All the Apple Black Friday Deals You Can Still Get

Although Black Friday is now technically over, many Apple products are still seeing major discounts through the weekend as we head into Cyber Monday. In this article, you'll find every Apple device with a notable Black Friday sale that's still available. We'll be updating as prices change and new deals arrive, so be sure to keep an eye out if you don't see the sale you're looking for yet.

General Black Friday Deals 2022 GreenNote: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with some of these vendors. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

This article is specifically focused on Apple's product lines, including the iPhone, Apple TV, AirPods, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and various accessories like MagSafe chargers. Every deal shared below is available to purchase right now. For more Black Friday deals, particularly including current sales from third-party accessory makers, check out our Black Friday Roundup.

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More Black Friday Deals

Additionally, you can visit our separate posts on each Apple product for a deeper dive into the best Black Friday deals around today.


HomePod mini

homepod red ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take $20 off HomePod mini
  • Where can I get it? Verizon

Verizon this week emerged with the first major HomePod mini discount of the holiday season, offering the smart speaker for $79.99, down from $99.99. This deal has been coming and going since Black Friday and right now there are still three colors left at this price, so if you're interested be sure to snag the deal while stock remains. This is one of the best prices of the year on the accessory.

Apple TV

Apple TV 4K (2021)

apple tv gingerbread ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take $99 off the 2021 Apple TV 4K
  • Where can I get it? Best Buy

Apple TV 4K discounts continue in the wake of Black Friday, and Best Buy still has the 64GB model from 2021 for $99.99, down from the original price of $199.00. This is an all-time low price on the accessory. The 32GB model was down to $79.99 earlier in the week, but we haven't seen that sale return yet.


AirPods Pro 2 (2022)

airpods pro 2 red ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take $49 off the new AirPods Pro 2
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

Amazon is joining in on the AirPods Pro 2 discounts this season with the earbuds priced at $199.99. Although Woot's sale had the earbuds for $2 cheaper, it sold out quickly and isn't expected to come back soon, making Amazon's sale a great opportunity to get the accessory at nearly their all-time low price.

AirPods Pro (2021)

airpods pro 1 red ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take $90 off the 2021 AirPods Pro
  • Where can I get it? Verizon

As stock dwindles on the previous-generation AirPods Pro, it's been rarer and rarer to see steep discounts. This week, however, Verizon has both stock and an all-time low price on the 2021 AirPods Pro at $159.99.

AirPods 2 (2019)

airpods 2 red ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take $50 off the 2019 AirPods 2
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

The year's best price has hit Apple's 2019 AirPods 2, and they're available for just $79.00 on Amazon right now, down from $129.00. As an entry-level option, this model will be perfectly usable for most users who don't care about the advanced noise-canceling features of the higher-end AirPods.


10.2-Inch iPad (2021)

ipad red ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take $59 off the 2021 iPad
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

The previous-generation iPad just hit its best-ever price at $269.99 for 64GB Wi-Fi models, and it's available in both Silver and Space Gray. If you don't need the latest model with all of the major design changes, this could be a great entry-level option for holiday gifting.

10.9-Inch iPad (2022)

new ipad red ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take $30 off the 2022 iPad
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

B&H Photo had the new iPads at $50 off earlier in the month, but that deal never re-emerged. Now, you can get it for $30 off in Blue and $23 off in other colors at Amazon, solid backup price.

iPad Air (2022)

ipad air ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take $50 off the new iPad Air
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

Amazon had the 2022 iPad Air (64GB Wi-Fi) for as low as $499.99 for Black Friday, which was a $99 discount and a record-low price on this model, but that deal has expired. It's still available for a decent discount though, with several colors priced at $549.00 and the rest at $559.00. You can also get the 256GB Wi-Fi iPad Air in Starlight for a solid price of $679.00.

11-Inch iPad Pro (2022)

11 inch ipad pro ornaments 1

  • What's the deal? Take $40 off the new 11-inch iPad Pro
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

Black Friday discounts have arrived for the new M2 iPad Pros as well, starting at $739.00 for the 11-inch 128GB Wi-Fi tablet. There are a few other markdowns on other models, including cellular devices, all found on Amazon.

