'Premium' Nothing Phone (2) to Launch in the US Later This Year, Says CEO

Nothing's Phone (1) did not get an official U.S. release when it launched in July 2022, but that is set to change for the second version of the company's popular transparent Android handset, according to CEO and co-founder Carl Pei.

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Speaking to Inverse, Pei said that the U.K.-based company will make the U.S. market its number one priority for the Phone (2), which is set to be released later this year.

"We're developing a smartphone that's more premium than the Nothing Phone (1) and software will be a big focus area for us," said Pei. "When you make a smartphone for the U.S. you need to work with the carriers on certification and adapting some of their features into your OS. We didn't have the resources for that before and now we do."

Nothing has sold over 1 million products globally, with its Ear (1) earbuds selling 600,000 units and the Phone (1) reaching 500,000 shipments. According to Pei, about one-third of its Earbuds (1) sales come from the U.S., and by not launching its next phone in the country, "we're leaving potentially a third of the volume on the table."

A recent IDC report indicated that annual smartphone shipments had their biggest decline year-on-year over the holiday quarter, and while supply chain constraints and inflation played a major part, the Nothing CEO sees a lack of innovation as a contributing factor.

According to Pei, the company's research indicates that "[U.S.] consumers as a whole are quite bored and indifferent [with existing phones]" and "foot traffic into the stores for people checking out new phones hasn't increased."

"From a business point of view, [Apple and Samsung] shouldn't go very niche and try something completely different because they might alienate current users. That's where smaller companies like us can come in and try and do something different. It's not that we're smarter or that they can't, but it just doesn't make sense for them to do it."

Pei believes Nothing's hardware design is the primary reason for iPhone users "switching back to Android via our brand." However, with iOS becoming more and more dominant in the U.S., Pei has acknowledged that it won't be easy for his company to compete with Apple on its own turf.

Nevertheless, Nothing's mobile team has grown in a year from five engineers to close to 100 people, and the CEO now believes the company's software innovations will eventually catch up with its hardware. "It's going to take some time; it's going to be step by step, so we're not going to see the entire vision unfold immediately."

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Marbles1 Avatar
18 months ago
This has nothing to do with Apple or iPhones or even their competitors.

And once again I struggle to see the innovation in a generic android phone with some LEDs on the back that can flash in a particular pattern. You can buy a case for any phone which will do the same.

Has anyone bought one of these? Does anyone know someone who has? Are they good?

My guess is it's bought as a 'fashion phone' - it's recognisable to those who follow particular fashion tech websites and the owners are purely targeting company sell-off rather than any long term plans. They need to expand quickly and sell before the fad of buying this goes. Right now I'm sure they have good acceleration on Sales amongst some small demographic (younger people who have spare cash?) but this won't be sticky, and buyers will want something else next season that looks cool.

Who will still want a 'Nothing Phone' with flashy lights in 2024?
Score: 26 Votes (Like | Disagree)
MayaUser Avatar
18 months ago
Nobody cares about Nothing
Score: 9 Votes (Like | Disagree)
JeffPerrin Avatar
18 months ago
They lost me at "Android". ?
Score: 7 Votes (Like | Disagree)
JanoschR Avatar
18 months ago
Sure, copy the iPhone design and talk about customers being bored ?
Score: 7 Votes (Like | Disagree)
FitzSitzQuitz Avatar
18 months ago

Has anyone bought one of these? Does anyone know someone who has? Are they good?
I manage teams of mobile developers, so I have 10 Android phones and 5 iPhone models. The Nothing (1) is one of the Androids that I have, and is in all honesty my second favorite one. My favorite is the Pixel 7 Pro, and I like it for the pure Android experience without any bloatware in the way. The Nothing (1) is a close second - while it's got custom software running on it, it's very close to a pure Android experience.

If you ignore the "flashy" LED's, it's a very solid mid-range Android phone. It's peppy, it has decent battery life, and I've yet to see any issues with the software that we develop on this phone. The Samsung's and Sony Android phones... they're a mess. They're buggy, they slow down after a while, and they generally require more TLC than the Nothing and Pixel's.

TL;DR: Personal opinion is that the Nothing (1) is one of the best mid-Range Android phones out there. Would I pick it over an iPhone for my daily driver? Maybe - if I wasn't personally locked into the Apple ecosystem - but for your average person who wants a peppy, low-bloat phone with a more unique design aesthetic, it's pretty great. And the price - under $500 - is great for what it offers.
Score: 7 Votes (Like | Disagree)
GraXXoR Avatar
18 months ago

No burn intended. Seriously, I found your post comedic.

I was replying in jest.
My apologies... My sense of humour appears to have atrophied these last few years... I guess I'm getting old... T_T
Score: 6 Votes (Like | Disagree)