Apple Registers Eleven New iPhone Models in Eurasian Database

Apple has registered eleven unreleased iPhone models in the Eurasian Economic Commission database this week, including models A2111, A2160, A2161, A2215, A2216, A2217, A2218, A2219, A2220, A2221, and A2223, according to the Indian blog MySmartPrice.

The filings are legally required for any encrypted devices sold in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia.

These models likely represent Apple's refreshed ‌iPhone‌ line-up expected to debut in September 2019. Rumors suggest the successors of the iPhone XS, ‌iPhone XS‌ Max, and iPhone XR will again be 5.8 and 6.5-inch OLED iPhones along with a 6.1-inch LCD ‌iPhone‌, respectively.

Rumors suggest the 5.8 and 6.5-inch ‌iPhone XS‌ and XS Max successors will feature triple-lens cameras while the LCD ‌iPhone‌ will use a dual-lens camera setup.

Otherwise, the 2019 ‌iPhone‌ lineup is expected to look similar to the Apple's current smartphones, but Apple may be planning to use a new frosted glass design for the back of the 5.8 and 6.5-inch devices. The 6.1-inch ‌iPhone‌, meanwhile, could come in new lavender and green shades.

We don't yet know what Apple will call the new iPhones, but iPhone XI or iPhone 11 are possibilities for the ‌iPhone XS‌ successors.

The EEC filings reveal all the new devices that have been added to the database run on iOS 12, although iOS 13 is likely to be available this fall as a free software update. Apple is expected to unveil all the new features coming with its updated mobile OS at WWDC in June.

Eurasian Economic Commission filings like these have foreshadowed the release of new Apple products on numerous occasions, including multiple iPad models, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 4, AirPods, the 2018 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, and several other devices.

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9 months ago
Hello fragmentation my old friend, I've come to talk with you again
Rating: 16 Votes
9 months ago
Still no small phone. :(
Rating: 10 Votes
9 months ago
Rumour has it these are going to be the best iPhones Apple has made.
Rating: 7 Votes
9 months ago
I will wait for the 2020 iPhone with 5G Qualcomm modem and hopefully USB-C. I refuse to pay Apple another $1.5k for an iPhone XSS
Rating: 5 Votes
9 months ago

Likely 2020 in a 4.7 size as a previous rumor suggested, but still, not as small as the iPhone SE once was desired.

Why do you believe the 2020 is the one that might be the 4.7 one? I don’t understand.

I would wish We get bezeless SE sized phone but not sure there coudl be fitted battery big enough to give phone reasonable battery time.
Rating: 4 Votes
9 months ago
I hope they’re bringing back 16gb iPhones. I think a 16gb iPhone 11 will help people be more caring of nature by conserving storage space.

16gb iPhone 11 - $999
256gb iPhone 11 - $1299
512gb iphone 11 - 1599
1tb iPhone 11 - 1999
Rating: 3 Votes
9 months ago
Why is no one catering to the demand of a smaller phone (iPhone 5-ish)? There is such potential! I can’t understand it.
Rating: 3 Votes
9 months ago
Too many SKUs. Apple needs to go back to one SKU iPhone.
Rating: 3 Votes
9 months ago
I’m using the iPhone XS Max and it is a great phone. It’s gonna be a tough sell persuading people to upgrade.
Rating: 2 Votes
9 months ago

Just saying there's a large demand for small phones doesn't make it true, again if that's true then why is nobody of the big phone makers making small premium phones? You can act like they're dumb and don't research **** but again they do their research (which is more than based on literally nothing saying that there's a large demand based on some people you know) and apparently there isn't a large demand or they would have made a small premium phone.

And the ones who did make small premium phones (Apple and Sony) stopped making them which says enough. Why would companies not make small premium phones or stop making small premium phones when there's a 'large demand'?

People equate small phones with budget phones. Why doesn't Apple break the wheel and do a small premium phone? Takes courage i (ok, a lot of courage given their current iphone sales problems). Still, I'm just wanting a smaller XR phone, not exactly SE budget, not exactly top XS premium.

But regarding your precious research? Jobs would've cussed you out and told you to leave the room. People hardly know what they really want. Jobs had the ability to make you want it and be able to sell it. He didn't need bogus research that is largely meaningless. What, you gonna do a survey and ask customers if they'd buy a small iphone that they haven't seen, haven't heard the pitch, or know anything about? It's not reliable.
Rating: 2 Votes

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