services configured are filtered out and not shown on the Widget. (110547396)
Workaround:Steps to configure accessory tiles to show on the widget:
* Add a Home Widget
* Long press and Tap - Edit Widget
* Toggle Recommended to Off
* Tap Add new Items
* Select accessory tile from Choose Scene Or Accessory Page
* Tap outside widget to save.

[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Image corruption might occur when rendering some PNG files that contain a color palette table with a separate alpha. (110822373)
* Some devices might show Health and/or Wallet icon image corruption. (110906101)

[HEADING=2]Live Voicemail ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Live Voicemail can’t be shared. (105513708)
* Voicemail notification sound will play even when the device is set to silent mode. (110112187)

[HEADING=2]Localization ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Some content might appear in English. Some strings might appear clipped. (109393568)

[HEADING=2]Lockdown Mode ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* If 2G cellular service (Settings > Cellular) is selected before enabling Lockdown Mode, it might not be disabled by Lockdown Mode on all cellular networks. (109406777)
Workaround: If you don’t want to enable 2G cellular service while in Lockdown Mode, choose a different cellular option such as 3G, 4G, LTE, or 5G to ensure 2G remains disabled while in Lockdown Mode.

[HEADING=2]Mail ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Mail is unable to fetch new email from IMAP servers using the NAMESPACE extension. (109102644)
Workaround: Fastmail users encountering this issue should change the incoming mail server setting to
* When updating to Beta 3, mail will re-download emails again if an account exceeds 10000 messages. (110809614)

[HEADING=2]Maps ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* When a LinearGradient stroke is used with a MapPolyline in SwiftUI, the specified gradient color might be ignored. (106152300)
* When using Map, Xcode emits a runtime warning that “Publishing changes from within view updates is not allowed.” (106174743)
* At certain zoom levels, the title of a selected MKMarkerAnnotationView can overlap other marker titles. (109491779)

[HEADING=2]Media ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]New Features ('')[/HEADING]

* Added support for Managed Media Source on macOS and iPadOS, and added support as a preview on iOS. (30320350)

[HEADING=2]Meshing ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* In certain edge cases, for example floors under curved walls, meshing of floor or walls might appear broken. (110125996)

[HEADING=2]Messages ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]New Features ('')[/HEADING]

* Sticker pack apps appear when the new Stickers app is invoked from outside of Messages. For apps such as Notes and Freeform, the new Stickers app can be invoked from Emoji Keyboard Recents and Markup. For third party apps, Stickers can be invoked from the Emoji Keyboard Recents. (106685842)

[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* iMessage apps might behave unexpectedly in landscape orientation. (100736697)
Workaround: Use iMessage apps while in portrait orientation.
* The transcription for long audio messages is truncated without a way to expand and view the full transcription. (107174385)
* Stickers might disappear after a long press. (109059570)
* The Catch up affordance might display incorrectly. (109468262)
Workaround: Leave and return to the affected conversation.
* Stickers sent to certain devices might appear at unexpected sizes. (109589941)
* Unexpected visual artifacts might appear when the transcription is inserted while sending an audio message. (109799338)
Workaround: Scroll the transcript, or leave and return to the conversation.

[HEADING=2]Metal ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* MetalFX MFXTemporalScalingEffect class will quit unexpectedly on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. (110191344)
Workaround: Use macOS or other supported iPhones to test MFXTemporalScalingEffect.

[HEADING=2]Metal Ray Tracing ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* The methods assume_curve_control_point_count, assume_curve_basis, and assume_curve_type on intersection_params and intersector, the methods get_curve_control_point_count, get_curve_basis, and get_curve_type on intersection_params, and the related curve_basis and curve_type enumerations, are not supported in the Metal Shading Language. (104142182)
* After initializing an intersection_query with an acceleration structure using max_levels<Count> where Count > 2, calls to next() might cause the GPU to restart. (108863335)
Workaround: Force the ray to be opaque by specifying force_opacity(forced_opacity::eek:paque) on the intersection_params for the ray.
* Reflection returned via the new {Render|Compute|Tile}PipelineWithDescriptor API for ray tracing pipelines might be incorrect. (109850134)

[HEADING=2]Networking ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]New Features ('')[/HEADING]

* iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 17 beta support joining wired 802.1X networks. Apple TV devices running tvOS 17 beta also support joining wired 802.1X networks. (12867782)
* URLSession supports resumable uploads in HTTP. Just like download tasks, upload tasks can now be paused and resumed if the server supports the latest protocol draft. To learn more, see Resumable Uploads for HTTP (''). (68890505)
* Apple devices now support connection to 802.1X networks using EAP-TLS with TLS 1.3 (EAP-TLS 1.3). EAP-TLS 1.3 further improves security and privacy by always providing forward secrecy, never disclosing the peer identity, and by mandating use of revocation checking when compared to EAP-TLS with earlier versions of TLS. (74526852)

[HEADING=3]Resolved Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Fixed: For apps linked on or after iOS 17 and aligned OS versions, App Transport Security now requires secure connections to external IP addresses by default. For more information on these requirements, see Preventing Insecure Network Connections (''). Exceptions can be made using NSExceptionDomains (''), which now supports exceptions for individual IP addresses and ranges specified in classless inter-domain routing (CIDR) notation. (101967030)
* Fixed: For apps linked on or after iOS 17 beta, macOS 14 beta, watchOS 10 beta, and tvOS 17 beta, the Transfer-Encoding header field of a streamed HTTP/1 request is set to chunkedinstead of Chunked. (107390029)

[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Apps which use IPv4 traffic via NAT464 on an IPv6-only network, including certain mobile carriers, might not work. (109750536)
Workaround: Use an IPv4 network.

[HEADING=2]Newsstand ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Deprecations ('')[/HEADING]

* NewsstandKit has been removed. (101054446)

[HEADING=2]Notes ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Some content might temporarily disappear from notes. (108843547)
Workaround: Leave the note and come back or scroll around.

[HEADING=2]Photos ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]New Features ('')[/HEADING]

* A new PHContentEditingOutput.renderedContentURL(for:) API adds support for UTType.heic encoded rendered image content. (109861295)

[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Applications providing image content via PHContentEditingOutput.renderedContentURL in formats other than UTType.jpeg will fail with an .invalidResource error. (110068158)

[HEADING=2]Pre-filled Titles for Events and Reminders ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]New Features ('')[/HEADING]

* Messages now supports machine learning based pre-filled titles for English events and reminders. Tap or long-press the highlighted date/time in an SMS or iMessage conversation and select ‘Create Event’ to trigger this feature. (110889506)

[HEADING=2]Privacy ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* When a user clears their Significant Locations history, this change will not be immediately reflected in Photos and it could take up to a week or more for the change to be reflected. (106171658)
* Time in Daylight is supported on Apple Watch Series 5 and later. However, when using a model of Apple Watch which doesn’t support Time in Daylight, the privacy toggle switch is still displayed even though toggling it has no effect. On Apple Watch, the toggle is located in Settings > Privacy & Security > Health > Time in Daylight. On iPhone, the toggle is located in Watch app > Privacy > Time in Daylight. (108907052)

[HEADING=2]ProximityReader ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Calling the prepare(using:) ('') method on a MobileDocumentReader ('') instance might fail if the device is set to certain languages and regions. (110013699)
Workaround: Select English as the device’s preferred language and United States as the device’s region in Settings > General > Language & Region.

[HEADING=2]Reactions ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* When using iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro as continuity camera, gesture detection can stop working when center stage is enabled. (109268172)
Workaround: Turn off center stage.
* Reactions aren’t currently available when using video conferencing apps in Safari. (109789920)

[HEADING=2]Safari ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Safari might offer search suggestions while in Private Browsing by using an on-device model. The search terms are not sent from the device to a search provider. (105606453)
* Safari might quit unexpectedly when focusing the Smart Search field on iPhone in portrait orientation if a search hasn’t previously been done using the Smart Search field. (109685060)
Workaround: Perform at least one search using the Smart search field while in landscape orientation.
* Setting a profile color might not be reflected in the Start Page background. (109742827)
* When creating a new Safari Profile, extensions might be unexpectedly turned on or off. (109796433)
Workaround: Manage which extensions are on and off in that profile via Safari Settings.
* Separate Safari profiles might incorrectly display history results in the search UI from other profiles. (109798974)

[HEADING=2]Screen Time ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Visiting Screen Time > Tapping “See All Activity” > Opening an app, website, or category from the “Most Used” list might lead to a ~25s hang before the usage report for the app, website, or category appears. (109490608)
* Screen Time usage and settings for App Limits, Always Allowed, and Downtime are lost after updating to iOS 17 beta. (109910575)

