Apple Event Live Blog: iPhone 14, Apple Watch, AirPods Pro, and More Expected

Apple's "Far Out" event kicks off today at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time, where we're expecting to see the iPhone 14 lineup, several new Apple Watch models, updated AirPods Pro, and perhaps some other announcements.

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Apple is providing a live video stream on its website, on YouTube, and in the company's TV app across various platforms. We will also be updating this article with live blog coverage and issuing Twitter updates through our @MacRumorsLive account as the keynote unfolds. Highlights from the event and separate news stories regarding today's announcements will go out through our @MacRumors account.

As usual, Apple's online store is currently down in advance of the event.

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Live blog transcript ahead...

7:17 am:

8:09 am: Members of the media are arriving at Apple Park and collecting their badges.

8:09 am:

9:00 am: One hour to showtime!

9:06 am:

9:09 am:

9:42 am:

9:46 am: The live stream is up and running on Apple's website! Currently displaying shifting stars with the Apple logo while FKJ's "Let's Live" plays.

9:53 am:

9:53 am: Less than 10 minutes to go. Grab your snacks and drinks and settle in for the show!

9:56 am: We're just five minutes out!

10:00 am: Tim Cook is on stage to let attendees know that today's event is indeed pre-recorded.

10:00 am:

10:01 am: Here we go!


10:01 am: We transition from the spinning stars to flying past the earth... with a satellite floating by?!

10:01 am: And zoom down to ‌Apple Park‌ where ‌Tim Cook‌ is welcoming us.


10:02 am: We'll be talking about three products today: iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch

10:02 am: Together they provide a magical experience!

10:03 am: ‌Tim Cook‌ is really talking up the Apple ecosystem and how the devices interact with each other. "Today we're going to make these products and these experiences even better."

10:03 am: Apple Watch up first.

10:03 am: It keeps you connected to the things you care about most.

10:04 am: "I've received thousands of letters from customers writing about their personal experiences with Apple Watch." Sharing a few of those stories via a video.


10:05 am: A blind triathlete, a garbage man, and others, telling stories about their Apple Watch experiences. The garbage man fell into his truck. Another fell into a frozen river. A teenager had a bear in his house.

10:06 am: A family crashed into a forest in a small plane in the winter. "I dialed 911, and that sucker started ringing... from now on, I'll never leave the house without it."

"My doctor said my watch saved my life."

"My watch was my only call to action, and my only link to the medical care that saved my life."

10:07 am: This year, Apple is introducing its best Apple Watch lineup yet... by far.



10:07 am: The number one smartwatch in the world for 7 years running. "We're so excited for what's next." The Apple Watch Series 8

10:08 am: Bright, and text and complications are easy to read even when the wrist is down. Swim proof, dust proof, and crack resistant.


10:09 am: All the standard health sensors are here, including ECG, irregular heart rhythm notifications, and blood oxygen.

10:09 am: Now it's adding a temperature sensor "that takes our commitment to women's health even further."


10:10 am: Cycle tracking was added three years ago. But now there's a new suite of cycle tracker features, including ovulation.



10:10 am: You can now receive a retrospective estimate of when you ovulated, thanks to a pair of temperature sensors built into the watch.


10:11 am: Wrist temperature is sensed every 5 seconds overnight, sensing shifts from baseline temperature.

10:11 am: If you're trying to conceive, knowing when or if you've ovulated can help inform family planning.


10:12 am: Cycle data is encrypted and stored only on your device.

10:14 am: Now talking about car crashes. Almost half of the worst crashes occur in rural areas, and the majority involve a single vehicle. New Crash Detection feature.


10:14 am: Series 8 can detect if you've been in a severe car crash. Will automatically connect you with emergency services, provide location, and notify emergency contacts.



10:14 am: Two new motion sensors in Apple Watch Series 8. New 3-axis gyroscope and high g-force accelerometer. Measures up to 256G, sampling 4x faster (3000 times per second).

10:15 am: Sensor fusion algorithm delivers crash detection.


