CES 2021: Scosche Debuts New Car Mounts Compatible With Apple's MagSafe Charger

Accessory maker Scosche today announced the launch of a new range of vehicle mounts that are designed to work with Apple's MagSafe Wireless Charger. These mounts are not standalone and have been created as mounting enclosures to allow the ‌MagSafe‌ Charger to be used in the car.

scosche magic mount 2
Scosche's range of mounts are able to securely hold and power the ‌MagSafe‌ Charger from Apple, as each one is equipped with a Scosche PowerVolt 20W USB-C Power Delivery Car adapter that Scosche says has enough power to enable the ‌MagSafe‌ Charger to charge an iPhone 12 model at 15W (12W for iPhone 12 mini).

scosche magsafe mount
There are several MagicMount MSC mount options that are available, including a Window/Dash mount, a Cup Holder mount, and a 4-in-1 kit that includes Swing-Arm Dash and Vent mounts and Lock-Nut Vent and Dash mounts. According to Scosche, the Window/Dash model is also ideal for in-home use.

The new MagSafe-compatible MagicMount options are launching in the spring.

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Labeno Avatar
10 months ago
One little bump on the road... and uh oh.
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beach bum Avatar
10 months ago

One little bump on the road... and uh oh.
Railroad tracks, potholes and cobblestones have not managed to dislodge my PM 12 with no case. I attached the MagSafe to my existing low-profile magnetic dash mount and the phone hasn’t fallen off yet ?.
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mtneer Avatar
10 months ago
If you have to supply your own cable and charging coil - this is essentially a glorified plastic enclosure. They will get commoditized on Amazon and Aliexpress in a heart beat. Instead they should have integrated the cable and coil to Apple's spec like Belkin did...
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gadgetfreak98 Avatar
10 months ago
I have used this $11 variation of this for the past week with my big iPhone 12 Pro Max with an apple case:


I use it in a 10 year old SUV that is pretty rough riding (with "sport" suspension settings turned on) and it has not fallen off. Is it impossible, no of course. But I've been really pleasantly surprised. And with a PD 12V plug, I'm getting nice charging speeds. I just retrofitted my car with a wireless CarPlay solution, so this completed the set up very nicely.
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BruiserB Avatar
10 months ago

If you have to supply your own cable and charging coil - this is essentially a glorified plastic enclosure. They will get commoditized on Amazon and Aliexpress in a heart beat. Instead they should have integrated the cable and coil to Apple's spec like Belkin did...
Except Belkin didn't do that. Theirs doesn't charge. They only incorporated magnets to hold. Has Apple actually licensed the MagSafe Charging to a third party?
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BruiserB Avatar
10 months ago


This does charge at the full 15W and does not require you to bring your own cable. So I suspect that they do have a license from Apple.
Sorry, my bad....I was thinking of their car mount, which doesn't charge. So yes, apparently Apple is licensing the technology. I wonder why a licensed 3rd party car mount isn't available yet?

I bought a 3rd party one from eBay....similar to this one on Amazon.


It kinda works, but after a while the phone starts to lose charge. At least it was cheaper than the Belkin car mount.
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