[HEADING=2]Settings ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* In Settings > General > About, the available storage might be inconsistent with the storage usage reported in Settings > General > [iPhone, iPad] Storage. The storage usage reported in Settings > General > [iPhone, iPad] Storage is accurate. (109051437)

[HEADING=2]Settings | Passcode ('|-Passcode')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* When changing the device passcode, the “Passcode Options” link does not appear and the passcode cannot be changed from a numeric one to an alphanumeric one. (110705323)

[HEADING=2]SharePlay ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Connecting SharePlay in-car sessions by scanning the QR code might not work. (109275769)
Workaround: Update all involved devices to the same build.

[HEADING=2]ShazamKit ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Resolved Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Fixed: SHManagedSession.State is unavailable. (109670750)
* Fixed: SHLibrary.default.items is unavailable. (109670918)

[HEADING=2]SKAdNetwork ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Resolved Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Fixed an issue causing developer copies of postbacks failing to send or containing an incorrect conversion-value or coarse-conversion-value. (109471751)

[HEADING=2]Software Migration ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* In regions which don’t allow 5GHz band to be used, migrating from an Android device to an iPhone might fail to complete successfully. (110983759)

[HEADING=2]Software Update ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Certain 2017 model iPads might fail to update to iOS 17, and will revert back to the pre-existing starting OS. (110281164)
Workaround: These iPads can be updated to iOS 17 by first erasing to an iOS 16 variant, then attempting the update.

[HEADING=2]Stage Manager ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* The gesture to open the switcher doesn’t work while using Stage Manager. (109580340)

[HEADING=2]StandBy ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* If an app is deleted and its widget is in the StandBy widget stack, the deleted app widget isn’t removed. (105255305)
Workaround: Manually remove the widget from the StandBy widget stack.
* Widgets in StandBy display content while in DownTime or when restricted by ScreenTime. (105255640)
* The brightness slider isn’t functional while in StandBy. (106203217)
* While in red mode, Solar Clock isn’t legible. (108919386)
* Widgets in the StandBy widget gallery might appear clipped. (108924188)
* Incoming call alerts aren’t visible while editing widgets in StandBy. (108924275)
Workaround: Exit edit mode to see the Incoming call.
* Your device might become unresponsive while in StandBy. (111607569)
Workaround: Exit StandBy mode.

[HEADING=2]Stickers ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Freeform - On iPad and iPhone emoji with skin tone options cannot be inserted onto the canvas. (110253100)

[HEADING=2]StoreKit ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]New Features ('')[/HEADING]

* You can use the new showManageSubscriptions(in:) ('') API with a subscription group ID to show a user the subscriptions they own within a subscription group, along with the other plan options available in that group. (87853800)
* Users have access to the new Product.SubscriptionInfo.Status.all sequence to get the status for each of your app’s subscription groups. One can use the new subscriptionStatus property on the latest Transaction ('') value for a subscription to access the full status information. (102064614)
* StoreKit 2 now provides a collection of UI components to help merchandise in-app purchases. Use ProductView, StoreView and SubscriptionStoreView to add in-app purchases to an app with just a few lines of code. (102066107)
* Users can access in-app purchase product metadata and entitlement information from a SwiftUI view using new view modifier APIs in StoreKit. Declare a view as dependent on a single product or collection of products using storeProductTask(for:priority:action:) or storeProductsTask(for:priority:action:) respectively. Declare a view as dependent on the current entitlement for a product using currentEntitlementTask(for:priority:action:). Declare a view as dependent on the status of a subscription group with subscriptionStatusTask(for:priority:action:). All of the modifiers will start a task to load the data before the view appears, and provide your action with the state of the task as it progresses and whenever the data changes. (102397222)
* User have access to the new groupLevel property of Product.SubscriptionInfo ('') to understand the level of service of a subscription plan. (103885148)
* Users have access to the new reason, and storefront properties on Transaction ('') to understand the reason why the transaction was created, and which storefront it is for. The new renewalDate property on RenewalInfo ('') to understand if and when a subscription will renew next. (104246730)
* Users have access to new groupDisplayName property of Product.SubscriptionInfo ('') to get the localized display name of a subscription plan’s group. (105689964)
* The subscriptionStoreControlBackground(_:) ('') view modifier is available when using StoreKit and SwiftUI. Use this modifier to set the background behind controls in SubscriptionStoreView ('') instances within a view to a gradient material effect, or any shape style. (105690554)
* The productViewIconBorder() ('') view modifier is available when using StoreKit and SwiftUI. Use this modifier on the icons to provide ProductView ('') and StoreView ('') to add a standard border around the icon. (106649532)
* You can now customize the button style used for purchase and subscribe buttons in ProductView (''), StoreView ('') and SubscriptionStoreView ('') instances. Use the buttonStyle(_:) ('')view modifier to choose any standard button style, or a custom button style. (107713282)
* StoreKit ViewsProductView and StoreView have initializers have initializers that give you access to the promotional icon as a SwiftUI view and the various phases of the loading operation. Use initializers such as init(id:icon:placeholderIcon:) (''), [init(_:icon:)](, init(ids:icon:placeholderIcon:)](, and [init(products:icon:)` ('') to provide an icon view for each phase. (110470147)
* The following StoreKit types are renamed:
• DefaultProductViewStyle is renamed to AutomaticProductViewStyle ('')
• DefaultSubscriptionStoreMarketingContent is renamed to AutomaticSubscriptionStoreMarketingContent ('')
• DefaultProductPlaceholderIcon is renamed to AutomaticProductPlaceholderIcon ('') (111185321)

