Brave Browser for iOS Gains New 'Privacy Hub' and Enhanced Fingerprinting Protections

Privacy-focused browser Brave has updated its iOS app with a new Privacy Hub feature that displays a summary of the trackers it has blocked for specific sites or over a given time span.

Brave Browser Welcome Page
Similar to Safari’s Privacy Report, the new Privacy Hub in version 1.38 of the browser is designed to educate users about trackers and other privacy threats Brave is blocking.

This update also improves protections against fingerprinting for iOS. Fingerprinting is a technique used to identify and track people by combining multiple semi-identifiers (slight differences of each person’s browser, such as the size of the browser window or computer hardware details) and combining them into a single, unique identifier.

Brave for iOS now protects against fingerprinting by adding small amounts of randomization to fingerprintable APIs rather than disabling them, which can break websites, making for a smoother, more private browser experience.

In addition, Brave has added a certificate viewer to its iOS app, allowing users to confirm that they are visiting a real site and not a spoofed copy. To view a page’s certificate, users can tap the lock icon in the URL bar, and they can then verify if a certificate is valid or revoked, trusted or not, or compliant (or not) with standards.

Brave has gained momentum and popularity in recent years for its privacy focus. Last year, Brave dropped Google as its default search engine and replaced it with the more privacy-oriented Brave Search, which uses an independent index and doesn't track users or their searches. Brave for iOS is a free download from the App Store. [Direct Link]

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xpxp2002 Avatar
14 months ago
The idea that they added a “privacy” hub to a browser that was caught hijacking cryptocurrency trading website links to insert their own referral codes without the user’s knowledge or consent is laughable.

You couldn’t pay me to use a Peter Thiel-funded browser.
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senttoschool Avatar
14 months ago
This is literally stealing. They remove ads, which support free websites, then they insert their own ads.

I would never use Brave. It's a scam designed for the privacy gullible.

You can have the exact same blockers with something like uBlock Origin or countless other blocker extensions.

On top of this, it's built on Chromium, which is open-sourced by Google's Chrome team. They took advantage of a free open-source browser, replace the ads from websites, insert their own, issued their own scam cryptocurrency, and they probably just stole some open-source content blocker code and added it to Chromium.

This is what I call a scam artist. It's art.

Anyone who uses this and thinks it's better for themselves and the internet ecosystem is an idiot. Use Safari and Chrome.
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Apple_Robert Avatar
14 months ago

Question: how do they make money?
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RedTheReader Avatar
14 months ago

Use… Chrome.
Brave was caught doing some hanky-panky things, so use Google’s browser.

… that makes sense.
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contacos Avatar
14 months ago
Question: how do they make money?
Score: 7 Votes (Like | Disagree)
NightFlight Avatar
14 months ago
No thanks, far too much negative publicity and shadiness around the company and it's owner. He sounds like a scumbag.

Want privacy? Duck Duck Go.
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