Major iPhone Display Supplier to Build $250 Million OLED Factory in Vietnam

Apple supplier BOE is in talks to rent dozens of hectares of land in north Vietnam to build a plant dedicated to making OLED display panels that will likely be used in future iPhones.

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The Chinese company is seeking to invest a total of up to $400 million on 100 hectares of land, half of which could be used to build a $250 million factory specializing in the creation of OLED screens, according to Vietnamese newspaper VNExpress. BOE intends to complete all of the building work by 2025.

The plan highlights efforts by Apple to move away from having its supply chain predominantly based in China, amid geopolitical tensions and disruption caused by the country's COVID-19 lockdown measures. Taiwan's Foxconn and China's Luxshare Precision Industry already make or plan to make a number of Apple products in the area, including MacBooks and iPads.

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, BOE is set to become the largest supplier of displays for new iPhones by 2024. The company has reportedly beaten Samsung for orders for the upcoming ‌iPhone 15‌ and ‌iPhone 15‌ Plus, and by 2024, it will start mass shipments of high-end LTPO displays for the ‌iPhone‌, making it the largest display supplier.

Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported that Apple plans to use in-house, custom-designed displays for some future mobiles devices like the iPhone and Apple Watch, although the displays would likely still be manufactured by an outside supplier.

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Mr Fusion Avatar
21 weeks ago

The plan highlights efforts by Apple to reduce its supply chain reliance on China
… by hiring a Chinese company. Got it. ?
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Razorpit Avatar
20 weeks ago

The more they can get production out of China, the better.
Read the article. It's still a China operation, just a different zip code.

Do you think Vietnam is in India? ;)
This article is about building/producting in Vietnam, not India.
The article is about a Chinese company building a factory in Vietnam.
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T Coma Avatar
21 weeks ago
OMG! Dozens of hectares? ?

Anyway, how is this lessening dependence on China? The CCP is still ultimately in charge, regardless of whose hectares are under the factory.
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JippaLippa Avatar
21 weeks ago
? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, ??????????????? ?
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Someyoungguy Avatar
21 weeks ago
Seems like maybe yesterday’s rumor about micro-LED in the near future was total BS.
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Eldaerenth Faexidor Avatar
20 weeks ago

Vietnam is a communist country. India is corrupt. The only reason China is even a threat is because China has gotten way stronger than we want them to.

Let me know what happens when India grows stronger, we're going to enter into a new whole era of anti-indian news cycle.
This comment has merit. India is a very complex and corrupt country including structural human rights violations. But since the last pandemic everybody has to hate on China. I’m not a fan of both countries as they undeniably run sweatshops to assemble our beloved iPhones. Apple should move away from sweatshops. They care about the environment, they care about the gay community but don’t seem to care much about ill-treated Asian people who are forced to work in crowded with very poor, socially unacceptable or illegal working conditions. But hey, who cares right?
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