[HEADING=3]Resolved Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Fixed the loading animation for StoreView ('') instances displaying a single product. (110414023)
* Fixed issue where loadProduct(withParameters:completionBlock:) ('') was called from a background thread. (110640574)
* Fixed issue where StoreView ('') or SubscriptionStoreView ('') content might appear in English, or show a localization key, instead of showing localized text for the App Store storefront. (110734447)

[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* When testing in the sandbox environment, the groupDisplayName property on Product.SubscriptionInfo ('') might return an empty string if the localization in the current storefront is not in an approved state. When using the SubscriptionStoreView without providing a marketing content view, the automatic view might show the name of the app instead of the subscription group’s display name. (107206601)
Workaround: Use StoreKit Testing in Xcode instead of sandbox to test this functionality.

[HEADING=2]Swift ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]New Features ('')[/HEADING]

* Properties of @observable and @Model types currently always require default values or optionality. (109441094)

[HEADING=2]Swift Charts ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]New Features ('')[/HEADING]

* Enable scrolling in a chart using view modifier chartScrollableAxes(_:). (70444254)
* Use chartXSelection, chartYSelection and chartAngleSelection to enable selection on a chart. If needed, use chartGesture to override the default gesture for selection. (79083764)
* Swift Charts now supports creating pie charts and donut charts using the new SectorMark API. (102309263)
* Pass an AnnotationOverflowResolution to the annotation modifier to specify how to align an annotation when it would otherwise overflow the bounds of the chart or the plot. (106009062)

[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Scrolling charts might behave unexpectedly on right-to-left languages. (109129343)
* chartXSelection might produce unexpected results on right-to-left languages. (109129439)
* The use of chartScrollPosition(x:) or chartScrollPosition(y:) on a Date binding will lead to a runtime crash. (109287449)
Workaround: Use a TimeInterval binding for chartScrollPosition(x:) and chartScrollPosition(y:) on Date axes.

[HEADING=2]SwiftData ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]New Features ('')[/HEADING]

* Conflicting writes from other processes sharing the same file can cause a crash. (109488127)

[HEADING=3]Resolved Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Fixed: willSet and didSet observers will prevent @Model from properly transforming those stored properties and they will not persist. (109664186)

[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Properties with default values are not initialized correctly. (107887871)
Workaround: Set the property value in initializer instead.
* @Query results can appear stale or fail to refresh. (108385553)
* Case value is not stored properly for a string rawvalue enumeration. (108634193)
Workaround: Don’t use a rawvalue with a string enum property.
* Schema migration can fail when nesting non-optional properties inside an optional containing struct. (108854663)
* Properties with .externalStorage are not being stored in peripheral files. (108972391)
* Scene modifier isUndoEnabled does not propagate correctly. (109373617)
Workaround: Use view modifier.
* Modeled enum properties with default values won’t compile unless they are fully qualified values. (109421492)
Workaround: Fully qualify enum values in property’s default value.
* SwiftData queries will not work with #Predicate { true } and #Predicate { false } will cause a crash. (109425342)
Workaround: Use a logically true expression like { 1 == 1 }.
* Existing @Query property declarations might not always correctly infer the model type for predicate and sort descriptor parameters. (Note: the @Query attribute is now resolved as a macro, instead of as a property wrapper.)
For example, specifying a filter predicate as a parameter to the @Query attribute will now require explicitly providing the model type used in the predicate, i.e. #Predicate<ModelType> { … } instead of #Predicate { … }:
@Query(filter: #Predicate<Person> { ... }) var people: [Person]

