Apple Working on Fix for iPhone 14 Pro Horizontal Lines Display Issue

Apple has acknowledged that iPhone 14 Pro Max users may see flashing horizontal lines on their display when the device is being turned on.

iphone 14 pro display issues

MacRumors forum user Infernoqt and Reddit user u/1LastOutlaw

Last month, MacRumors reported that a growing number of ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ customers described seeing green and yellow horizontal lines flash on their iPhone display when the device is being turned on. The exact details at the time, including whether or not Apple was looking into the issue or whether it was a hardware or software problem, were unknown.

Now, in a new memo, Apple has acknowledged the issue and put at ease concerns it stems from a hardware defect, confirming it's being investigated and an iOS update to address it will be released soon. ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ customers may "report that when they power on or unlock their phone, they briefly see horizontal lines flash across the screen," the memo seen by MacRumors says. "Apple is aware of the issue and a software update is coming soon that will resolve the issue," the memo adds.

iOS 16.3 is currently undergoing testing with developers and members of the public beta program, but that update is not expected to launch for at least several more weeks. More imminently, Apple could release iOS 16.2.1, following the release of iOS 16.2 last month, to address this and other bugs being experienced by users.

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Reason077 Avatar
20 weeks ago

Customers experiencing issues with flashing lines on the screen when booting an iPhone 14 Pro should follow the following procedure to resolve the issue:

1. Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn the iPhone on
2. Close eyes
3. Count to 20
4. Open eyes

Should this not fully resolve the issue, Apple Support will be supplying a hardware fix. Users who continue to experience this issue should make an Apple Store appointment or contact Apple Support to request an "iBlindfold", a new product developed by Apple engineering. iBlindfold will initially be exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro owners at a discounted price of $9.99, but will soon be available to anyone at the regular price of $29.99.

iBlindfold is also being recommended for those users experiencing graphical glitches and poor UX design in macOS 13.
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JesperA Avatar
21 weeks ago

Not true I’ve never had any of the issues that have been said
Always nice when people use a sample size of 1, super accurate ??
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Armada2 Avatar
21 weeks ago
Probably an angry employee developer - "@startup <load a few random lines> to scare customers;"
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JPack Avatar
21 weeks ago
Hopefully, this isn't like the 14 Pro camera bug where the lens vibrated until it made a grinding noise. Apple also said it wasn't a hardware issue until it was.
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antiprotest Avatar
20 weeks ago

Wonder how software can cause this!
Apparently some sort of leak in the Matrix code.
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Mr Fusion Avatar
21 weeks ago
Apple’s been phoning it in (?) for a while now. These are the results.
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