Apple Stores in Beijing Screening Customers for Fever Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

As expected, Apple reopened its five retail stores in the Beijing area today as the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak in China continues.

In a video shared by CNBC senior correspondent Eunice Yoon, Apple employees can be seen checking the body temperatures of customers as they enter the store for signs of fever. Yoon says Apple is also limiting the number of customers allowed in the store at once, resulting in smaller crowds than normally seen.

The stores in Beijing have reduced hours of 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. local time. Apple's other stores in China remain closed until further notice.

There remains a lot of uncertainty regarding the coronavirus outbreak, which has resulted in extended shipping estimates for some Apple products and could impact the company's overall revenue this quarter. Apple operates over 40 stores in China, which represents less than 10 percent of its retail locations worldwide.

Apple recently provided its retail stores, authorized service providers, and carrier partners with an enhanced cleaning guide that recommends that demo Apple products be cleaned at least twice per day. The document, shared with MacRumors, contains best practices for using microfiber cloths as well as hand washing tips for employees.

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4 days ago at 08:15 am
This seems almost Appleocalyptic
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4 days ago at 08:23 am
It does little good to check for fever since people are contagious 5-14 days prior to fever. It doesn't hurt, but this is security health theater solely to calm people.

I can see them perhaps finding later that if my normal temperature is 97.6, in the 5-14 days prior to a traditional fever my temp was 98.5-98.9. An Apple Watch that knows your individual normal temperature and the same information from huge populations could perhaps be a good diagnostic tool in a few years. If it ever measures body temp.
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4 days ago at 08:24 am
It's highly contagious even when non-symptomatic. Didn't they get that memo?
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4 days ago at 09:03 am

It's highly contagious even when non-symptomatic. Didn't they get that memo?

Maybe they get their memos from the WHO...

[URL unfurl="true"][/URL]

According to recent reports, it may be possible that people infected with 2019-nCoV may be infectious before showing significant symptoms. However, based on currently available data, the people who have symptoms are causing the majority of virus spread.

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4 days ago at 08:17 am
Beijing's Apple Store employees are like: "Hurry up and buy" in their Menace II Society voice.
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4 days ago at 08:19 am
Following the COVID-19 outbreak, I could see Apple decide to get involved in this area of health, perhaps looking into how their current & future technologies could be brought to bear on identifying or tracking diseases of this nature.

I think they could contribute significantly in this field, building on what they’ve learned from developing Apple Watch.
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4 days ago at 10:35 am
Customer- "Hi I'd like to buy an iPhone."
Apple Employee- "Maybe, How sick are you?"
Customer- "I have a cough"
Apple Employee- "Get out! The Samsung Store is across the street!"
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4 days ago at 10:24 am
There are a lot of uninformed people posting on the subject of SARS-CoV-2 (the name of the virus) and COVID-19 (the name of the disease it causes). It is unfortunate that it has become commonplace and acceptable to make broad, uninformed statements that can actually cause more harm than good (sharpie, anyone?). It comes from the top.

So, there is little evidence that SARS-CoV-2 can be spread by a person without symptoms which, with half a seconds thought, makes sense. If you don't have a cough, a runny nose, or any other symptom what exactly do you think is the mechanism for spreading the disease? Sure, kissing could spread it but, unfortunately, I seldom get kissed when going in the Apple store. Your experience may vary. Just in case, don't lick the iPhones on display because if the last person to lick the phone had the virus you could be in trouble. If you handle any devices use an alcohol based hand sanitizer and stop touching your face (good luck with that one).

Alcohol rubs have proven effective against coronaviruses including the common cold, flu, and SARS-CoV-2. Anyone who has taken a cruise ship will be disappointed to learn they are not effective against norovirus (commonly referred to as the stomach flu). Kind of makes you question the whole "washy washy" thing in the cafeteria but whatever.

In any case, let's stay rationale and use our critical thinking skills when discussing the topic. Oh, I hate to break it to you (spoiler alert) but 9-11 was NOT an inside job, the Americans DID land astronauts on the moon, and the earth is actually a SPHERE in space.
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4 days ago at 08:57 am
Absolutely idiotic decision to open stores there now. Makes me really think Tim Cook and Apple are nothing but a money grabbing machine with no respect for human lives.

Even the iPhone production sweat shops haven't opened yet!
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4 days ago at 09:25 am
The shareholders must be horrified at the potential loss of profits, so I'm sure Apple is being pressured to reopen ASAP.

Greed has no boundaries.
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