iPhone 8 Will Include 'Revolutionary' Front Camera With 3D Sensing Abilities

The rumored "iPhone 8" with an edge-to-edge OLED display will gain a "revolutionary" front-facing camera system that consists of three modules that enable fully-featured 3D sensing capabilities, according to new predictions shared by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The upgraded camera system will be fueled by PrimeSense algorithms, which Apple acquired in 2013.

The three modules include an existing front camera module of current iPhones, an infrared transmitting module, and an infrared receiving module. Using these advancements, the camera will be able to find the location and depth of objects placed in front of it, with potential applications including facial and iris recognition.

The camera will function by merging the depth information captured by the IR transmitting and receiving modules with the traditional 2D images captured by the front camera. This not only could be used for the iPhone 8's long-rumored iris recognition feature, but even in some gaming applications -- and future AR/VR experiences -- where users could place their own 3D-scanned face in the game using a quick selfie.

Today's news of an overhaul to the front-facing camera of the iPhone 8 follows speculation surrounding the potential of Apple dropping Touch ID and instead focusing on either 3D facial recognition or iris scanning as the device's main security feature. JPMorgan analyst Rod Hall has stated that facial recognition could be a more secure alternative, and help increase Apple Pay adoption with retailers and financial institutions.

According to Kuo, this three-module front-facing camera system "will bring an innovative user experience" to the OLED iPhone 8, but for now it'll be reserved as exclusive to that model. "Future iPhones may come with a similar system for the rear camera," the analyst noted.

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39 months ago

This sounds terrible. Way too much unnecessary change.

*Apple isn't innovating anymore!*

*Apple is making too many changes!*
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39 months ago

Lived all my life without this and I MUST have this now because?

3D has not taken off yet with the masses. Too many limitations.

I am sure somebody will (or has already) strap(ped) an iPhone to a contraption making it VR glasses.

Because I expect Apple to do what it does best: take an emerging product category with a frustrating user experience and proceeed to deliver a polished product made possible by its control over both the hardware and software.
Rating: 10 Votes
39 months ago
People still think TouchID is being replaced? lol
Rating: 9 Votes
39 months ago

Lived all my life without this and I MUST have this now because?.

Indeed, people used to live happily without smartphones, PCs, cars and toilets.
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39 months ago
Not really a 3D camera - more the standard camera and an infrared light that is bounced back off your face (or whatever else you hold in front of the camera ) so that the software can assign a 'depth' to each bit of the image. This instantly stops anyone using a photo to unlock your phone as it is flat compared to a real face.
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39 months ago

'3D sensing' means 2 cameras. Anything else is a software hack.

Did you read the article?

The camera will function by merging the depth information captured by the IR transmitting and receiving modules

This sounds terrible. Way too much unnecessary change.

What in god's name does that even mean?
Rating: 5 Votes
39 months ago

I love how people feel qualified to review stuff theyve never actually even seen, let alone used. Keep it up!

The vitriol on these Macrumors news forums is astounding. Do you people just lurk here to pile on the hate?
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39 months ago
I call shenanigans on this rumor. Finger print is so much easier to use over scanning someone's iris.
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39 months ago

So help me god, if they actually go about making the stupid Avatars they came up with using this tech I'm going to be pissed.


Hopefully they're doing something useful with this technology instead.

Maybe they'll introduce personalized emojis with the iPhone X :D
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39 months ago
Get some imagination, people! Rather than screaming about this, take some time and think it though: this could definitely replace or be an alternative to TouchID for most use cases. Just pick up your phone and you're logged in. The 3D/IR aspect of it provides much greater security against spoofing. The fact that it is IR means it can work in the dark (a complaint I heard on here yesterday).

And this is just for authentication. Think of the other uses this could have in the VR realm.

If these rumors prove true, this device may be the most revolutionary phone since the original iPhone.
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