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AirPods 2 With Grip Coating and AirPower Said to Launch This Spring

Apple's forthcoming second-generation AirPods will feature a new design and improved audio performance, while its AirPower wireless charging pad will launch in the Spring, a new report claims today.

Rumor site MySmartPrice said one of its "trusted sources" claims the AirPods 2, tipped for release this year, will offer better bass response thanks to improved internals, and both the earbuds and case will include a special matte coating to enhance grip, similar to a coating used on the glass back of Google's Pixel 3 phone.

The report also repeats previous rumors suggesting Apple's second-generation AirPods will feature health monitoring features, including heart-rate monitoring, and claims that battery life is likely to be more or less similar to the current model.

In addition, the site believes the new AirPods 2 earphones will be available in black and white colors and cost around $200, a 40 dollar increase on the current price, although whether this detail comes from the same source or just speculation is unclear.

Previous concept

The site's source offers no concrete launch window for the AirPods 2, however in a separate report this morning, DigiTimes reiterated previous rumors from its supply chain sources that Apple will release new-generation AirPods in the first half of this year. Apple supplier Inventec is a major assembler of AirPods and expects its shipments to grow further as a result of the launch, which has also been tipped for early 2019 by well-connected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Meanwhile, MySmartPrice claims Apple's AirPower wireless charging pad will be thicker than originally planned due to an internal 8-7-7 coil configuration, and will finally be released in Spring this year, "alongside the wireless charging case for the first-generation AirPods." Apple is expected to release a standalone AirPods case that can be purchased as an upgrade for existing AirPods to enable wireless charging.

Back in November, MySmartPrice was first to spot new AirPods listings in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group's regulatory database, suggesting a refreshed version of the accessory could be coming in the near future. Otherwise, the site doesn't have much of a track record for corroborated Apple rumors, so the above details should be taken with a grain of salt.

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6 days ago at 02:18 am

"Better bass response"

I guess improving from zero isn't going to be that difficult.

Are you saying that airpods do NOT give any output in 20 - 250 ish Hz? Thats a very interesting comment ...
Rating: 23 Votes
6 days ago at 02:13 am
"Better bass response"

I guess improving from zero isn't going to be that difficult.
Rating: 23 Votes
6 days ago at 02:16 am
Wish they had an in ear version with silicone tips :(
Rating: 15 Votes
6 days ago at 03:37 am

"Better bass response"

I guess improving from zero isn't going to be that difficult.

I guess yours are broken, my AirPods have plenty of bass :)
Rating: 11 Votes
6 days ago at 03:43 am

What are you doing to them? When new I was getting 4 hours at medium volume, easily.

Just battery wear and tear over time. I got the advertised 5 hours when I first got my Airpods, and they barely last two hours these days.

Still, well worth it for the comfort and convenience they have afforded me these 2+ years.
Rating: 8 Votes
6 days ago at 02:22 am

"Better bass response"

I guess improving from zero isn't going to be that difficult.

For what they are it's not that bad. There is room for improvement of course since other headphone makers have shown that it is possible to get great bass and sound quality on a tiny earpiece.
Rating: 8 Votes
6 days ago at 02:33 am
Release them in black and I might be interested. White is a no-no.
Rating: 8 Votes
6 days ago at 04:55 am
Better audio quality? Matte finish on the case? Come in black?

Rating: 7 Votes
5 days ago at 06:41 am

Never tried the air pods, just remember a few of the lukewarm reviews on their "okay" sound quality and low battery life for a bluetooth headset when they first released so I just passed on them.

So I was surprised when I started seeing them EVERYWHERE. It's crazy how fast they caught on for a $159 bluetooth headset.

The trendy look + wireless convenience + charging case + Apple recognition really made these things blow up like crazy despite the okay sound quality and battery life (from what I heard).

It’s the pleasure of no cords at all. Nothing to get caught on, nothing rubbing my neck, nothing tugging at my ears. It’s also so easy to start listening. Just put them in, and they’re already on and paired and ready to go.

It’s amazing how pleasurable it is not to have to deal with anything. It’s really to only thing Apple’s released in a long time that just makes me happy every time I use it. Everything just works.
Rating: 5 Votes
6 days ago at 02:57 am

No one seems to have any air-pods so maybe they are dwindling stock already? None anywhere other than apple in the UK seems to have them, no apple store in the Netherlands had them, looking online there seems to be shortage everywhere

AirPods have always been hard to get, but it's getting ridiculous! We just went to China to visit in-laws and had to bring some Apple goodies (a tradition of sorts for us) - this year it was to be AirPods. Went to 2 Apple stores (TWICE!) but didn't have any!. Then we tried Target - nada - and a couple Walmarts. We finally got lucky because the person at the second Walmart was on the phone with a dude in a third and asked them for us. Turned out that one had 5 pairs left. We snarfed up 3.

My AirPods are going on 2 years now and I've definitely noticed reduced charge on the pods - I barely get an hour out of them when, I think, it used to be 2. Might just have to bequeath them to my daughter once the new ones come out :-)
Rating: 5 Votes

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