10:15 am: Front impact, side impact, rear end collision, and rollovers. Combined data from sensors and gyrometer, plus GPS, barometer, and microphone.

10:15 am: Series 8 can detect crashes in cars, SUVs and pickup trucks. Runs only when you're driving, and only processes data around the time of the crash, and only on your device.

10:16 am: Series 8 has all-day 18-hour battery life.


10:17 am: New Low-Power Mode, 36 hours of battery life on a full charge. Maintains many core features including activity tracking and fall detection, while disabling other features like always on display and workout detection. Maximum battery savings with the least impact to the user experience.

Available on Series 4 and later running WatchOS 9.


10:17 am: International Roaming now supported. By the end of the year, international roaming will be available on more than 30 carriers worldwide. Supported on all cellular models of Apple Watch.



10:18 am: Available in aluminum Midnight, Starlight, Silver, and Product(Red). And stainless steel in Silver, Gold and Graphite. New colors for Nike Sport Band, and a new sport loop.


10:18 am: All Nike Watch faces can be used with any Apple Watch. New bands for Apple Watch Hermes.



10:18 am: Adds multisport workouts, fast charging, sleep stages, afib history, and more.


10:19 am: Series 8 starts at $399 for GPS, and $499 for cellular. With purchase of any new Apple Watch, you get 3 months of Fitness+ free. Order today, available September 16.


10:20 am: Now running a video talking about the watch and new features. It can track your route and tell you when you're behind or ahead of your normal pace.


10:20 am: "The future of health is on your wrist."

10:21 am: Now, Apple Watch SE.



10:21 am: SE available in Silver, midnight, and starlight. Back case made of nylon composite materials.

10:22 am: Second-generation SE delivers core benefits of Apple Watch that users love. Supports crash detection.



10:23 am: Uses Series 8 SiP, 20% faster, crash detection, sleep stages, and more.

$249 for GPS, $299 for cellular. Order today, available on September 16.

10:23 am: More watch... flying to a mountain top to discuss... something "completely new."

10:24 am: Designed an Apple Watch for exploration and endurance. Years in the making.

10:25 am: "Wanted for hazardous journey: long months of complete darkness, bitter cold, constant danger, safe return doubtful."

10:25 am: "Honor and recognition in case of success."


10:25 am: The Apple Watch Ultra


10:26 am: Every detail has been engineered to make the most rugged and capable Apple Watch ever. Titanium case, goes up and around the sapphire crystal.

10:26 am: 49mm case, biggest brightest display ever.

10:26 am: New button, the action button, in high-contrast international orange.



10:27 am: 60 hours of battery life with new battery optimization setting coming later this fall.

10:27 am: Most technical face yet: Wayfinder. Altitude, compass in the dial, customized for mountain, ocean, or trail. Night mode.


10:28 am: Designed to push boundaries.

10:28 am: Alpine loop band, woven using innovative process with no stitching.

Ocean band uses high-performance elastomer with tubular geometry for perfect fit even over a wetsuit. Secures band even during watersports.

Trail loop has increased elasticity, with thinnest band yet.

10:29 am: Ultra is a totally new expression of Apple Watch.


10:30 am: Accurate GPS readings can be hard, especially in cities. Chicago marathon is run between skyscrapers. Dual frequency solution for GPS, using L1 and L5 GPS. Apple Watch Ultra provides the most accurate GPS of any sport watch in the market.


10:31 am: You can easily complete a marathon with battery life to spare.

10:31 am: Long-distance triathlon can be completed with one charge.

10:32 am: Orienteering watch face to mark positions. Can use "backtrack" feature to let you retrace your steps.

10:32 am: 86dB siren can be set off to notify people you need help.


10:33 am: Can withstand dynamic forces of kitesurfing or wakeboarding. WR100, with a built-in depth gauge. Launches app when submerged to show current depth, underwater time, and water temperature. Certified to EN13319 standard for dive computers and gauges.

10:33 am: Capable dive computer, good to diving to 40m/130ft.


