Apple Increasing the Price of Out-of Warranty iPhone, Mac, and iPad Battery Replacements Starting in March

Apple is increasing the price of out-of-warranty battery replacements for all iPhone models older than the iPhone 14 later this year, the company announced on its website (via Reddit). Apple is also increasing prices of iPad and Mac battery replacement.

iphone self service repair 2
Apple says starting March 1, 2023, the price of out-of-warranty battery replacements for all models of the iPhone 13 and ‌iPhone‌ 12 series, as well as older ‌iPhone‌ models, will increase by $20. Currently, Apple charges $69 for a battery replacement on most ‌iPhone‌ models, according to an estimation calculator on the company's website.

The price increase will only impact customers who do not have AppleCare or ‌AppleCare‌+ for their devices. With ‌AppleCare‌+, customers pay $0 for a battery replacement once their battery health has decreased past 80%.

Update: Apple is also increasing the price of out-of-warranty battery replacements for Mac and the ‌iPad‌. MacBook Air battery replacement will increase by $30 and MacBook Pro battery prices by $50. Newer ‌iPad‌ models will see their prices increase by $20. These price changes will be effective March 1, 2023.

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IsaacM Avatar
15 months ago
This will make less people change their batteries and push more people towards buying new phones.

Great for Apple, bad for the environment. So much for their “we care about the planet” bs.
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black_knight Avatar
15 months ago
More price gouging disguised as “inflation.”
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contacos Avatar
15 months ago

In the EU (I've checked Italy, France and Germany) the current price is 75€, they'll increase it by 24€.

$106 to get a battery replaced :)
Remember when Apple was all about great customer experience? It is more and more about "how can we milk our customers even more". Sad. I hope people start reacting with closed wallets soon. I did! Still rocking my "old" 12 Pro Max

This will just push people to those inauthentic "phone repair" stores again ...
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Wanted797 Avatar
15 months ago
How about Apple sell us the battery and let us do it ourselves without needing to call to confirm the battery they sent is genuine….

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t0rqx Avatar
15 months ago
Seriously, this feels they are really really on checking out every possible way to squeeze out every penny in every way.

UPDATE: As the article has been updated. Told you so, they even probably considered this for the Airtags as well.
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unrigestered Avatar
15 months ago

How about Apple sell us the battery and let us do it ourselves without needing to call to confirm the battery they sent is genuine….

i'm actually surprised that the EU hadn't come up with a resolution yet that all portable electronic devices are required to have EASILY replaceable batteries that won't require the user to do more than just move a slider to unlatch the battery, or remove 4 screws at worst without having to disassemble the whole unit in delicate ways
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