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Apple Says iOS 12 is Now Installed on 53% of Active Devices From Last Four Years

Apple's iOS 12 operating system, released on September 17, is now installed on 53 percent of active devices introduced in the last four years.

Apple shared the installation statistics on its App Store support page for developers, which was updated today.

iOS installation rates are being broken down in a new way. The 53 percent statistic applies only to devices released in the last four years. Amid all devices, 50 percent are running iOS 12.

Of devices released in the last four years, 40 percent are running iOS 11 and 7 percent are running an earlier version of iOS. Among all devices, 39 percent continue to run iOS 11 while 11 percent use an earlier version of the operating system.

Apple's data is in line with iOS 12 adoption rates that we've been monitoring from analytics site Mixpanel. A week ago, Mixpanel suggested right around 46 percent of devices were running iOS 12.

iOS 12 adoption has outpaced iOS 11 adoption rates at the same time last year. In early October of 2017, iOS 11 was only installed on approximately 38.5 percent of devices. It took until early November for iOS 11 adoption to hit 50 percent, based on Apple's official numbers.

iOS 12 adoption rates are in line with iOS 10 adoption rates in 2016. On October 11, 2016, iOS 10 was installed on 54 percent of active devices.

It is not a surprise that customers are choosing to install iOS 12 at a more rapid pace given the speed improvements introduced with the update. On older devices, performance enhancements can make iPhones and iPads feel much faster.

On the iPhone 6 Plus, for example, apps launch up to 40 percent faster, while the keyboard can appear up to 50 percent faster. Opening the camera on the Lock screen to take a photo can be done 70 percent faster.

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Apple has made animations smoother and more responsive across the operating system, so accessing Control Center, scrolling in apps, or swiping up when multitasking feels more fluid.

iOS 12 also includes optimizations for when the operating system is under load. Apps launch up to twice as fast under a heavy load, as does the Share Sheet.

iOS 12 adoption is likely to see a decent bump with the launch of iOS 12.1, an update that is being beta tested. iOS 12.1 introduces eSIM functionality on the iPhone XS and XS Max, brings Group FaceTime, a feature that was removed before iOS 12 launched, and includes new emoji.

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11 months ago
It should keep climbing . iOS 11 was poor. People should jump to 12, glad Apple went for performance improvement . Happy so far
Rating: 12 Votes
11 months ago
It's better than iOS 11 by far.
Rating: 11 Votes
11 months ago

It's better than iOS 11 by far.

Let’s just be honest here: iOS 12 is what iOS 11 should’ve been in the first place. iOS 11 was plagued with many issues for months after its release!
Rating: 10 Votes
11 months ago
Have to admit, as much as I generally like Apple products, I REALLY dislike their nagging me to upgrade every single day. Once is fine. Give me an opt out choice, because I will do it when I want to.
Rating: 8 Votes
11 months ago

"But Apple doesn't track me"...

this isn't tracking.. would be fairly easy to pull up this data
Rating: 7 Votes
11 months ago

Let’s just be honest here: iOS 12 is what iOS 11 should’ve been in the first place. iOS 11 was plagued with many issues for months after its release!

iOS 11 was a rough rollout, but it ended up being pretty much fine by 11.3. I do think iOS 12 is smoother and faster, which is why I said it's a lot better. I don't think iOS 11 was a total dumpster fire, but I did have the iPhone X, which was probably the best device for iOS 11. The others maybe struggled because they were older and less optimized.
Rating: 6 Votes
11 months ago
Well when you get harassed daily to upgrade (if not stealthly upgraded by Apple regardless whether you want to or not) and then make it nearly impossible to downgrade once you realize how buggy Craig & company designed the software I'm not surprised it's at 33%
Rating: 6 Votes
11 months ago

It isn't difficult to get it installed on devices when Apple strong arms and annoys users to the point of frustratingly installing to avoid the constant prodding.

Yep, kinda annoys me when Apple 'show off' these stats when they're constantly bullying users into updating. I'd figure a good amount of users updated just to get the annoying reminders to stop.

Having said that, iOS 12 is definitely one of their best iOS updates for performance improvements alone.
Rating: 5 Votes
11 months ago
So adoption was slow at first, but now has outpaced iOS 11. Not surprising. People were reluctant after the fiasco last year, but I guess by word of mouth, people found out iOS 12 was far superior.
Rating: 4 Votes
11 months ago
This is interesting to see. iOS 12 adoption was slower than 11's within the first few days, and I think that was because of the bad taste left in peoples mouths by the iOS 11 upgrades. However, this year, there is probably more people recommending the upgrade to others because of how good it is, which is why in the longer term, iOS 12 is being adopted more rapidly
Rating: 3 Votes

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