Forgot to Pre-Order an iPhone 14 Plus? Apple Store Pickup Available Today at Most Locations

Apple's iPhone 14 Plus launched today in markets around the world, coming a full three weeks after the other models in the ‌iPhone 14‌ family became available, and four weeks since ‌iPhone 14‌ pre-orders began.

Online orders of all ‌iPhone 14‌ Plus configurations on Apple's website have shipping estimate delays into next week, but for customers who forgot to pre-order the ‌iPhone 14‌ Plus or simply decided to wait, the good news is that same-day or next-day pickup will be an option at many Apple Stores around the world.

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As of writing, Apple's online stores in the United States and Canada haven't yet been updated to show pickup availability, but shortages aren't expected and there is unlikely to be much variation state by state. Meanwhile across the pond, all ‌iPhone 14‌ Plus colors and configurations are available for Apple Store pickup today in countries including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

To order a product with ‌Apple Store‌ pickup, add the product to your bag on or in the ‌Apple Store‌ app, proceed to checkout, select the "I'll pick it up" option, enter your ZIP or postal code, choose an available ‌Apple Store‌ location, select a pickup date, and select a 15-minute check-in window. Payment is completed online, and a valid government-issued photo ID and the order number may be required upon pickup.

‌iPhone 14‌ Plus models may also be available for walk-in customers at ‌Apple Store‌ locations with sufficient inventory, but availability can't be guaranteed. Walk-in customers may be placed into a separate queue with lower priority upon arrival to the store.

The ‌‌iPhone 14‌‌ Plus is meant for customers who want a larger ‌iPhone‌ without all the features of Apple's high-end models, but pre-order demand for the new model has reportedly not reached the highs that Apple anticipated. The ‌‌iPhone 14‌‌ Plus, like the ‌‌iPhone 14‌‌, features the same chip as the iPhone 13 Pro, camera improvements, and other minor enhancements. Reviewers called the ‌iPhone 14‌ an "‌iPhone‌ 13S," noting the little improvements and changes compared to its predecessor.

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WiiDSmoker Avatar
9 months ago
Don’t think people forgot. It’s that they don’t want it.
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JosephAW Avatar
9 months ago
It is possible that the 13 mini will have more sales:rolleyes:
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coolbreeze2 Avatar
9 months ago
"Forgot to order"....that's how you spin a story.

Nonetheless, I was one of the people waiting for the launch of the 14+ to be able to see it for myself before buying. I am going to head to a retailer this weekend and experience it to decide. However, I am heavily leaning toward Pro Max solely based on Dynamic Island.

I've purchased solely Apple electronics now for 20 years and can state with confidence that Apple always launches quality products loaded with modern technology. I don't doubt 14+ is any different. Clearly, Apple is attempting to satisfy a market segment with this phone. If you aren't in that segment, then it's not for you!
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vegetassj4 Avatar
9 months ago
But, it comes in premium purple
It’s the same

Attachment Image
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W£S Avatar
9 months ago
The fact that it is so difficult to get a Pro and so easy to get a non pro means that Apple has perfected the art of up selling.

In the first place, they were worried that people will buy the plus and not the pro, hence the delay in the launch.
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Sorinut Avatar
9 months ago

Don’t think people forgot. It’s that they don’t want it.
I've talked to a few people at work about the 14 line, and most didn't even know new iPhones were released.
Score: 7 Votes (Like | Disagree)