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Leaked Images Show Apple Card's Design in the Wild

Apple's upcoming Apple Card credit card is now being tested by both its corporate and retail employees ahead of a planned summer launch, and unsurprisingly, some images of the card have leaked out.

We already know what the Apple Card looks like thanks to Apple's promotional materials, but it's still interesting to see the design in person, with iMore sharing some photos provided by an Apple employee.

In person, the titanium card is as minimalist as it looks online, with the front featuring a simple embossed Apple logo, a chip, and a name, which in iMore's image, has been removed for privacy. There's no card number or expiration date included, nor is there a CVV on the back.

The Apple Card won't use a traditional card number, instead generating virtual card numbers and confirmation codes for purchases, which can be obtained from the Wallet app on the iPhone.

The back of the Apple Card is just as barren as the front, featuring embossed Goldman Sachs and Mastercard logos, along with a magstripe at the back. Goldman Sachs and Mastercard are Apple's Apple Card partners. For those curious, the Apple Card appears to weigh in at 14.75 grams.

Apple delivers the Apple Card in a plain white sleeve with an Apple logo on the front. The inside is multicolored, representing the different purchase categories that will be listed and colorized inside the Apple Wallet app when you make an Apple Card purchase.

According to iMore, Apple is approving people with a range of credit scores. A person with a credit rating between 600 and 700 was approved, though with a $1,000 credit limit. APRs range from 13.24 percent to 24.24 percent.

After applying for the card, it took the Apple employee iMore spoke to approximately one week to receive their Apple Card.

Apple is planning to launch the Apple Card in the summer, and employees testing the card are running the iOS 12.4 update, which is currently in beta. Apple has seeded four betas of iOS 12.4 so far, and it's probably not too far off from release.

It's not clear if the Apple Card release will be tied to the launch of iOS 12.4, but it's certainly a possibility, and suggests the Apple Card is coming in the near future.

For more information on the upcoming Apple Card, make sure to check out our full Apple Card guide.

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13 weeks ago
Fetishing over credit card designs now... this is of course all just my personal opinion, but it seems like we've 'lost the plot'
Rating: 107 Votes
13 weeks ago
Was the weighing necessary? o_O
Rating: 53 Votes
13 weeks ago
“it is still interesting...”

No, it really is not.
Rating: 52 Votes
13 weeks ago
Needs to be thinner.

I’ll wait for the Apple Card Air
Rating: 46 Votes
13 weeks ago
Will they make a tear down video soon?
Rating: 42 Votes
13 weeks ago
Here's hoping that the $1,000 limit is just for the test period. Because, Apple barely makes anything under a $1,000 these days.
Rating: 42 Votes
13 weeks ago
I predict people are going to mod/sharpen their cards to cut things.
Rating: 14 Votes
13 weeks ago
Will it have expandable storage?
Rating: 13 Votes
13 weeks ago
What about when a merchant needs to manually enter the card number? I've had times where they entered the number manually on the front of the card; either because the swiper is down or for other reasons.
Rating: 12 Votes
13 weeks ago

Leaked images of credit card design? No thank you.

Yet you clicked the article and commented.
Rating: 10 Votes

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