Another example: passing a sort descriptor or key path will now require explicitly providing the model type used for the root type of the key path, i.e. \ instead of \.property:
@Query(sort: [SortDescriptor(\]) var people: [Person]

@Query(sort: \ var people: [Person]

In all cases, the model type used in the filter: and sort: parameters is still required to be the same type used as the element in the query’s wrapped array type, and will emit a build error if not. (109433172)
Workaround: Add explicit model type information to @Query attribute filter: and sort:parameters, as shown in the description examples.
* #Predicate does not support UUID, Date, and URL properties. (109539652)
* @Query using SortDescriptors based on .reverse sorting on strings can fail to fetch results. (109572633)
Workaround: Sort ordered .forward.
* Creating a @Query with a sortdescriptor that uses a relationship keypath will crash. (109626376)
* SwiftData queries don’t support some #Predicate flatmap and nil coalescing behaviors. (109723704)
* Xcode code generation for SwiftData Models from CoreData xcdatamodels will refer to originalName instead of renamingIdentifier. (109782236)
Workaround: Use renamingIdentifier.
* Unsigned applications using Document API without a proper app container might overwrite the default container. (109784405)
Workaround: Codesign the project.
* After deleting an item, SwiftUI might attempt to reference the deleted content during the animation causing a crash. (109838173)
Workaround: Explicitly save after a delete.
* Custom schema migrations with SchemaMigrationPlan will fail. (110114696)

[HEADING=3]New Features ('')[/HEADING]

* RoundedRectangle now defaults to the continuous corner style. (63246947)
* .onChange has new overloads where the closure takes 0 or 2 arguments, these new versions will call the new version of the closure (i.e. after the specified value has changed), so any captured properties will have up to date values. The previous overload (which calls the old version of the closure) has been deprecated. (67344857)
* Spring animations will now default to being critically damped (i.e. a bounce of 0). (75149732)
* Scenes in Catalyst now support the windowResizability modifier. (84203422)
* Added support for dialogSeverity in Catalyst applications. (95918809)
* Use the springLoadingBehavior(_:) view modifier to control spring loading behavior of views.
Some views, like TabView, default to allowing spring loading, while others, like Button, do not.
Spring loading refers to a view being activated during a drag and drop interaction. On iOS this can occur when pausing briefly on top of a view with dragged content. On macOS this can occur with similar brief pauses or on pressure-sensitive systems by “force clicking” during the drag. (96569875)
* Lists using the SidebarListStyle hosted in primary column of a UIKit UISplitNavigationController were previously rendering with an insetGrouped appearance. With this change they will render as the expected sidebar appearance similar to if the Listwere hosted in a SwiftUI NavigationSplitView. (96909195)
* Previously all Sections inside Lists using the SidebarListStyle received outline disclosure indicators at the top of every Section even when a developer did not provide a header for the section. This lead to odd looking floating disclosure indicators. (98001084)
* Use the buttonRepeatBehavior(_:) view modifier to make buttons repeatedly trigger their actions on prolonged interactions. Apply this to buttons that increment or decrement a value or perform some other inherently iterative operation. Interactions such as pressing-and-holding on the button, holding the button’s keyboard shortcut, and holding down the space key while the button is focused trigger this repeat behavior. (102156410)
* Animation.default now uses a spring animation equivalent to Animation.spring. In addition, Animation.default is now only equal to itself when using ==, allowing users to differentiate between animations that were intentionally chosen and those that use the defaultanimation. (103169056)
* During gesture change callbacks, velocity will automatically be tracked so that it can be applied to animations that finish when the gesture finishes. (103371523)
* When two Text are vertically adjacent (for example in a VStack with no spacer in between) SwiftUI will automatically calculate appropriate spacing. To opt-out if this behavior either place a Spacer or specify spacing parameter to the container view. (104782785)
* For apps built using the macOS 14 SDK, using DismissAction to close a window will default to using DismissBehavior.interactive. (105406945)
* A NavigationSplitView collapses into a single column in some situations, such as on iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad in slide-over. When this happens the columns of the split view are arranged into a stack. By default, the split view automatically decides which column appears as the top of this stack based on the contents of the columns. It considers whether any embedded List views have selections and whether any embedded NavigationStack views have non-empty paths.
NavigationSplitView provides new initializers that give users control over which column of the split view appears on top. Use initializers like NavigationSplitView(preferredTopColumn:sidebar:content:detail:) or NavigationSplitView(preferredTopColumn:sidebar:detail:) and provide a binding specifying the column that should be visible when the split view is collapsed into a stack. When using an app pops the stack, SwiftUI updates the binding. (106241051)
* When using @Environment(\.self) to capture an entire EnvironmentValues, SwiftUI will now track which properties are accessed to only invalidate the property when those properties change. (106310433)
* Use the new navigationDestination(item:destination:) overload to present a navigation destination when a bound item is non-nil, or to dismiss the destination when the bound item becomes nil again. (106319528)
* Shapes now default to mirroring when in a right to left layout direction. (107405880)
* Changing from one Gradient value to another will now animate, but only once apps are rebuilt against the new SDK. (107408691)
* All Sections inside List and Table can be configured to be collapsible using new initializers on Section. Previously all Sections inside Lists using the SidebarListStyle received outline disclosure indicators in every header. Section headers will no longer render this control by default. An outline disclosure will only be provided in the header if the Section is initialized with an isExpanded binding to a bool. This bool represents the isExpanded state of the Section. Sections created with an isExpanded binding inside a Table on macOS will now provide a default outline disclosure indicator to collapse or expand the Section. (107592493)
* The listSectionSpacing modifier can now be used within Lists. (109271050)
* Scenes in Catalyst now support the defaultSize modifier. (110038374)