10:34 am: Oceanic+ App developed by a third-party developer for Apple Watch Ultra, built-in dive computer. Dive planner, includes dive conditions, water temperature, visibility and currents.


10:35 am: Dive metrics are displayed, monitors dive parameter, all critical information is on the watch. Gestures like rotating digital crown, or hit action button to set things.

10:35 am: Alerts for ascent rates, safety stop guidance, decompression, etc. All data is stored and synced to ‌iPhone‌ and the cloud, to see a summary of the dive.


10:36 am: The most rugged and capable Apple Watch ever. 2000-nit display, Mil-STD 810, and more.

10:37 am: All models of Apple Watch Ultra will be $799


10:37 am: Order today, shipping September 23.


10:40 am: "Apple Watch Ultra is an essential tool for essentially anything. What will your anything be?"


10:40 am: "I'm so excited about Apple Watch Ultra. It's a great addition to our fantastic Apple Watch lineup." - Tim

10:41 am: Tim is now wearing an Apple Watch Ultra, magically. Now switching to AirPods.

10:41 am: Excited it introduce the next generation of ‌AirPods Pro‌.




10:43 am: High-bandwidth connectivity to unlock breakthrough experiences. New low-distortion audio driver and custom amplifier.

10:43 am: Spatial Audio is taken to the next level.


10:43 am: Personalized spatial audio, using TrueDepth camera creates personal profile for spatial audio based on the size and shape of your head and ears.

10:44 am: Precisely placing sounds in space that are tuned just for you.

10:44 am: New active noise cancellation. Reduces unwanted noise. To create a next-generation experience, H2 uses advanced computational audio. Up to 2x the amount of noise cancelled over the original ‌AirPods Pro‌.


10:44 am: A great in-ear fit provides passive noise reduction, with 4 eartips, including a new XS eartip.

10:45 am: Transparency mode brings it to the next level with adaptive transparency. Reduces volume of environmental noise like construction. Processes at 48,000 times per second. React to any high decibel noise you are exposed to.

10:46 am: Touch control with capacitive sensing layer. Adjust volume up or down with a swipe.

10:46 am: Longer battery life, up to 6 hours of listening time from a single charge. 33% increase over original ‌AirPods Pro‌.


10:46 am: Charging case gives 30 hours of total listening time, up 6 hours.


10:47 am: New ‌AirPods Pro‌, the charging case helps you find it using Find Me. Speaker added to the bottom of the case, to allow for louder tones. Pairing, low battery, and when charging has started.

10:47 am: Apple Watch charger or magsafe and Qi compatible chargers can be used to charge it. Lanyard loop added.



10:48 am: $249 for new ‌AirPods Pro‌, order on September 9, available on September 23 with free engraving.


10:48 am: Now to the new ‌iPhone‌...

10:49 am: "We're going big with ‌iPhone 14‌, and even bigger with ‌iPhone 14‌ Plus"



10:49 am: 6.1" size of ‌iPhone 14‌, joined by 6.7" size of ‌iPhone 14‌ Plus.

10:50 am: Both models have Super Retina XDR OLED display.



10:51 am: 5 colors: Midnight, Starlight, Blue, Purple, Product (RED)

10:51 am: The purple is a light lilac, and the new blue is very light as well.

10:51 am: Best battery life ever in an ‌iPhone‌.

10:51 am: Performance: iPhone 13 Pro introduced A15 Bionic with 5-core GPU. Same chip is coming to the ‌iPhone 14‌.



10:52 am: Over 3 trillion photos were taken with ‌iPhone‌ last year.

10:53 am: New 12MP main camera with a larger sensor and larger pixels at 1.9 microns.


10:54 am: 49% improvement in low-light capture. Night-mode exposure twice as fast.


10:54 am: Front camera has improved low-light capture and autofocus.

10:55 am: Hybrid system with TrueDepth camera to focus faster even in low light.

10:56 am: For low-light performance, new Photonic Engine. Enhanced image pipeline to improve low-light photos.