12.9-Inch iPad Pro (2022)

ipad pro red ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take $100 off the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

If you want a bigger display, there is also a nice discount on the 128GB Wi-Fi 12.9-inch iPad Pro on Amazon. It's priced at $999.00, down from $1,099.00. This is a new low price and one of the only 12.9-inch iPad Pro models from 2022 reaching as much as $100 off on Amazon.


MacBook Pro

macbook pro red ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take up to $500 off the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

Massive discounts continue to hit Apple's 2021 14-inch MacBook Pro lineup, with as much as $499 off these notebooks on Amazon. These are the best prices we've ever seen on the 2021 MacBook Pro lineup.

M1 MacBook Air (2020)

macbook air red ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take up to $200 off the 2020 M1 MacBook Air
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

Apple's M1 MacBook Air is still being offered by the company as a cheaper alternative to the new M2 MacBook Air, and Amazon is sweetening the deal by dropping the price by $200 for Black Friday. The 256GB model is just $799.00 right now in all three colors.

M2 MacBook Air (2022)

macbook air 2022 gingerbread ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take $150 off the 2022 M2 MacBook Air
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

For the latest models of the MacBook Air, Amazon has $150 off the 256GB notebook, priced at $1,049.00. This is an all-time low price and it's available in all four colors.

24-Inch iMac (2021)

imac m1 red ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take $149 off the 2021 24-inch iMac
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

Deals on the 24-inch M1 iMac have been very rare throughout 2022, but now that Black Friday has finally come around we're tracking new all-time low prices across the entire line. Models have been drifting in and out of stock, so at the moment we're only seeing the solid $149 markdown on the mid-tier and upper-tier models.

27-Inch iMac (2020)

imac red ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take $599 off the 2020 27-inch iMac
  • Where can I get it? Best Buy

Apple's 27-inch iMacs are hard to recommend nowadays due to their inclusion of Intel chips instead of the new Apple silicon. However, if you're looking to find a Mac for basic day-to-day tasks and have no need for the latest models, there are quite steep discounts to be found this Black Friday on Amazon.

Apple Watch

Series 8

apple watch series 8 red ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take $50 off the Apple Watch Series 8
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

Amazon has quite a few $50 discounts on the new Apple Watch Series 8, starting at $349.00 for 41mm GPS models and increasing to $379.00 for 45mm GPS models. For cellular devices, you'll find prices start at $449.00 for 41mm cellular models and increase to $479.00 for 45mm cellular models, which are also $50 markdowns.

SE (2022)

apple watch se gingerbread ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take up to $40 off the Apple Watch SE
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

Similar to Series 8 devices, the new Apple Watch SE has savings across its lineup on Amazon. Prices start at $229.00 for 40mm GPS ($20 off) and raise to $239.00 for 44mm GPS ($39 off, a new all-time low). Cellular prices start at $279.00 for 40mm cellular and raise to $309.00 for 44mm cellular, which are both $20 discounts.


apple watch ultra red ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take $60 off the Apple Watch Ultra
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

Black Friday deals are finally here for the Apple Watch Ultra, which has seen its first major sales this week. You can get numerous configurations for $739.00, which is $60 off and a new best-ever price.


MagSafe Chargers

magsafe red ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take 25% off the Apple MagSafe accessories
  • Where can I get it? Verizon

Verizon has been one of the only reliable sources of discounts on Apple's official MagSafe accessory line, and this fact remains true as we head into Black Friday. However, Amazon has recently jumped in on the sales and has the MagSafe Charger for $29.99, down from $39.00, and the MagSafe Duo Charger for $97.49, down from $129.00.

At Verizon, you can get the MagSafe Charger for $29.99, down from $39.00. The MagSafe Duo Charger is down to $96.74, from $129.00; and the MagSafe Battery Pack is down to $74.24, from $99.00.