[HEADING=3]Resolved Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Fixed:Menu could not be used with hoverEffect. (67879883)
* Fixed: NavigationSplitView reuses view controllers in more cases, resulting in significantly improved performance. This might change the behavior of code that relies on the life cycle messages sent to UIHostingController because such controllers will be created less often. (88880547)
* Fixed an issue where dynamically enabled buttons (e.g. with a TextField) were not updated in alerts. (95917673)
* Fixed: menuStyle(.button) is compatible with custom button style implementations. Applying a custom buttonStyle on a Menu is supported. (96156722)
* Fixed: Scroll environment properties like isScrollEnabled and scrollDismissesKeyboardMode are no longer propagated past nested scroll views. (99195890)
* Fixed: Gestures could be misaligned if an app was backgrounded while a sheet was presented. (99202394)
* Fixed: Previously it was possible for views animating their removal via a transition to be drawn above a view with the same zIndex that has not yet been removed. This was unintentional and has now been updated: views transitioning out of the view hierarchy are always drawn below non-removed views with the same zIndex. (101085960)
* Fixed: Table row identifiers in ForEach are now derived from their ForEach identifier rather than the TableRow identifier within the ForEach. In this example, from within a Table:
ForEach(myData) { data in

the resulting identifiers used by SwiftUI are now rather than If user needs to restore prior behavior, specify the ID explicitly using the id of the ForEach. (101174261)
* Fixed: Buttons in toolbars on iOS have improved metrics but support fewer customizations. (102198062)
* Fixed: LazyVGrid or LazyHGrid has an improved layout when used with fixedSize(). (103075945)
* Fixed: A visual artifact around sheets when rotating iPhone. (106020927)
* Fixed: When a flexible frame modifier (e.g. frame(minHeight: 100, maxHeight: 200)) is used inside a scroll view the modified view could end up truncating content. This would most often be visible with the content view being a VStack with multiline text. (107014454)
* Fixed: When scrolling to the end of a scroll view using ScrollViewReader, the final offset will be clamped to the scroll view’s total content size and no longer overscroll. (107558652)
* Fixed: Removed a spurious warning, “NavigationLink presenting a value must appear inside a NavigationContent-based NavigationView. Link will be disabled.” (107877668)
* Fixed: Suggested search tokens will be hidden by default when the search text is not empty (108381393)
* Fixed: ScrollView when used with the searchable modifier has an improved transition when presenting or dismissing search on iOS and iPadOS. (109265624)
* Fixed: Two NavigationSplitView initializers taking columnVisibility as a value rather than a Binding. (109426553)