10:56 am: Benefits every camera. 2x low-light improvement on front and ultra-wide camera, and 2.5x on the main camera.

10:57 am: Improvements to video with new stabilization mode, Action Mode. Uses full-sensor with overscan and roll correction.

10:57 am: ‌iPhone 14‌ camera system is a "huge upgrade"

10:58 am: Connectivity: 5G, enabling super-fast downloads, better streaming, and real-time connectivity. 250 carriers around the world now support 5G. Made big improvements to eSIM, making it easier to connect.

10:58 am: Apple touting eSIM setup, and storing multiple eSIMs.

10:59 am: AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon support eSIM. All US ‌iPhone‌ models no longer have a SIM tray.

10:59 am: Huge change, first ‌iPhone‌ without any SIM tray.

10:59 am: ‌iPhone 14‌ has crash detection as well.


11:00 am: Same gyroscope sensors as the Apple Watch. Watch and ‌iPhone‌ will work together to get you help.

11:00 am: Emergencies don't always happen when it's convenient. Satellite connectivity...


11:00 am: Your ‌iPhone‌ can connect you with the help you need when you're off the grid.


11:01 am: Hold your phone and it finds a satellite so you can communicate with rescuers and share location. "Emergency SOS via Satellite."


11:02 am: There are some places, like winding backroads and mountain ridges that cell towers don't reach.

11:02 am: You need to be outside with a clear view of the sky. Bandwidth is limited, so even sending a text message is a technical challenge.


11:03 am: Custom components and specific software so ‌iPhone 14‌ antennas can connect to the satellite. Tells you where to point your phone to connect and stay connected as the satellite moves.

11:03 am: Send and receive enough information to get emergency help. Standard protocols aren't designed for this. Custom short-text compression algorithm to reduce the size of messages by a factor of 3. Take less than 15 seconds to send a message if you have a clear view of the sky.


11:04 am: We worked with emergency experts, provide common responses to emergency service questions like how many people are injured and what support is needed.


11:04 am: Relay centers can call emergency services if local centers can't accept text messages.

11:04 am: Can be used in casual, less-dire circumstances. Find My app can be used to share location via satellite.



11:05 am: This is such an essential part of the ‌iPhone‌ experience, included free for 2 years with ‌iPhone 14‌ in US and Canada. Launches in November.

11:06 am: The easy accessibility of this satellite service could be a game changer for many backwoods explorers and remote search-and-rescue agencies trying to find lost people.


11:07 am: Apple Fitness+ is available to all ‌iPhone‌ users this fall, Apple Watch not needed.


11:07 am: ‌iPhone 14‌ starts at $799, ‌iPhone 14‌ Plus from $899.

11:07 am: Incredible offers from Apple and our partners, including up to $800 off in the US.

‌iPhone 14‌ and 14 Plus, preorder on September 9. ‌iPhone 14‌ ships on September 16, ‌iPhone 14‌ Plus available on October 7.


11:09 am: That's just the first part of our ‌iPhone‌ story today...

11:10 am: PURPLE PRO



11:11 am: The "notch" bubble moves around and changes size depending on what's happening.


11:11 am: Surgical grade stainless steel, ceramic shield and water resistance.

11:11 am: Space Black, Silver, Gold, and Deep Purple.



11:11 am: New TrueDepth camera. Prox sensor is behind the display.

11:12 am: Different alerts and notifications come, so new experience has been designed for the "notch"



11:12 am: Dynamic Island


11:13 am: Can fluidly expand into different shapes using different animations and transitions. ‌Dynamic Island‌ expands to notify you, and present content and controls without distracting from the app you're in. Confirming AirPods are connected, charging status, and more. Each alert has its own personality and character.


11:13 am: FaceID or tapping for transit. Displays ongoing background activity like playing music.


11:14 am: ‌Dynamic Island‌ is always live and active, includes call status or next turn on Maps. Tracks timer. Live activity is new feature on lock screen, can keep track of baseball score or a Lyft Ride status.