Apple Pencil 2

apple pencil 2 ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take $40 off the Apple Pencil 2
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

Amazon has the Apple Pencil 2 for $89.00 this Black Friday, down from $129.00. Compared to previous sales, this is an all-time low price on the accessory and as of now only Amazon has the deal.

iPad Pro Magic Keyboards

magic keyboard ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take $50 off Apple's Magic Keyboards for iPad Pro
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

If you're on the hunt for a great iPad Pro accessory, Apple's Magic Keyboards are perfect additions to any iPad Pro workflow. Both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch versions from 2021 are $50 off on Amazon for Black Friday.


airtag gingerbread ornaments

  • What's the deal? Take $5 off the AirTag
  • Where can I get it? Amazon

Apple's AirTag 4-Pack hit an all-time low price of $74.99 on Amazon earlier this week, down from $99.00, but this deal expired. You can also get a solo AirTag for $24.98, down from $29.00. Deals on any version of the AirTag have been very rare in 2022, making this a great time to buy the tracking accessory in early holiday shopping.


For iPhone deals, we're tracking numerous discounts across the major carriers, so for this section we'll break things up by carriers instead of by products. Just like the previous deals, all of these are available to purchase right now, so you don't have to wait until Black Friday to shop.

iphone red ornaments


AT&T is offering up to $800 off the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max with eligible trade-in and purchase on a qualifying installment agreement. You'll get up to $800 in bill credits with trade-in value of $130 or higher, and up to $350 in bill credits with trade-in value of $35 to $129.

For Apple Watch deals, if you buy an Apple Watch you'll get the new Apple Watch SE at no extra cost. Both must be purchased on qualifying installment plans and you'll have to add at least one new line, then you'll get up to $330 in bill credits towards the second eligible Apple Watch.


Verizon has the iPhone 14 Pro at up to $1,000 off when you trade in your old smartphone on select Verizon Unlimited plans. You'll even get an extra $200 when you switch from a different carrier to Verizon.

If you're buying an iPhone at Verizon, you can get a combo deal with an iPad as well. The carrier has iPads for as low as $8 per month when buying a new line and 5G iPhone at the same time, and it's only available online.

A similar combo deal can be seen for the Apple Watch Series 8 as well. If you buy a select iPhone, you'll get the Series 8 for less than $6 per month. If you're okay with older iPhones, the iPhone 13 is just $5 per month when purchasing a new Verizon line.


Verizon-owned carrier Visible is offering gift cards worth up to $250 when purchasing select devices through the carrier. You can also get a pair of Beats Studio Buds when buying a new iPhone 14 or 14 Pro model.

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile is offering three months of premium wireless service for free when you buy any three-month plan. Additionally, you can get six months of service for free when you buy a six-month plan and a new phone through the carrier.

We're keeping track of all of the season's best Apple-related deals in our Black Friday roundup, so be sure to check back throughout the month for an updated list of all the most notable discounts you'll find for Black Friday 2022.

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xxray Avatar
10 weeks ago
The best Apple Black Friday deal is buying nothing at all!

[SPOILER]is what I say as I convince myself that this might be the time to get an Apple Watch Ultra ;)[/SPOILER]
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bankshot Avatar
10 weeks ago
Surprised Macrumors hasn't posted about Apple gift card deals at other retailers.

* Target: buy $100 Apple gift card (electronic), get $15 Target gift card
* Best Buy: buy $100 Apple gift card (electronic), get $15 Best Buy gift card
* Amazon (can do both):

* Buy $100 physical Apple gift card, get $15 Amazon credit with code APPLEDEAL
* Buy $100 electronic Apple gift card, get $15 Amazon credit with code APPLEDIGITAL

No links to avoid posting affiliate links, but they should be easy to find and verify you're getting the deal.
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tgwaste Avatar
10 weeks ago
Even with the discounts it all looks too expensive. :D
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AlbinoAlexC Avatar
10 weeks ago
Once again it’s all Amazon links. MacRumors can’t dare to tell you you can get the exact same deals at Best Buy, Walmart, or Costco. Nope, Amazon is the ONLY place to find the best Black Friday deals, and here’s our convenient affiliate links.
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jpotisch2 Avatar
10 weeks ago
Costco has the iPad Air 64GB wifi for $499 "while supplies last. Limit 2 per member":
Score: 3 Votes (Like | Disagree)
CharlesShaw Avatar
10 weeks ago

Every november Macrumors turns into a US advertising website for getting 10% discounts. I hope there will be a new website that only focus on Apple rumors soon and is country independent.
Without advertising or links to follow for sales, a site would need to require a subscription.

I appreciate MR content and forums enough to visit the site without any ad blockers and follow the occasional sale link, but I don’t pay for a membership.
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