[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* The new navigationDestination(item:destination:) overload only works to present from one column of a NavigationSplitView to another. The overload should also work inside a NavigationStack but does not currently. (106106406)
* In some circumstances, the first view pushed onto a NavigationStack or collapsed NavigationSplitView might fail to animate. (106602046)
* Views in Lists and Lazy Stacks might be improperly displayed after scrolling. (108021411)
* View.defaultFocus(_:_:) isn’t reliable with text controls. (109750983)
Workaround: Manually update focus state bindings from an action passed to View.onAppear(perform:).
* View.onKeyPress(_:action:) can’t filter key presses when bridged controls have focus. (109799056)

[HEADING=2]SwiftUI Outline ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Resolved Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Fixed: Leaf views in OutlineGroups (those views where the children keyPath argument has a value of nil) are no longer wrapped in implicit HStacks. If relying on an implicit HStackbefore, users will now see multiple rows when linking against the new SDK.
In this example:
private struct Node: Identifiable {
let id = UUID()
let name: String
let children: [Node]?

fileprivate let data = [
Node(name: "One", children: [.init(name: "Two", children: nil)]),
Node(name: "A", children: [
.init(name: "B", children: nil),
.init(name: "C", children: nil),
.init(name: "D", children: nil),

struct OutlineExample: View {
var body: some View {
List(data) { node in
DisclosureGroup("Node \(", isExpanded: .constant(true)) {
OutlineGroup(node, children: \.children) { child in
Label("Row:", systemImage: "circle.hexagonpath.fill")
Text("Node \(")


[HEADING=2]Symbol Effects ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* In the objective-C API in Symbols.framework, requesting effectWithWholeSymbol on NSSymbolPulseEffect and NSSymbolBounceEffect will result in the effect being configured to animate by layer instead. (109284710)

[HEADING=3]New Features ('')[/HEADING]

* When you build your app against iOS 17.0, iPadOS 17.0, or macOS 14.0 SDKs, the evaluted indirect input event support mode will change. Apps built on these SDKs without the UIApplicationSupportsIndirectInputEvents key will have indirect input event support enabled. Apps built on these SDKs with the UIApplicationSupportsIndirectInputEvents will have that key honored.
If indirect input event support is not desired when built against the listed SDKs, add UIApplicationSupportsIndirectInputEvents to your info.plist with a boolean value of NO. (68295914)
* UIDevice.batteryLevel is rounded to the closest multiple of 0.05. (107718393)
* The query rects passed in to -layoutAttributesForElementsInRect: will be more specific to the collection view’s frame, and the rect might intersect with previously queried frames. If subclassing a UIKit vended layout and modifying the frames of elements by applying offsets, make sure that the same offset is applied to the rect passed in to -layoutAttributesForElementsInRect: as well, or the user might see items disappearing when they shouldn’t be. (108663389)

[HEADING=3]Resolved Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Fixed: The new UIHoverStyle API doesn’t currently add any visible hover effects when set on a UIView. (108409077)
* Fixed: Prior to iOS 17 and tvOS 17, UIGestureRecognizer would set its state to UIGestureRecognizerStateFailed in the base implementation of - (void)pressesBegan:withEvent: if there are no active touches. In iOS 17 and tvOS 17, this behavior has been fixed. On tvOS, UIGestureRecognizer allows UIPressTypeSelect by default, thus custom UIGestureRecognizers that do not set allowedPressTypes might have been relying on this behavior to put themselves into a terminal state after they receive a UIPress of type UIPressTypeSelect. UIGestureRecognizers that receive events but do not reach a terminal state will block gesture recognizer dependency graphs from resetting, which can cause an app’s interface to become unresponsive. It is important to for custom UIGestureRecognizers on tvOS 17 to either either set allowedPressTypes to an empty array if they do not handle UIPressTypeSelect, or to implement the UIPressesEvent response methods in UIGestureRecognizerSubclass.h, and set themselves to a terminal state as appropriate. (111175673)

[HEADING=2]UIKit Documents ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* UIDocumentViewController might cause a crash when being dismissed without an external reference holding on to it. (109283791)
Workaround: Create an external reference from the presenting view controller to hold on to the document view controller.
* When a file is renamed, for example via UIDocument’s new built-in renaming capabilities, the app might lose access to this file. (109516057)
Workaround: Close the file and request access to it again. For example, by selecting the file in a UIDocumentBrowserViewController.