11:14 am: Can adapt into multiple elements if several Live Activities are going at once.


11:15 am: ‌iPhone 14‌ Pro and ‌iPhone 14‌ Pro Max, thinner borders, more active area, and ‌Dynamic Island‌. 1600 nits peak brightness.


11:15 am: ‌iPhone‌ can push brightness to 2000 nits for outdoor brightness. Highest of any smartphone.

11:15 am: Always-On Display


11:16 am: Time and other important information without raising ‌iPhone‌ or tapping display.

11:16 am: Display is very power efficient. Refresh rate of 1Hz with low-power mode.


11:16 am: Can dim the entire lock screen. Refresh display with minimal power, so time, widgets, and live Activities are always available. Can dim wallpaper photos while preserving skin tones.


11:17 am: Powered by new A16 Bionic chip.

11:17 am: Focused on power efficiency, display, and camera.

11:17 am: 16 billion transistors.

11:17 am: 4nm process.


11:18 am: Competition is still slower than A13, introduced with ‌iPhone‌ 11 3 years ago. 6-core CPU is generations ahead, 40% faster than the competition. 2 high-performance cors, 4 high-efficiency cores.


11:18 am: 16-core neural engine, 17 trillion operations per second. Powers computational photography.

11:19 am: A16 flexes every muscle, CPU, GPU, Neural Engine, and ISP, to perform 4 trillion operations per photo. Image signal processor to support new Pro camera system.

11:19 am: From casual user to professional, it pushes the boundaries and ushers in a new era of ‌iPhone‌ photography.



11:20 am: 24mm focal length.

11:20 am: New sensor groups 4 pixels into one large quad pixel with 4x more light. Further improves light capture while maintaining 12MP photo size.

11:21 am: 2x low light improvement for photos over ‌iPhone 13‌ Pro.


11:22 am: The new sensor can optimize for detail, providing more creative options for shooting and editing in pro workflows. We can take beyond 3 fixed lenses of Pro Camera sensors. New 2x telephoto option for users. Use middle 12MP of the new sensor, to deliver full-resolution photo and full 4K video with high-quality.


11:22 am: Shoots in ProRAW, merges best of intelligent computational photography, giving full creative control.

11:23 am: ProRAW at 48MP.

11:23 am: New machine learning model to enhance detail and reduce noise.


11:24 am: ‌iPhone 14‌ Pro has new 12MP ultra wide camera, more focus pixels. 3x improvement in low-light capture. Macro gets even better.

11:25 am: Flash is redesigned for adaptive behavior based on focal length of the photo. 9 LEDs to control pattern and intensity, up to twice as bright, with better uniformity.


11:25 am: All cameras of ‌iPhone 14‌ Pro, get dramatic improvement in low-light performance.

11:25 am: Our most powerful Pro camera system ever.

11:25 am: Only smartphone to shoot in ProRes and end-to-end workflow in Dolby HDR

11:26 am: Cinematic Mode gets great update, supports 4K30 or 4K24.


11:26 am: Long battery life is important. Improved performance, always on display, has "all-day battery life".

11:27 am: Apple isn't breaking out the actual battery life... just saying it is good "all-day."


11:28 am: We're running through a video showing all the features they just introduced.

11:28 am: Approaching 90 minutes on the event.



11:31 am: ‌iPhone 14‌ Pro starts at $999, and Pro Max at $1099, with storage options up to 1TB. Up to $1,000 off when you trade in a qualifying ‌iPhone‌.

11:31 am: Preorder both models on September 9, available on September 16.


11:32 am: iPhone SE starts at $429, ‌iPhone‌ 12 from $599, ‌iPhone 13‌ from $599, ‌iPhone 14‌ from $799, ‌iPhone 14‌ Pro from $999.

11:33 am: Tim is going over all the products introduced today.

11:34 am: "Making products that are so personal and indispensable is what drives us to keep innovating."


11:34 am: "I'm proud of all the teams and hard work that went into making today's announcements possible."

11:34 am: "Thank you for joining us, have a great day."

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