[HEADING=2]User Enrollment ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* User-enrolled devices with Managed Apple IDs fail to update to iOS 17 beta. (109830404)
Workaround: Remove the MDM enrollment from the device and perform the update. After updating to iOS 17 beta, re-enroll the device.

[HEADING=2]Video Effects ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Resolved Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Fixed: The Video Effects menu bar item might not appear for certain applications. (110038665)

[HEADING=2]VideoToolbox ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* You might receive an error when trying to call the new VideoToolbox Swift APIs. (109523782)

[HEADING=2]Vision ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Resolved Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Fixed: VNDetectHumanBodyPose3DRequest now returns results for images/frames of people without depth metadata or camera intrinsics explicitly provided. (109723859)
* Fixed issue with cameraOriginMatrix so a 180 rotation around x axis is no longer required. Please reference updated sample code for WWDC Session 111241. (110726503)

[HEADING=2]Voicemail ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Manually deleted voicemails might still appear on a paired Watch. (110072691)
Workaround: Delete voicemail directly on Apple Watch.
* If Silence Unknown Callers or Do Not Disturb is enabled during Live Voicemail, tapping on the voicemail icon in the status bar or Dynamic Island will open an empty window with no voicemail transcript. (112165574)
Workaround: Voicemail can be found in the Voicemail tab of the Phone app after recording is complete.

[HEADING=2]Wallet ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* The user will be unable to:

* withdraw or transfer money to Apple Savings account.
* apply for Pay Later via wallet
* transfer partial balances out of Apple Cash
* add money to transit passes (110667374)

[HEADING=2]Wallpaper ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Depth effect wallpapers on a 180 degree rotation might result in a distorted image. (105729379)
Workaround: Lock and unlock the device.
* Home Screen wallpapers might appear more dim than expected. (108812409)
Workaround: Switch to a different wallpaper and back or restart the device.
* iPhone Home Screen Photo wallpaper might appear in the wrong orientation. (109716224)
* Wallpaper on iPad might display in the incorrect orientation. (109894244)
* Under certain circumstances, images might show top level visual treatment. (109952206)
Workaround: Use pinch to zoom to reframe tighter into the image.
* Images might show a black bar at the top when selected as part of the Smart Shuffle Photos poster. (109974498)
Workaround: Use pinch to zoom in the editor to refresh the view.

[HEADING=2]Weather Averages ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Placeholders are displayed in locations where Weather averages data isn’t available. (110133240)

[HEADING=2]WebKit ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* External camera previews appear rotated 90 degrees. (105520083)

[HEADING=3]Resolved Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Fixed: While a Mac has active traffic via Wi-Fi, you might experience difficulty discovering and connecting to Continuity Camera. (109954955)

[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Wi-Fi might not connect automatically to known networks after updating to iOS 17 beta if the device isn’t passcode-protected and isn’t signed into iCloud. (109813416)
Workaround: Manually join the Wi-Fi network.

[HEADING=2]WidgetKit ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Some configuration intent parameter values might not migrate properly from a SiriKit custom intent to an app intent. (109228854)
* Starting Live Activities from interactive widgets might not work. (109369422)
Workaround: Launch the Live Activity from within the app.

[HEADING=2]Widgets ('')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues ('')[/HEADING]

* Dragging Lock Screen widgets to the Lock Screen widget area on iPad and iPhone might not work. (106379745)
* Manually configured widgets might lose their configuration. (108616752)
Workaround: Reconfigure the affected widgets.
* It isn’t possible to use a trackpad to add widgets to a Lock Screen. (110047943)

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Realityck Avatar
13 months ago
Hope DB4 has some fixes to things that happen on occasion with DB3. Yes DB3 was perfectly usable, just want some editing things working better.
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TheYayAreaLiving ?️ Avatar
13 months ago
I’m really hoping the clock widget has been fixed. It’s been on freeze mode since beta 3.

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pavvel Avatar
13 months ago

Yeah, not showing up for me yet.
No one cares. Just wait.
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adammusic Avatar
13 months ago
Ios 17 beta has been a nightmare for me.
Images dont load in my email, using Spark.
Cloudflare issue with Safari so a bunch of websites dont load.
Voicemails don’t come through.
Keyboard still doesnt pop up always.
Bug city.
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